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Which DVDs have the best DTS Soundtracks?

Old 03-27-05, 11:22 PM
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Which DVDs have the best DTS Soundtracks?

I finally got around to getting a DTS decoder for my DVD player. First DVD
I watched (listened to) was Cast Away. Sounds pretty good. I am now wondering which DVD Titles have the best demos of DTS audio and please indicate if the titles you like are special DTS editions or Standard editions that happen to have DTS included. Thanks in advance.
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Old 03-27-05, 11:38 PM
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hannibal special edition.
it's freakin sweet.
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Old 03-27-05, 11:50 PM
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Saving Private Ryan
Spider-Man 2 Superbit
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Old 03-27-05, 11:56 PM
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I loved:
The Patriot Superbit (Great nature sounds in the forest and great battle sounds)
All LOTR EE (FOTR during the party sceen with the music and firework dragon flying by)
Zorro Superbit (Opening credits, opening fight, big exsplosion at the end)
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Old 03-28-05, 12:17 AM
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Gladiator - The opening charge in the forest
The Day After Tomorrow - The tornadoes in L.A. pack a big punch.
Return of the King EE - The giant elephant attack
Master and Commander - The canon fire
Speed Five Star collection - The bus/jumbo jet explosion
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Old 03-28-05, 12:22 AM
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We need to merge all of these kinds of threads into a sticky, but we can't search for the term "DTS" because it is too short. We get a new one every few months. One large older one:

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Old 03-28-05, 11:39 AM
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The Lord of the Rings extended series.
The Haunting-subwoofer workout extraordinaire
Apollo 13
Master and Commander
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Se7en is pretty good. For a cheapie good one try Titan AE. You can get it in the $5.99 bin at Best Buy and it is guaranteed to shake your house.
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I think you started with a very good one in Cast Away. The plane crash scene is good, but even better are the ambient island sounds. They're quiet and don't draw attention, but they envelope you just like it really would on the island.

Band of Brothers is one of my favorite DTS soundtracks.

The Bourne Identity
Saving Private Ryan
Pearl Harbor - as the attack begins and the Japanese zeros are moving around the soundfield
Black Hawk Down Superbit
Clear And Present Danger - in the beginning when the Coast Guard cutter is crashing throught the waves
Lady And The Tramp II - when Scamp barks you can almost feel his bite
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Old 03-28-05, 12:44 PM
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Old 03-28-05, 12:55 PM
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Band of Brothers
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The Butterfly Effect had some house-rockin' parts especially during the "black-out" scenes and anytime any scary thing would jump out in the movie.

But the true champ is the FoTR during the party/fireworks scene.
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Old 03-28-05, 01:19 PM
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sometimes I feel like I should get paid for promoting these discs

here's my list...again:

- Stormchasers
- Super Speedway: The Mach II Special Edition (this DVD is a home theatre scorcher! - highly recommended!)

Canadian 3-Disc Brotherhood of the Wolf - all the attack scenes and finale duel scene

Chicken Run - Inside the Pie-Making Machine scene
Bram Stoker's Dracula (Superbit) - Count Dracula/Jonathan Harker dinner table sequence.
Super Furry Animals music DVD's: "Rings Around the World" and "Phantom Power"

The English Patient the tower sequence - the intricate soundmix as the creaking of the rope and the music swells around the listener it's a great demo on how to use 5.1 on a very subtle yet effective way.

Das Boot (Superbit) the dive, compression scene.

Behind Enemy Lines the jet plane crash.

Standing in the Shadow of Motown all the song parts, notably Joan Osbourne's incredilbe rendition of "What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted"

Disney's Dinosaur - the 'wordless' opening and the meteor scene.


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The Band of Brothers DTS track, as previously mentioned, is great.

My favorite DTS track is Akira: Japanese 5.1 DTS.
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Old 03-28-05, 01:55 PM
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Lots of good ones already mentioned.

Also check out the DTS edition of Antz. It's

The Passion of the Christ also has a great DTS soundtrack

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I agree with those posted above.... Some of my favorites are:

Gladiator - The opening battle
Band of Brothers
Saving Private Ryan - beach landing
Bram Stoker's Dracula - Superbit
Master and Commander - Numerous scenes
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Old 03-28-05, 02:45 PM
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Super Speedway: Mach II Edition
Spiderman 2: Superbit
Master & Commander
Jurassic Park: DTS
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Old 03-28-05, 03:08 PM
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Blade 2 is sick
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Old 03-28-05, 03:22 PM
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The Art of War DTS track was the most impressive to me. Surprised me too.
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Twister is very good, as is (now don't laugh) Bring It On.

I, Robot is pretty good as is Starship Troopers Superbit. That is nice!

Could go on and on...but others will do that for me.
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Originally Posted by Giles
Standing in the Shadow of Motown all the song parts, notably Joan Osbourne's incredilbe rendition of "What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted"
Definite agreement on this one. My girlfriend is the Joan Osborne fan, but I've watched that section of that disc a few dozen times more than her, just because it sounds so fantastic.
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I'd have to add:

Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park: Lost World
Jurassic Park III

These movies are amazing w/ DTS. There are alot of good ones in the posts above, I just personally always pop in one of the Jurassic movies if I'm showing someone what the setup will do.
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Dances With Wolves
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Daredevil: Directors cut
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