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The Brothers Grimm - Due 12/20

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The Brothers Grimm - Due 12/20

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Monica Bellucci

I may give this a blind buy.
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Definite blind buy for me.
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Originally Posted by fryinpan1
Monica Bellucci

I may give this a blind buy.
It wasn't that great.
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Actually, it was god-awful.
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But it was Terry Gilliam! Was it really that bad?
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Old 09-16-05, 06:52 PM
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The blurb I can hardly read on the cover says Enchanting and Terrific!!!
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Originally Posted by AudioWizard
It wasn't that great.
Yes, it was. Well, IMO, of course. Loved it.

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Should've been straight-to-video.
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I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish I would have just RENTED this on dvd instead of going to see it in the theater. ahhhh I guess I would have ended up wasting some money on it either way.

I couldn't sit through this again if it was free.
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A disaster.
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I have not seen it but thought it might make a good blind buy.

Any more details about specs.

To keep this thread from getting locked by the mods. How about posting "It sucks" in the right place - Movie Talk's Brothers Grimm thread
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I would say avoid it even as a blind rental. Speaking as a Gilliam fan myself, it was just sub par entertainment. I never saw Van Helsing, but I read comparisons to that movie, which also got lousy reviews from anybody I know who saw it.
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Originally Posted by calhoun07
Speaking as a Gilliam fan myself, it was just sub par entertainment.
You nailed it!!!!!!!!!

I am also a big Gilliam fan and this film is just...sad! Mr.Damon is so fake and pretencious...As to Monica Bellucci...as much as I adore her just about ALL of her English-speaking films are a total disaster (same trend as you could see happening with Juliete Binoche). She absolutely must stay away from Hollywood productions....English-language films are not her forte!!!

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I really liked this, I hope the disc has all the extra footage the director hinted at. It was often very campy, but a fun night at the movies for sure.
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I watched 10 minutes or so of this, whilst I was waiting for "Transporter 2" to start. That was enought for me.
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I'm surprised that it sounds as bad as it does. I was planning on seeing it at the cinema but now I'll wait to rent it.
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yah i saw this one as well....gonna pass on the dvd....
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To me, that cover looks a lot better than the theatrical poster.
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I was actually hoping to catch it in the theater, but it just came and went. I glanced at reviews and I was disappointed to see such negativity. Then I heard Gilliam didn't have the final cut. Poor bastard, first he was "Lost in La Mancha" and now this. I'll probably rent it out of curiosity. I wonder if it will have a feature-length making of...
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According to a recent article in Time, the theatrical cut is Gilliam's cut.
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Huge Gilliam fan here who was mixed about the movie, although I do want to watch it again. If it has TG commentary, I'm sold for sure.

And if you are blind buying it for Monica Belluci only, not to spoil the movie for ya, but she's hardly in it.
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According to a recent article in Time, the theatrical cut is Gilliam's cut.
I'm not gonna say it's not, but I saw the film more than a year ago in a preview screening, and it was a Terry Gilliam movie. It had all the usual humor, the quirkiness, etc.

I saw the theatrical cut, and it was not a Terry Gilliam movie. The little traces of humor didn't fit anymore (Damon's character especially suffered), and the story was streamlined, which was a shame, because (a) that's not Gilliam's style and (b) the story wasn't that good.

The biggest change:
the "Little Red Riding Hood" scene originally opened the film, and was in black-and-white except for the red hood. Much better than the lame flashback which, if it was in the other cut, was much much later in the film, because you weren't supposed to know what the repeated "magic beans" references meant until about an hour in.

I didn't hate the theatrical cut, but it was a big step in the wrong direction from the cut which I saw, which needed work ... just not the work they did on it.

Incidentally, at the screening, Gilliam said that Miramax was more-or-less forcing twenty minutes of cuts. So there's "final cut" and then there's "final cut", y'know?
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I too was somewhat disappointed in the film. To date, it's the only movie that I left to get a refill on my popcorn and drink and didn't really care what all I missed.
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I'm a huge Gilliam fan and I enjoyed this movie. Maybe it was due to lower expectations after all the bad press.

The extreme comments on the film (straight to video, etc...) crack me up. Everyone milage varies, but give me a break. I stopped caring about other people's reviews of films long ago.

I'll be picking the DVD up if it has a good price on release day.
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