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80's music videos on disc?

Old 04-28-04, 04:21 AM
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80's music videos on disc?

So I was in the local Fred Meyers picking up food for dinner when I stopped by the DVD section. Right there at the top of a pile of discs to be shelved was a 80's Music Video collection. Video Killed the Radio Star, Dance Hall Days and so on - reall old school new wave stuff. I would have picked it up, but MSRP aint my bag, you know - I bet I could find it cheaper on line.

This also bought me some time to consult you guys. Are there any really good music video discs out there? What are the Must Haves? Any suggestions? Thoughts?

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Old 04-28-04, 09:54 AM
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Bump...lets see some answers, guys, I'm interested too...
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Old 04-28-04, 10:24 AM
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I would love to find some cheesy 80s metal videos!
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Old 04-28-04, 10:29 AM
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You MUST get "Weird Al" Yankovic The Ultimate Video Collection!

I picked up Devo's The Complete Truth about De-Evolution, but I really wasn't that impressed, although YMMV (your mileage may vary.)
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Old 04-28-04, 11:25 AM
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The "Essential Music Videos" Collections from Rhino are well...essential, as they contain 6 videos and can be found for $6 each or less. The 20th Century Masters Collection are also worth checking out -- Picked up the Tears for Fears DVD for $6 at Best Buy and it has 5 videos.
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Old 04-28-04, 11:28 AM
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My Best Buy had the 20th Century Masters for $4.99 a piece. I picked up Moody Blues, Olivia Newton-John, and Tears for Fears. Not a bad price for 5 videos on each DVD.
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Old 04-28-04, 12:18 PM
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Well, in doing a little searching, I found this one:

It has a pretty good selection of 80's music - Cars, I Ran, Promises Promises, One Thing Leads To Another, In a Big Country, All Night Long, Hold Me Now and Shout to name a few.

But has a good deal of 90s, which makes it less desireable. But it's got the MTV commercial bumpers, which bumps the coolness factor back up again.

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Old 04-28-04, 12:19 PM
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I was a metalhead punk in highschool back in the 80s so I was happy to pick up Iron Maiden: Visions of the Beast, a video collection from around 1980 to 2001.
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Old 04-28-04, 12:25 PM
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I've looked at many of these and the videos are all of the retarded videos.

Where are the REALLY COOL videos from Van Halen, Dire Straits, Peter Gabriel, Sammy Hagar, Police, Twisted Sister, and the videos that were played endlessly?

I would imagine that one would likely need to buy a set covering just the particular band to get these great videos...
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Old 04-28-04, 12:28 PM
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...Tom Petty, Billy Idol, etc...
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Old 04-28-04, 12:30 PM
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I'd rather be dipped in acid before viewing Shout again...
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Old 04-28-04, 01:45 PM
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I would suggest go to DVDempire.com or DVDplanet.com and click on music category, then popular. They should list alot of DVD's from the 80's in that category.

I know that Eurythmics (Not sure of the spelling on that), Donna Summer, Tears for Fears, Kool and the Gang, Michael Jackson has several listed, Janet Jackson Rythym Nation, Janet Jackson Design of a Decade, Prince, George Michael, New Kids on the Block (Late 80's?), Madonna and several others has DVD's out or has been released.

Not sure of the exact titles though.
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Old 04-29-04, 03:54 PM
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If you can afford the shipping, these look nice (and have very good reviews)



Not exactly the 80's, but I can also recommend this:


It's one of the world's biggest misteries why such DVD's are not made in the USA.
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Old 04-29-04, 04:20 PM
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Hmmm, 17.98 euros. The euro is just about 1-1 to the US dollar, isnt it? 40 songs for just about 20 bucks + shipping is pretty damn attractive indeed.

(YIKES! Shipping is 15 euros! Wow - I've bought overseas before, but never run into anything quite as steep as that! Anyone want to share some love? )
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Old 04-29-04, 09:11 PM
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El-Kabong... go to xe.com to figure exchange rates easily. You will find that the dollar-- for some strange reason (sarcasm)-- is very weak in the world market nowadays.
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Old 04-29-04, 09:24 PM
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Musictap.net just announced the dvd release of Soft Cell's Non Stop Exotic Video on July 27th. I am very excited about this one as I am a big Soft Cell fan.

