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GooGone - Help!

Old 02-28-06, 05:42 AM
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GooGone - Help!

Can anyone give me a detailed explaination of exactly how I should use the GooGone spray to get the stickers off of my DVDs? I've ruined two DVD cases now trying to do it - either the case gets scratched up and the art rubs off, or I end up with half the sticker ripped off into shreds, and a big mess. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I bought the stuff after seeing so many recommend it here.
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Old 02-28-06, 08:10 AM
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Peel as much of the sticker off by hand first than rub off with googone.Acetone or paint thinner works just as good & cheaper.Some people swear lighter fluid also works.
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Old 02-28-06, 02:16 PM
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Make sure you're taking all the paper inserts and covers (and discs) out of the case first. Then just soak squirt the Googone on the sticker, let it soak a good ten-fifteen minutes, then try pushing the sticker off with the pad of your thumb or fingers (not the nails), or use a papertowel that's reasonably soft, not a harsh shoptowel type.
After I've dried the stuff off, I open the case and stand it up so it can air dry overnight to help the odor dissipate.

An alternative is heat, take all the papers and discs out, then use a hair dryer to soften the glue of the sticker.

I've discovered the main cause of scratches in the plastic is from fingernails, so be careful if you're picking at the edge of a sticker to get under it.
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Old 02-28-06, 03:16 PM
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All I do is peel as much of the sticker off as I can, then dampen a paper towel with Goo-Gone and rub softly until it's all gone. Never had a problem, even on cardboard slipcovers.
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Old 02-28-06, 08:10 PM
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Yeah, get rid of all the paper pulp from the sticker first. Then squirt some Goo Gone onto a paper towel or cloth and rub away the sticky residue. Definitely be sure to remove the cover from the sleeve beforehand, and wipe the case dry (outside and inside of the sleeve) before you re-insert the cover. And, yes, I can vouche for lighter fluid (the kind for refilling a cigarette lighter, not for lighting your BBQ) working just as well as Goo Gone.
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