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When will we get Fear Factor on dvd?

Old 09-04-04, 08:53 AM
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When will we get Fear Factor on dvd?

Anyone wanting this on dvd?
Any word on a release? uncensored? Full shows? Highlights?

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Old 09-04-04, 09:32 AM
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I would be shocked if this made it to DVD. Of course if they think they can make a buck it will. And no, I do not want it.
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Old 09-04-04, 09:54 AM
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As soon as people who like to watch other people eat bugs demand it.

Never got into that show, all the promos seem to be exactly the same. I saw a couple early ones where people were doing stunts, but all the bug eating/laying in/ laying on got kind of redundant for me.

They did have some hot chicks on the show which is always a plus
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Old 09-04-04, 09:55 AM
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that show is garbage
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Old 09-04-04, 11:29 AM
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Seeing a couple of shows once on tv was enough for me...don't really think this kinda thing has much replayability
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Old 09-04-04, 04:12 PM
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Originally posted by oneness
that show is garbage
Thanks for the isightful input and contributing to the topic at hand.

I don't see a big demand for this show on dvd. But if they do any at all, it will most likely be the Celebrity edition, Playmates edition, or the couples.

Jim, yeah that is what turns most people off, unfortunately the marketing department doesn't think people will tune in if they show the stunts in the promos. They have to show the bugs. The show is in 3 parts, stunt, eating/bug type thing, then a final stunt. I much prefer the stunts but some of the gross out stuff can be pretty funny.
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Old 09-04-04, 04:40 PM
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definately, the gross out stunts are the only stuff worth watching. they should put out some kind of best of... of the gross out stunts.
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Old 09-04-04, 04:57 PM
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I think a single disc best-of would do OK. Since there is no continuity between episodes, then I suppose it would be OK. All this show really is is the challenges from Survivor- the reality TV element. I know the challenges are not directly lifted, but Survivor started the "eat gross stuff" concept and stopped when Fear Factor came on. The editing closely mimicks the challenges from Survivor.

I could see J6P grabbing a cheap disc of this show...
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Old 09-04-04, 05:00 PM
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I'll agree with that. I doubt they would do a whole seasons worth. If anything they will do a "best of" or a "uncensored" dvd. that is the only way these disc will move.
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Old 09-04-04, 09:49 PM
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Originally posted by oneness
that show is garbage
You are free to your opinion, but this isn't the appropriate place to voice it. In this context, your comments are what we consider threadcrapping, which is a violation of the forum rules.
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Old 09-06-04, 02:14 AM
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this show does well cuz it has good lookin' ppl on it. Plus, the girls usually have to wear bikinis for certain stunts and that's always a plus
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Old 09-06-04, 04:56 AM
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They do have some interesting things they could include. Some of the episodes have only been aired once, like the one where they had to eat animal penises (penii?), or the naked episode.

The naked one's first stunt required the six contestants to parade around naked on a stage in front of a large crowd. When it was broadcast, they blurred out the naughty bits. I suppose that's something they could release uncensored...

Ah, and I also remember one where they're being dragged in the water behind a boat. All of the girls lost their bikini bottoms during the ride. Another "uncensored" candidate. (It's probably unlikely, though, if the contestants and producers signed contracts that agreed to not show any nudity, or they might at least need permission from the contestants to show them in the buff.)

I really doubt they would bother doing season sets on something like this, but I could see them doing a "best of," "grossest stunts," "most shocking," or "uncensored," somewhere down the line.

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Old 09-07-04, 02:36 AM
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Oh wait, are there any plans to release ABC nightly news--the 1990s edition as a box set.

Come on, none of this stuff has much value on DVD.
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Old 09-07-04, 07:33 AM
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Neither does Survivor or the Real World, but they have dvd's out as well.
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