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QUEEN's next live DVD!

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QUEEN's next live DVD!

Old 05-06-04, 02:01 AM
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QUEEN's next live DVD!

from Queen's official web site, www.queenonline.com;

Further to online reports surrounding the latest Queen DVD release, QOL can officially confirm that Queen are currently in production on various DVD projects including the 1982 Milton Keynes concert. The final decision on what will be released for this Christmas 2004 will be made over the next month.
IMO, Milton Keynes was one of Queen's best shows of the 1980s featuring some of the better live renditions I've ever heard, including but not limited to "Somebody To Love" and "Staying Power."

For those unfamiliar, here's the set list of the show;

Flash (pre-recorded intro)
The Hero
We Will Rock You (fast version)
Action This Day
Play the Game
Staying Power
Somebody To Love
Now I'm Here
Dragon Attack
Love Of My Life
Save Me
Back Chat
Get Down, Make Love
Under Pressure
Fat Bottomed Girls
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Bohemian Rhapsody
Tie Your Mother Down
Another One Bites The Dust
We Will Rock You (slow version)
We Are The Champions
God Save The Queen

The concert was held on June 5, 1982 at the Milton Keynes Bowl in Buckinghamshire, England.

The concert has been aired on TV over the years but in heavily edited form, the DVD release will be the entire concert. In keeping will all previous Queen DVDs, I think it's safe to assume DTS 5.1 and PCM audio. Whether it will be cropped into widescreen is unknown BUT the "Wembley Stadium" DVD was OAR/full frame and the director of both Wembley & Milton Keynes is Gavin Taylor so I'm *hoping* it was his input that kept Wembley OAR so logically Miton Keynes should be as well.

To explain what was meant by "online reports" in the press release, in the last week or so a Russian fan had the opportunity to ask Queen's manager Jim Beach some questions when he, Brian May & Roger Taylor were in Russia to promote the "We Will Rock You" musical in that country. Here's the text (and link) regarding what was said (take note of not only the other DVD related bits but the juicy info on future Queen songs);


The lateset news:

Brian May, Roger Taylor and Jim Beach were in Moscow again. I've talked with all of them and got many exclusive (and sometime sensational) news! So here we go:

Today I'll write 5 news, I've got from Jim - he was so kind to answer my questions, so these news are unique - never heard before.

Other news and pics are coming very-very soon! Check this page every day for updates!

1. I've asked Jim about 46664 studio tracks (they didn't release them on 46664 DVDs and CDs).
Jim said, that Queen is working now on 5(!) tracks for upcoming 46664 studio album! (it means, that we haven't heard some 46664 tracks yet)

2. Then I've asked Jim, if there any work on new Queen album.
Jim said, that there won't be any new album, till they don't finish all the works with musical. But he said that Brian and Roger definitely WILL record new album (the only question is - when
Also Jim mentioned three new tracks with Freddie's vocals, taken from the middle 80's, that we have never heard before!!! He said, that Brian and Roger are making instrumental part of these tracks now, and these tracks will be released too.

3. The next question was about new DVD. Jim said, that the next DVD will be Milton Keynes (Yezzzzz!!). It will be a complete recording of this great concert (YEEEEZZZZZZ) This DVD will be released in October.

4. Now, some sad news. I've asked Jim about Houston 77. He said that this concert will never be released, due to problems with sound, especially with piano microphone.

5. Then I've asked, if there any concerts from 70's that they gonna release on DVD. Jim mentioned only Hammersmith. I've asked - if there is any concert from 76-79 era. The answer was NO. There is no concert from this era, that could ever be released on DVD. Said, but true.
Hmm, just ONE concert from the 1970s is a potential DVD release? Come again? Just what kind of piss poor conditions have the band left the masters in all this time? Haven't they ever heard of restoration?

Certainly they could take the best parts of certain concerts and do a compilation style DVD similar to what Led Zeppelin did last year?

Finally, it seems a bit odd that Queen are breaking their release pattern. The last 2 years saw a concert DVD released in the summer and a music video compilation in the winter yet no hints for "Greatest Video Hits 3" and apparently a concert DVD won't hit until this fall. Odd. Perhaps "GVH3" will be delayed until next year?

