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What's on the outermost part of a DVD?

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What's on the outermost part of a DVD?

I just noticed that one of my X-Files discs has some junk smeared on it along the outermost part of the underside of the disc. The junk is all within the outermost 5 millimeters of the disc, and I tried to wipe it off but it's still there.

Now I know that with music CDs, the data goes from the innermost part to the outermost part of the disc -- that is, the first track will be closest to the hub, and the last track will be furthest from the hub. So if this junk was on a music CD, I could just listen to the last track to make sure that it still worked.

But how can I test my X-Files disc? I don't want to watch all 4 hours. It's got 4 episodes on it, along with bonus material. How does this all get arranged on the disc? Is the first episode closest to the hub, followed by the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th episodes, and then the bonus material is furthest from the hub? Does all of the material even take up the whole disc? Maybe there's no data on the smeared portions, and I don't have to worry about it?
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generally, since this is a dual layered disc. the laser would read from the center to the outside on layer 0 and then from the outside to the inside on layer 1. this doesn't mean much because whoever encoded the disc could put anything anywhere on the disc really......i.e. things on dvds are not necessarily located "in order" as on a cd, but for the most part they tend to follow the general order.
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You can try fast-fowarding through the content. Any major glitches can be caught this way.
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Originally Posted by sldvd
some junk smeared on it along the underside of the disc.

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