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The Searchers SE

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The Searchers SE


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they stated it would be out in 2006 back in march of 04... It seemed to shush up quickly as they were just releasing the title in a single disc edition around the same time. they also said a 2 disc version of stagecoach was on the way for a wayne/ford box set. Since then I have heard rumblings, and alot of rumors on what kind of special features were being worked on.

nothing definitve has ever been said though.
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Man, a Wayne/Ford box set would be incredible. Most of each artist's best films are the ones they made together.
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Originally Posted by Living Dead
Man, a Wayne/Ford box set would be incredible. Most of each artist's best films are the ones they made together.
Yup, that'd be awesome!
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Originally Posted by Geofferson
Yup, that'd be awesome!
What would be really awesome is a box set of their unreleased films on DVD so far, such as:

1) The Long Voyage Home
2) Fort Apache
3) 3 Godfathers
4) The Wings of Eagles

Now that would be totally cool!
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Digital Bits had an interview about the restoriation of King Kong. They also mention the SE of The Searchers:

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A super deluxe version of Searchers would be SWEET!
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Stagecoach 2-Disc SE
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i posted the full article in the kong thread...but as for the searchers...a snippet

GF: Ned, talk about The Searchers.

NP: I've pursued getting... I don't want to say acceptable, but balanced picture from the camera negative for about five years. I test the negative when we have new and more powerful color correction tools. I pull the camera negative out again, and see if I can pull the color back, and I have to say that camera negative is dead.

RH: It probably was years ago.

NP: Mean Streets, contains a clip from The Searchers, you can see the negative was completely faded in 1973.

RH: That makes sense.

NP: We've taken the VistaVision A and B roll separation masters... all 48 reels and scanned each of the records in at 4k resolution. The separations will be combined with the same "ultra-res" process we use for three-strip Technicolor negatives... we will output a new set of separation masters from the restoration.

RH: Will you be eventually recording out new separations there?

NP: Absolutely. We've been creating YCM separation masters on all of our new films at WBMPI. I'd like to make a few comments about quality. You asked why Warner Brothers would go to this degree in our mastering process. We are now mastering in 4k resolution which allows us to create new elements for the vault in full 35mm resolution. We were previously working at a small fraction of the film information which allowed us to make nice, but temporary, distribution masters. I consider high definition mastering a "rental" format, because my experience with the library is that you will have to remaster once higher resolution is available. The industry is often fooled into thinking the new "state of the art" technology will never be surpassed. Now that we're working in film resolution, we're not just getting a video master, we create a new film element to put in the vaults, which will take the form of three-strip YCMs for color features.

RH: How are the 8 perf seps fitting together on The Searchers.

NP: They're working, which is great... I did not know if they would be successful as separation masters were never proof printed up until the late 1970s.

RH: Is there a plan for The Searchers at this point?

GF: We're going to finish it...

RH: So you're going to finish it first...

NP: It's a new concept...
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Thanks for the interview. "The Searchers" is such an incredibly great movie! Can't wait to own the 2-disc SE...
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