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2005 DVD Spending Tab

2005 DVD Spending Tab

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I'm all for this being a Sticky thread.
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11.21.05 After having given up on this in April, thought it would be fun to revisit and see how things have progressed. I find that I no longer own many of the DVDs I purchased at the beginning of the year. I've gone in a different direction with my collection, so I've done a lot of trading. I've also spent a couple thousand bucks since then. Oh well, this was kind of fun for a couple of months.

Prices include tax and shipping where applicable. Where I have used a gift card, I have included the gift card amount in the purchase price. Only gifts that I would not have purchased on my own are included in the Gifts category. All others are listed as regular purchases.

January 2005


Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut (R2) (2 discs) $10.95
A Fish Called Wanda: Special Edition (R2) (2 discs) $10.95
A Hard Day's Night: Special Edition (R2) (2 discs) $7.95
Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 3 (R1) (2 discs) $15.95


All purchased using gift cards:

The Warner Classic Comedies Collection (8 discs) $42.78
The Warner Gangsters Collection (6 discs) $42.73
Wonderfalls: The Complete Series (3 discs) $24.79
The Shield: Season 1 (4 discs) $22.15
NewsRadio: Seasons 1 and 2 (3 discs) $25.10


All purchased using gift cards:

The Importance of Being Earnest: Criterion Collection (used) $10.40
Oz: Season 3 (used) (3 discs) $26.75

January Total: xxx


February 2005

Columbia House

Monty Python's Flying Circus Megaset (14 discs) $20.64
Black Adder: Complete Series (5 discs) $20.64
The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy Extended Edition (12 discs) $20.64
The Prisoner Megaset (10 discs) $9.96
Homicide: Life on the Street: Season 4 (6 discs) $9.96
Raging Bull: Special Edition (2 discs) $6.00
Get Shorty: Special Edition (2 discs) $6.00
The Iron Giant: Special Edition $6.00
Wild at Heart $6.00
Aliens: Collector's Edition (2 discs) $6.00
The Last Picture Show $7.16
Apocalypse Now $7.16
From Here to Eternity $7.16
The Crying Game: Collector's Edition $7.16


Six Feet Under: Season 2 (used) (5 discs) $17.60
The Wire: Season 2 (used) (5 discs) $17.60
Oz: Season 4 (used) (3 discs) $17.60
Dead Like Me: Season 1 (used) (4 discs) $17.60
Northern Exposure: Season 2 (used) (2 discs) $17.60


Man on the Train $0.00

February Total:xxx


March 2005


All purchased using gift cards:

Laura $10.49

Columbia House

FunCash accumulation orders ($96 total)
Escape from New York: Special Edition (2 discs) $5.82
The Great Escape: Special Edition (2 discs) $5.82
King of New York (2 discs) $5.82
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Collector's Edition (2 discs) $5.82
The Untouchables: Special Edition $5.82
Scarface: Anniversary Edition (2 discs) $5.82
Goldfinger $4.73
Osama $4.73
28 Days Later $4.73
The Last Waltz: Special Edition $4.73
Dr. No: Special Edition $5.82
The Spy Who Loved Me: Special Edition $5.82
Glengarry Glen Ross (2 discs) $4.73
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World $4.73
Broken Lizard's Club Dread $4.73
Serpico $4.73
In America $4.73
Spartan $4.73
Out of Time $7.01
Chicken Run: Special Edition $7.01
The Princess Bride: Special Edition $7.01
Pitch Black: Unrated Director's Cut $7.01
Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension $5.82
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon $5.82
The Third Man: Criterion Collection $2.46
The Ruling Class: Criterion Collection $2.46
The Red Shoes: Criterion Collection $2.46

LMT account (total $59.20)
Z: The Masterworks Edition
Easy Riders, Raging Bulls (2 discs)
The Bicycle Thief
The Garden of the Finzi-Continis
City Lights (2 discs)
Modern Times (2 discs)
Aguirre: The Wrath of God
Northern Exposure: Season 1 (2 discs)