Now, "various DVD projects" was interesting. What other DVDs could they be working on? It's been confirmed that they have filmed the "We Will Rock You" musical though I doubt that will get many fans hearts beating too fast. What else? Perhaps a new (and hopefully more robust) documentary? Both "The Magic Years" and "Champions of the World" left a lot to be desired, if I got my way we'd get something akin to The Beatles' "Anthology" DVDs.

Well, I think that's enough information for everyone to think about.
Old 05-06-04, 02:17 AM
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well researched thanks
Old 08-14-04, 12:22 AM
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DVD details...

Returning to the original rushes the concert is restored to its full length and presented, for the first time, in its entirety. This amounts to an additional 47 minutes of previously unseen material! . Not released on Video, this is the first time this 1982 concert will be available for the public to buy. The pictures are restored and colour graded. The sound will be offered in both a brand new PCM stereo mix, and a fabulous DTS 5.1 surround sound mix. DISC TWO: As with all previous releases in the Queen DVD Collection, this show comes with a second disc full of bonus features.


PCM stereo mix
DTS 5.1 surround sound mix


BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW (4:25) Behind the scenes footage as the crew put the finishing touches to the massive stage. Includes previously unseen material from interviews filmed on the day with Brian May and Roger Taylor.

FREDDIE INTERVIEW (8:08) Filmed in Munich during the European leg of the Hot Space tour, Freddie talks about staging a live show with Queen, and reflects on the bands first ten years together.

BRIAN & ROGER INTERVIEW (10:16) Also filmed in Munich, Brian and Roger discuss the Hot Space album tour as well as revealing why the band are still together after 10 years.

TOUR HIGHLIGHTS FROM: TOKYO, JAPAN 1982 (approx 25:00) Flash/The Hero, Now I'm Here, Impromptu, Put Out The Fire, Dragon Attack, Now I'm Here (reprise), Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Teo Torriate

FRANKFURT, GERMANY 1982 (approx 11:00) Another One Bites The Dust, We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions God Save The Queen

PHOTO GALLERY Once again the photo archive has been raided to put together a stunning collection of rare and previously unseen shots featuring the band on a tour that took them across Europe, then on to the US and Japan.

Old 08-14-04, 01:17 AM
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Cool! Can't wait!
Old 08-14-04, 01:19 AM
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Great Scott! That's amazing news!!!!

Can't wait for this although I hope they announce Video Hits Vol. 3 soon.

Innuendo in DTS
Old 08-14-04, 06:51 AM
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No Stone Cold Crazy = No Sale

I j/k. Tie your mother down is a great song.
Old 08-14-04, 12:35 PM
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Originally posted by ViewAskewbian
Great Scott! That's amazing news!!!!

Can't wait for this although I hope they announce Video Hits Vol. 3 soon.

Innuendo in DTS
You might be waiting a while.....
Old 08-14-04, 12:57 PM
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While it is always a good thing that more live material gets released, I will not be buying this one. If this concert is the best the 80's has to offer, than can we please take one step back into the 70's.
Old 09-25-04, 04:09 PM
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Official press release for new DVD;


Queen On Fire
Live At The Bowl
Hot Space Tour '82
New Live DVD – CD from Queen
EMI/Parlophone. Release 25 October 2004

"We hadn't seen the footage for years, but when we looked at it we couldn't believe how good it was, we were on fire". Roger Taylor talking about the band's 1982 concert at M K Bowl which is released in its full version for the first time – on DVD and CD, October 25.

Says Brian May: "This is the first time the Milton Keynes night has been shown in its entirety, and I have to say we all get a kick out of it – all the more amazing because we came off stage that night thinking we hadn't done ourselves justice!!! I'm proud to say It Rocks!!"

By 1982 Queen were at a peak in terms of touring and recording. They were coming off the back of two of their biggest singles – Another One Bites The Dust and Under Pressure – and by now they were playing more than 60 sell-out concerts a year in the biggest stadiums of the world.

They were also basking in the glory of having been the first foreign band to have toured and conquered Latin America. 1981 had seen the band play football stadiums throughout Argentina and Brazil, including two sell-out concerts at Sao Paulo's historic Morumbi Stadium.

Such was the demand on the band to play arenas and stadiums throughout the world that they managed to play only 4 dates in the UK between
1981 – 1983. The M K Bowl concert was one of these and the closest they came to playing London in these 3 years. The date was originally to have been played at Arsenal football ground, but when permission was turned down, the date was switched to the M K Bowl.

