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Old 09-07-04, 09:26 PM   #1
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anyone get this yet?

i'm kind of torn about it. for those that didn't know, the primary change to the film is that the Bob Seger music has been replaced with some Bruce Springsteen stuff, as per the director's original intention (apparently, they couldn't get the proper permissions to use the Springsteen songs back when the film first came out. they just recently secured those permissions, thus this new release).

now, i love Springsteen, but i also like Seger's stuff, and i'm used to Seger's songs being in those scenes. not having Seger there doesn't necessarily hurt the film in terms of its emotional impact. you just kind of notice when there's a scene where the music has been replaced. it kind of draws you out of the story for a second.

i guess i've just seen this movie too many times. someone who's seen it only a couple times probably wouldn't notice the change.

anyway, what do you guys think?
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Old 09-07-04, 09:48 PM   #2
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The film feels more Seger than Springsteen.

But I might have to check it out to see or hear what is up.

I remember reading they were upset that they didn't get Springsteen's music, but I thought the Seger songs were well placed.
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Old 09-08-04, 10:06 AM   #3
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total BS.

man i thought they were gonna include both soundtracks..

no buy for me, hopefully i can hunt down the old disc now.
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Old 09-08-04, 11:07 AM   #4
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One other change I noted: The movie now stars Michael J Fox.
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Old 09-08-04, 12:22 PM   #5
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Also, Cher shoots first.
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Old 09-13-04, 12:10 AM   #6
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I haven't seen the Bob Seger version in a while. But, I have to say that having the Springsteen music doesn't hurt the film one bit at all. In fact, the added scenes are nice. Makes more sense since you see a Springsteen poster in the movie.
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Old 09-13-04, 10:25 AM   #7
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All my memories of this movie always include Bob Seger's music but I love and prefer the director's cut with the Springsteen songs.

Bob Seger's music in the movie gives the movie a sort of youthful energy and helps you feel Rocky's need to release his frustration, while Springsteen's music is more mature, emotional and really helps you feel that Rocky's story is a real one and not that he's just a kid dealing with the daily troubles of a regular teenager but a kid fighting a daily battle and knowing no matter how hard he tries that his situation is never really going to improve and he won't be able to experience all those things he "dreams" about. I feel that desperation (more) with the Boss's music in the soundtrack.
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