Hellboy: Director's Cut (used) (3 discs) $6.39
The Young Ones: Every Stoopid Episode (used) (3 discs) $12.27
Cowboy Bebop: Session 2 (used) $6.39
Cowboy Bebop: Session 4 (used) $6.39
Sid & Nancy: Criterion Collection (used) $6.39
Carnivale: Season 1 (used) (6 discs) $12.27
Smallville: Season 3 (used) (6 discs) $12.27
Maria Full of Grace (used) $6.39
Shaun of the Dead (used) $6.39
O Brother, Where Art Thou? (used) $6.39
Kiki's Delivery Service (used) (2 discs) $6.39
Castle in the Sky (used) (2 discs) $6.39
The Dark Crystal (used) (gift) $6.39
Mad About You: Season 1 (used) (gift) (2 discs) $6.39
The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Special Edition (used) (2 discs) $6.39


Mr. Bean Animated: Volume 1 (2 discs) $6.50


Brazil: Criterion Collection (3 discs) (Z/Once Upon a Time in America)

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: Criterion Collection (2 discs) (Modern Times/City Lights)
Insomnia: Criterion Collection (Modern Times/City Lights)

Grand Illusion: Criterion Collection ($22.36 Amazon credit)

Le Corbeau: Criterion Collection (Wonderalls/Innocents with Dirty Hands)
Zatoichi/Sonatine (2 discs) (Wonderalls/Innocents with Dirty Hands)

Gangs of New York (2 discs) (Dinner for Five Season 1/Chinatown)
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie Special Edition (Dinner for Five Season 1/Chinatown)
Step Into Liquid (2 discs) (Dinner for Five Season 1/Chinatown)
Winged Migration (Dinner for Five Season 1/Chinatown)

Mystic River (3 discs) (Clerks X/Iron Giant SE/Amores Perros SE)
Barton Fink (Clerks X/Iron Giant SE/Amores Perros SE)
American Spendor (Clerks X/Iron Giant SE/Amores Perros SE)
Avalon (Clerks X/Iron Giant SE/Amores Perros SE)


April 2005


All purchased using gift cards:

A Letter to Three Wives $9.83

Virgin MegaStore

All purchased using gift cards:

5 Films About Christo & Jeanne-Claude $48.87

Columbia House

LMT account ($xx.xx total)
Unforgiven (2 discs)
Lost in La Mancha (2 discs)
The Sheik/Son of the Sheik
Control Room
Once Upon a Time in America (2 discs)
The Gold Rush (2 discs)
The Saddest Music in the World


Traffic: The Mini-Series (2 discs) $7.95
Supergrass: Supergrass Is 10 (2 discs) $7.95
Trainspotting: The Definitive Version (2 discs) $10.95


King of the Hill: Season 4 (3 discs) $14.99
Nightmare Alley $5.99
Street with No Name $5.99


Lumiere & Co.
Princess Mononoke
The Complete Jam (2 discs)


M*A*S*H (2 discs)
Band of Brothers (6 discs)
Deadwood (6 discs)
Beast Wars: Season 2 (2 discs)
Murder One: Season 1
Vera Drake
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2 discs)


All purchased using credit slips:

A Letter to Three Wives $10.78
Laura $10.78
Donnie Darko $10.78
$10 off next purchase earned


The Simpsons: Season 5 (Dick Van Dyke Season 1/Citizen Kane/Adventures of Robin Hood/Bringing Up Baby/Philadelphia Story)
King of the Hill: Season 3 (Dick Van Dyke Season 1/Citizen Kane/Adventures of Robin Hood/Bringing Up Baby/Philadelphia Story)
Homicide: Life on the Street: Seasons 1 & 2 (Dick Van Dyke Season 1/Citizen Kane/Adventures of Robin Hood/Bringing Up Baby/Philadelphia Story)
Pulp Fiction: Collector's Edition (Dick Van Dyke Season 1/Citizen Kane/Adventures of Robin Hood/Bringing Up Baby/Philadelphia Story)

I'm Alan Partridge: Series 1 (Breathless/Fox Studio Classics Collection)
I'm Alan Partridge: Series 2 (Breathless/Fox Studio Classics Collection)

Tunes of Glory: Criterion Collection (Cronos/A Letter to Three Wives/Strangers on a Train)
Les Dames du Bois de Boulogne: Criterion Collection (Cronos/A Letter to Three Wives/Strangers on a Train)

Rules of the Game: Criterion Collection (2 discs) (Northern Exposure: Season 1/Raging Bull)
By Brakhage: Criterion Collection (2 discs) (Northern Exposure: Season 1/Raging Bull)
Diner (Northern Exposure: Season 1/Raging Bull)