It is little wonder then that by the time they reached the gig in June 1982 that the Queen touring machine was in prime condition. "We just stormed through that concert," says Taylor. "I'd forgotten just how tight the band was by then."

"Queen On Fire – Live At The Bowl" is Queen at its electric best, with the band charging through 25 numbers drawn from the biggest hits and best loved live songs – Dragon Attack, Now I'm Here, Tie Your Mother Down, Sheer Heart Attack, and two versions of We Will Rock You, including the much sought after 'fast' version, altogether 110 minutes of live classics.

Filmed by Gavin Taylor, and only ever seen in an edited version on Channel 4's The Tube, this release has the concert restored to its original full length, amounting to an additional 47 minutes of previously unseen footage. Not released on video, "Queen On Fire – Live At The Bowl", marks the first time a recording of this concert has been available to own.

"I think people will be surprised, as I was, all these years later, how different the show is from the well known Queen Wembley 86 Stadium performance," says Brian May. "A large percentage of the songs are different… It kicks off with us blasting into "Flash" and gets very hot!" The set holds up very well, and Freddie's ad-libs are something to behold… the other things I had forgotten was how much freedom we had to stretch and enjoy ourselves on the spur of the moment".

As to be expected from Queen, the release comes only after extensive restoration to the original footage and sound. Audio producers Justin Shirley-Smith and Kris Fredriksson returned to the original 24 track analogue recording and created brand new PCM stereo and DTS 5.1 surround sound mixes. "Unlike the Wembley DVD project, the only mixes available were mono, so we decided to start from scratch," says Shirley-Smith. "We transferred the entire concert multi-track recordings onto Pro Tools HD. Then we'd listen to each track for any imperfections, distortions or crackles and meticulously remove them. For example, there's one bit when Brian's playing piano and it's very soft – so soft that when we turned it up to the level it needed to be, we just got a load of hiss. Using Pro Tools you can get rid of things like that. The actual mixing, however, was done using vintage analogue."

The result, says Shirley-Smith, is a great band caught at the height of their performing years.

As with all previous releases in the Queen DVD Collection, "Queen On Fire -Live At The Bowl" comes with a second disc full of bonus features. The 75 minutes of extras include behind the scenes footage of preparations for the concert, together with unseen material from interviews filmed on the day with Brian May and Roger Taylor.

Further interview footage shot in Munich during the European leg of this tour shows Freddie, Brian and Roger discussing the tour, the then current Hot Space album, as well as discussing the 10 year longevity of the band.
In addition, disc two provides over 35 minutes of bonus live performance from the same year, filmed at the Vienna Stadthalle in May and the final show of the tour at Tokyo's Seibu Stadium in November.

The disc also features a photo gallery which raids the Queen photo archive in a stunning collection of rare and previously unseen shots from the 1982 tour that took the band across Europe, the US and Japan. In a real treat for Queen collectors, the gallery is displayed to a recording of the band performing "Calling All Girls" at that year's Tokyo concert, the very first time this track has been made available.

"I feel positively knackered!" says Freddie mid-way through "Queen On Fire – Live At The Bowl". With over 3 hours of concert footage and extras "Queen On Fire – Live At The Bowl" is likely to leave the viewer "on fire"!

Release Information:"Queen On Fire – Live At The Bowl"
Catalogue: 544 1879 / 7243 5 44187 9 2
Catalogue: 863 2112 / 7243 8 63211 2 1
DVD produced by Simon Lupton and Rhys Thomas.
Executive producer: Jim Beach.
Original concert footage directed by Gavin Taylor.
Produced by Malcolm Gerrie.
Audio for DVD Produced by Justin Shirley-Smith and Kris Fredriksson.
Bonus Features Edited by: Lucas Friedman.
The US release date should still be November 2nd.

Here's the cover artwork;


Pretty ugly if you ask me, it just doesn't represent the 'Hot Space' tour at all. I would've liked it if they had incorporated the album's cover somehow.
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anyone know where to pre-order this in the USA.???
Old 10-10-04, 05:19 PM
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No title listing at all on amazon yet which is odd. Really looking forward to getting this.
Old 10-19-04, 03:44 AM
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Where is the pre-order for this??
Old 10-19-04, 05:36 AM
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cd 19.99

cd better price at BB....

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