Cyndi Lauper has a live dvd called Cyndi Lauper's Live...At Last out on May 25th.

Over on DavisDVD.com they announced 2 more Duran Duran dvd's following the release of the 2 disc set Greatest.
Next week on the 4th they will release Arena (An Absurd Notion) and Sing Blue Silver.

One thing I noticed about Music dvd announcements is they tend to float under the radar or the release date comes quicker from announcement to street date than movies do.

Other 80's dvd's not mentioned I recommend are:

ABC - Absolutely ABC
The Clash: Westway to the World
The Cure - Greatest Hits; Trilogy
Depeche Mode - 101; Videos 86>98+
Midnight Oil - 20,000 Watt R.S.L. - The Midnight Oil Collection
New Order - 316; 512
Pet Shop Boys - Pop Art (Harder to find-All Reigon avalable on DDD)
They Might Be Giants - Direct From Brooklyn
Pure 80's: The DVD
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Old 04-30-04, 12:30 AM
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As far as overseas DVD goes, I've ordered from Benson's World in the past. Service is very good, and their current worldwide shipping rate is 1.25 pounds per disc (used to be free).

A quick search for "80" in the dvd section turned up several interesting DVDs. Most don't have complete track listings on the Benson's World site, but I've found the info easily enough through Googling.

I like these especially:


And Mega Hits Of The 70s And 80s - "Hong Kong Garden" and "Stuck in the Middle with You" in the same set?!

Hope this helps,
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Old 04-30-04, 09:46 AM
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Originally posted by ukywyldcat
Where are the REALLY COOL videos from Van Halen
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Old 08-03-04, 01:14 AM
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Well, thanks to Deep Discount's sale I went hog wild with the Music Video collections. The series I'm in love with are these guys:

These guys have about 7 or so songs on each disc - about half an hour of material. Kinda Teh Suck, until you look at the price: about 5-8 bucks, depending on where you get them.

The video quality isnt all that great - but then, 25 year old music videos probably didnt look all that great in the first place.

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Old 08-03-04, 09:12 AM
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Can't give enough props to this badboy:
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Old 08-03-04, 09:34 AM
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Ummm....how about The Immaculate Collection from Madonna?

Btw...all those overseas discs are mastered in PAL, no?
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Old 08-03-04, 10:35 AM
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I'll second Weird Al Complete Video Collection.
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Old 09-10-04, 09:47 AM
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It's not exactly music videos, but this looks interesting:
80's DVD JUKEBOX does fans a favor by compiling 24 rare live German television appearances (from the long-running program, Beat Club) from some of the biggest acts of the decade. Ranging from megastars like Culture Club, Rod Stewart, The Police, and Wham! to new wave cult favorites like Fun Boy Three, The Specials, Kirsty McColl, Talk Talk, and Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, there is enough here to put any pop music fan in a state of complete bliss for a full 80 minutes!

1. Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax
2. Duran Duran - Wild Boys
3. Spandau Ballet - Only When You Leave
4. Talk Talk - Such A Shame
5. Depeche Mode - Master And Servant
6. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Talking Loud And Clear
7. Marianne Faithful - Broken English
8. Madness - One Step Beyond
9. The Pretenders - Brass In Pocket
10. Rod Stewart - Baby Jane
11. The Police - De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
12. Robert Palmer - Looking For Clues
13. A Flock Of Seagulls- I Ran
14. Bananarama & Fun Boy Three - Really Saying Something
15. The Specials - A Message To Rudi
16. The Look - I Am The Beat
17. The Stray Cats - Sexy And 17
18. Howard Jones - New Song
19. Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Two Tribes
20. Wham - Young Guns (Go For It)
21. Kirsty McColl - There's A Guy Works Down The Chipshop Swears He's Elvis
22. The Boomtown Rats - Banana Republic
23. Rod Stewart - What Am I Gonna Do
24. Culture Club - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
Release date is 11/2. SRP is $16.98

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Old 09-10-04, 11:47 AM
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ZZ Top's Greatest Hits Video Collection

Not Music Videos But A Very Cool DVD
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble: Live From Austin, Texas
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Old 09-10-04, 04:48 PM
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I want video collections by:

Bon Jovi
Skid Row
and AC/DC
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