Beauty and the Beast: Criterion Collection (Get Shorty/Aguirre)
Capturing the Friedmans (Get Shorty/Aguirre)

Cassavetes - Five Films: Criterion Collection (Wrong Men & Notorious Women/Wild at Heart)
Six Feet Under: Season 1 (Wrong Men & Notorious Women/Wild at Heart)

Broken Wings (Casablanca/THX/Girlhood/Duel)
Morvern Callar (Casablanca/THX/Girlhood/Duel)
A Brief Vacation (Casablanca/THX/Girlhood/Duel)
Medea (Casablanca/THX/Girlhood/Duel)

The Incredibles (City Lights)

The Shield: Season 2 (PS games)
The Shield: Season 3 (PS games)

Dogville (2 discs) (R2) ($11)
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All new
Troy $12.50
Apopcalypse Now $12.50 these two were a special at best buy when bought together
Rocky Collection $37.99
Seinfeld Season 1 & 2 $20.88
Redemption $9.44
Top Secret $5.50
Missing $9.99
Mulan $10.88
Cary Grant Signature Collection $29.99 from columbia house

Total so far: $149.67

...and much more to come
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Some of you have more money than sense.
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The Simpsons: The Complete 5th Season $39.99
Once Upon a Time in the West $6.99
Audrey Hepburn Collection (Paramount) $25.42

Raging Bull (2-disc SE) $15.99

The Incredibles $15.99
I Heart Huckabees (2-disc SE) $33.96
Closer $15.87
Rashomon $29.99
M $29.99

Sideways $19.99

Scrubs Season 1 $29.99
Seinfeld Season 4 $29.99
The Aviator $16.87

Jaws (2-disc) $19.99

A Very Long Engagement $21.99
Fargo(SE), Ghost World, Bringing Up Baby, Platoon, The Shawshank Redemption(2-disc), Saving Private Ryan(2-disc), Heat(2-disc)
ColumbiaHouse order $27.00

Finding Neverland $19.99
Sin City $19.99
The Simpsons: The Complete 6th Season $29.99

Total: $449.98
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So Far I have purchased:

Troy - $15.99

And later today I am getting

The Village WS - $15.99
The Fifth Element UE - $15.99
Leon: The Professional SE - $17.99

I am using some left over gift cards on todays purchases, and staring next week I am only buying 1 DVD a week (Yeah Right!!!Keep Telling Myself That )
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January Purchases:
A Perfect Circle: AMotion - $17.57 (Deep Discount DVD)
King of the Hill: Season 3 - $25.16 (amazon.com)
Jet: Family Style - $10.65 (Deep Discount DVD)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: CE, Wild at Heart: SE - $29.75 (amazon.com)
Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, How High, Queen: Live at Wembley - $35.61 (bestbuy.com)
Leon: The Professional & The Fifth Element: UE - $33.17 (amazon.com)
The Village: Visa Series - $17.18 (circuitcity.com)
Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete Third Season - $24.79 (amazon.com)
Warner Bros. Gangsters Collection - $42.78 (amazon.com)
Metallica: Some Kind of Monster & Predator 2: SE - $32.37 (amazon.com)

February Purchases:
Malcolm X: Two-Disc SE - $19.23 (bestbuy.com)
The Notebook: New Line Platinum Series - $23.99 (Blockbuster w/ giftcard)
Half Baked: Fully Baked Edition - $13.46 (amazon.com)
Heat: Two-Disc SE - $21.20 (amazon.com)

March Purchases:
South Park: The Complete Fifth Season - $31.49 (amazon.com)
The Incredibles: Two-Disc SE, Bambi: Platinum Edition, Shark Tale - $56.65 (Best Buy)
I Heart Huckabees: Two-Disc SE, AC/DC: Family Jewels - $43.07 (Deep Discount DVD)
Sideways - $17.43 (Best Buy)

April Purchases:
Robocop Trilogy - $28.17 (Deep Discount DVD)

