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Blockbuster widescreen dvd's + tip on finding bb's in your area with certain ws dvd's

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Blockbuster widescreen dvd's + tip on finding bb's in your area with certain ws dvd's

Old 09-14-04, 04:49 AM
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Blockbuster widescreen dvd's + tip on finding bb's in your area with certain ws dvd's

Ive been seeing alot of posts everywhere stating that blockbuster doesnt carry widescreen dvd's to rent. i even stumbled upon an online petition (which is pretty much a waste of time). Well i work at blockbuster and all the blockbusters in my area carry nothing BUT widescreen dvd's for rent. If the dvd's come in widescreen and fullscreen we always get the widescreen version. maybe it just depends on the individual regions or something. I love widescreen dvd's i couldnt have it any other way. so i guessed i picked the right blockbuster to get a job at. Also i have a tip for people who want to find a store in their area that carries WS dvd's. First: go to blockbuster.com, second: think of a movie that u want to rent (in widescreen of course) use the search engine on the site....find the correct version of the movie....then put in your zip code and/or other information when it asks then voila, it should show the stores in your area that carries it. it even has a map of where the store is located! let me know if this helped any of u guys at all.

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Old 09-14-04, 08:37 AM
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I work at a Blockbuster also and I'm glad we only get widescreen discs! For a while, we got fullscreen-only, with films like ABOUT A BOY, MR. DEEDS, and PRINCESS DIARIES really suffering from pan-and-scan. This was about 2 years ago, though, so since then, the company has become a pro-widescreen company and I am proud to tell that to anyone who bitches about "those black bars" to me.
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Old 09-14-04, 10:04 AM
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I've been hearing this news (that Blockbuster is becoming pro-widescreen after years of offering full frame only) for a year or more now, and I've got to tell you--I'm not seeing it. Admittedly I rarely go into any of my local (southern Indiana) Blockbusters, but whenever I do, 9 out of 10 discs they carry are STILL full frame. The only time I see a widescreen disc there is when the title only comes that way (Kill Bill, for example). You people with the enlightened BBs are very lucky.
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Old 09-14-04, 10:59 AM
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at the blockbuster i use to work at, we mainly got full screen dvd's is it possible that the ones getting the fools screen are the franchise stores?
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Old 09-14-04, 01:09 PM
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At some point last year, Blockbuster HQ announced they preferred widescreen to full screen. Since then, I've noticed my local Blockbusters carry widescreen almost exclusively.

If your local Blockbuster doesn't, I guess they're not following corporate preference.
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Old 09-14-04, 02:08 PM
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Nothing but widescreen at the BB's in my area for quite a while now... only full-frame on some of the older stuff before they made the switch. Quite a turnaround, props to BB!
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Old 09-14-04, 02:33 PM
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I might have to check out the Blockbuster up the road, see if they made the change. Especially now that the Hollywood Video that was much closer and always stocked widescreen has since been closed down. There is a Blockbuster a little further (by my job, actually) that stocks mostly or only widescreen, but I'm less likely to rent if I have to travel further to do so. And then back again for returns. I might try their movie pass, as the full-screen only store was what was keeping me from doing so, for the most part.

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Old 09-14-04, 02:51 PM
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It's been a month or so since i have been to my local BB,but last time i was there they still only got foolscreen for everything.Needless to say i left without renting anything.
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Old 09-14-04, 03:39 PM
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Blockbuster is and has been Widescreen for years. They did stock fullscreen movies on dual releases on two seperate occasions, the first was when Universal first started the whole dual release strategy (Jurassic Park 3, Mummy Returns, etc.) Blockbuster started stocking the fullscreen releases and then quickly moved back to widescreen. Then again later (around the time of One Hour Photo, Insomnia, Jackass, etc) and again returned to widescreen, which they have stocked ever since.

All this bull about "years of fullscreen" has got to stop. And this applies only to corporate Blockbuster stores (which most are). I believe for franchise locations the owner can choose which format to carry.
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Old 09-14-04, 05:40 PM
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My Blockbuster in Lutz, Florida has all Widescreen. I used to shop at a Blockbuster in Tampa though that always carried the Fullscreen version if it was available. Used to drive me crazy. Was very happy when the new store opened in Lutz about a year ago. Not only is it closer for me, but no Fullscreen.
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Old 09-14-04, 06:46 PM
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My local Blockbusters have been carrying almost exclusively widescreen for a couple years now (with a few odd exceptions once in a while). Now if only they would do something about their prices and selection, I might actually rent there.
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Old 09-14-04, 07:01 PM
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see im glad there are stores out there carrying WS dvd's now....as for me007gold....it might be possible that it is the franchise stores that carry fullscreen still....since they arent corporate...they dont have to meet any certain standards. FYI im from the manhattan beach, CA (southern cali) area and the blockbusters in my area are all WS (few exceptions). If u are complaining about no WS in the bb's in this area....something is VERY wrong with u and for the widescreen racists, look into widescreen, look past the "black bars" and u wont be disappointed at all. U will be watching the directors true vision of the movie. cheers!
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