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Anyone ever had FOX replace box-set discs?

Old 07-16-05, 11:54 PM
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Anyone ever had FOX replace box-set discs?

I just discovered that my X-Files Season 2 set has a bad disc. It freezes at one point. It has a little scratch on it which might be causing the problem. I also noticed that 2 of my X-Files Season 8 discs have scratches on them, but I don't have the time to watch them all to see if they will play without problems. Unfortunately, I believe tomorrow is the 30th day since I purchased them at Best Buy, but I won't have any time to go there and exchange them.

So I'm wondering about having FOX replace the discs. I found this page:


It says they will replace discs for $6.99. It also says that for box-sets, they cannot replace individual discs and you must send the entire box-set to them. I wonder why they need to have the entire box set? I'm one of those people who likes to have the DVD cases in pristine condition, so I'm worried if I send them the case with all of the discs, then I may not get them back in the same pristine condition.

So has anyone ever had to replace box-set discs? If you needed to have more than one disc replaced, did they charge you $6.99 for each disc, or $6.99 regardless of how many discs were replaced? Also, did they send back the same box-set to you, or did they send you a brand new shrinkwrapped box-set?
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Old 07-17-05, 12:16 AM
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They replaced my SW Ep. IV disc after I called them after I heard about a skipping problem. I didn't even have to send my old one it.
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Old 07-17-05, 10:17 AM
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I had the same Star Wars episode IV problem in my Star Wars Trilogy boxset. It was freezing and skipping around the scene where Princess Leia said she could smell the general's stench anywhere and then the general blow up her planet.

I called a FOX number someone posted in a thread a while ago and was able to get a replacement disc including the case and cover art too! I didn't have to send in my old disc. But I think in this case FOX knew the problem so they didn't make people mail in the old defective disc.
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Old 07-19-05, 01:09 PM
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Yeah I think FOX knew about the Star Wars problem so they didn't ask people to send in their discs.

So anyone else have experience with getting FOX to replace defective boxset discs? Did you have to send in the entire boxset or just the individual disc? If you had to send in the entire boxset, did they send you back a brand new shrinkwrapped one or the one you sent them?
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After over a year, I finally got around to watching my boxset of the Firefly series. I watched Disc One, and as I was going to watch Disc Two, I noticed that the Disc Two case contained a Disc Three ... the Disc Three case ALSO contained a Disc Three. Since it had been quite awhile since I had purchased it, I could not exchange it at the store.

I emailed Fox about getting the set replaced. They responded that I would have to send in the ENTIRE box set (as you noted). I too am a bit protective of my DVDs, not wanting damaged boxes or scratched discs. The discs I had were in great shape.

In addition, I would have to pay the $6.99 for the "Replacement program" PLUS SHIPPING to return the Box set. The total cost would be close to $10, AND I had the possibility of receiving a beat up Box set.

Here is what I opted to do ... I purchased a NEW set from a retailer that had an excellent return policy AND had a pretty good price. I received the new set, then exchanged the old set for another new one. I then auctioned off the extra set. Ultimately, it may have cost me close to $5 (after everything) to get the set replaced. I know that the ethics of this method may come into question, but ultimately the cost will be transferred back to the manufacturer, who created the defect in the first place.
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