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Megalon: Sony Should Take a Lesson from MGM

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Megalon: Sony Should Take a Lesson from MGM

Oftentimes I have read on various forums people speculate as to why Sony may be reluctant to pick up Godzilla vs. Megalon. The reasoning usually follows the lines that Sony may not pick up that title becasue rightly or wrongly the perception is the market has been "saturated" by Megalon product, albeit an inferior one.

I would like to suggest that Sony should follow MGM's wonderful lead and think otherwise...

In the case of 2 titles I know of, "The Last Man on Earth" and "A Bucket of Blood" shoddy DVD manufacturers assumed these titles had fallen into the public domain. The result was any DVD company specializing in "PD" releases who was able to get their hands on a print of any quality of those films put it out on VHS and DVD.

LMOE is arguably more prevalent as a PD release than Megalon ever was! I challenge you to find a PD company that HAS NOT put out LMOE!

MGM is ignoring these facts and proceeding to re-release superior quality DVDs for both ABOB and LMOE under their Midnite Movies line. LMOE is slated for widescreen release with anamorphic enhancement this coming March by MGM. I for one can hardly wait! When they so, I will cut loose with my Madacy Entertainment unauthorized release as soon as I get MGM's superior legit disk.

Word to Sony: there is still a market for a superior quality product (read: Megalon) in a market that may have been saturated with crappy unauthorized product. Sony, please acquire and release Megalon ASAP! Should they do so, I predict Alpha's Megalon DVDs will sparkle like diamonds in the sunlight on tops of landfills from from sea to shining sea!

Bob Burns
San Francisco
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I have the Diamond LMOE, I think it's the only one in widescreen. It's not enhanced though, and the image is like your viewing thru a drunken haze. I'd pick up a 16x9 version that didn't give me a migraine for sure.

And judging by your handle, you seem to be a big G fan. You do know Columbia Tristar has released a good half dozen G flicks in anamorphic widescreen with Japanese dialogue, right?

I don't like to look a gift horse in the mouth and all that, but I'd love to know what shook these loose.

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Godzilla vs Megalon was one of the worst G movies ever, but I'd still buy a quality DVD version of it for the sake of completion were someone to release it.
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Originally Posted by mxv
Godzilla vs Megalon was one of the worst G movies ever, but I'd still buy a quality DVD version of it for the sake of completion were someone to release it.

You gotta love Jet Jaguar. I love that guy! I mean he programmed himself to be Godzilla size. Now that is pretty buff.
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Take a lesson? They wont be happy till they take everything from MGM.

E: what the fuck happened to the classic : o face?!?! We need that O face!
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I'm not an expert on copyright law, but to me it always seemed strange that GODZILLA VS MEGALON is supposedly PD, even though it features one of the most vigorously protected copyrighted characters in the world.

At any rate, I've ignored the PD DVDs of the film, and would buy a widescreen, subbed DVD from Sony in an instant. (I currently just have the MST3K version, on VCD )
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