May Purchases:
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (2-Disc) & King of the Hill: Season 4 - $49.43 (amazon.com)
Pocahontas: 10th Anniversary Edition - $21.79 (Best Buy)
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou: Two-Disc Criterion Collection & Hoop Dreams: Criterion Collection - $46.85 (Best Buy)
Team America: World Police - Uncensored and Unrated - $18.52 (Best Buy)
Scrubs: The Complete First Season - $31.49 (amazon.com)
Seinfeld: The Complete Fourth Season - $34.97 (amazon.com)
The Aviator: Two-Disc Special Edition - $16.30 (Circuit City)
Newsradio: The Complete First and Second Seasons - $27.97 (amazon.com)
The James Dean Collection - $41.46 (DeepDiscountDVD)

June Purchases:
Father of the Pride: The Complete Series - $23.97 (Best Buy B&M)
Casino: 10th Anniversary Edition - $17.38 (Deep Discount DVD)
Jaws: 30th Anniversary Edition, Sling Blade: SE, Swimming with Sharks: SE, Cincinatti Kid - $44.96 (Deep Discount DVD)
American Psycho: SE, Dig! - $20.60 (Deep Discount DVD)
Porco Rosso - $17.59 (Suncoast Video)
Game Over - The Complete Collection - $12.80 (Deep Discount DVD)

July Purchases:
A Very Long Engagement - $16.30 w/ $5 off coupon (Best Buy B&M)
Million Dollar Baby: Two-Disc SE - $18.52 (Target B&M)

August Purchases:
Constantine: Two-Disc Deluxe Edition & The Jerk: 26th Anniversary Edition - $35.68 (amazon.com)
Undeclared: The Complete Series - $31.93 (Deep Discount DVD)
The Simpsons: The Complete Sixth Season - $32.49 (amazon.com)
Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete Fourth Season - $27.99 (amazon.com)

September Purchases:
Mallrats: 10th Anniversary Edition & Wallace and Gromit: Three Amazing Adventures - $32.86 (amazon.com)

October Purchases:
The Fly: Collector's Edition & The Fly II: Collector's Edition - $21.79 (Best Buy B&M)
Robots & Cinderella: Disney Platinum Edition - $32.96 (amazon.com)
Audioslave: Live in Cuba - $14.13 (Circuit City B&M)
Arrested Development: Season 2, South Park: Season 6, Kingdom of Heaven - $78.96 (amazon.com)
Batman Begins: Deluxe Edition & Titanic: Special Collector's Edition - $35.47 (amazon.com)

November Purchases:
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith & Office Space: Special Edition - $29.97 (amazon.com)
Beavis & Butthead: Volume 1 - The Mike Judge Collection & Tommy Boy: Holy Schnike Edition - $31.48 (amazon.com)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Deluxe Edition, The Big Lebowski: Collector's Edition, & Elektra: Unrated Director's Cut - $49.86 (amazon.com)
The Polar Express: Two-Disc SE & King of the Hill: Season 5 - $43.97 (amazon.com)
Tom & Jerry: Spotlight Vol. 1 & 2, Foo Fighters: Everywhere But Home, U2: Live in Chicago, Saw: Uncut SE - $77.56 (Deep Discount DVD)
Scrubs: Season 2, Clueless: Whatever Edition, The Truman Show: SE, Yogi Bear: The Complete Series, Looney Tunes: Golden Collection - Vol. 3 - $112.93 (Deep Discount DVD)
March of the Penguins - $16.98 (amazon.com)
World of the Worlds: 2-Disc Limited Edition & Madagascar - $41.97 (amazon.com)

December Purchases:
Family Guy: Volume 3 - $25.99 (amazon.com)
The Simpsons: Complete 7th Season, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Volume 4 - $69.46 (amazon.com)
Mr. Show Gift Set - $43.59 (Best Buy B&M)
Walt Disney Treasures: Wave 5 - $92.36 (amazon.com)
The Great Raid: Two-Disc Director's Cut - $27.99 (amazon.com)
Cinderella Man: Two-Disc Limited Edition, Radiohead: The Astoria London Live, Franz Ferdinand: Live - $61.57 (amazon.com)
Sin City: Two-Disc Director's Extended Cut - $25.99 (amazon.com)
Bad News Bears (2005): Special Collector's Edition - $11.50 (ebay)
Valiant - $13.44 (ebay)

Total for 2005: $2105.05
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Troy $14.87
Resident Evil: Apocalypse $14.87
Fifth Element Deluxe: $15.99

Total: $48.70 w/ tax.
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Have not bought a DVD yet in 2005, maybe Friday Night Lights when it used for $9.99.
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January 11th:

The Village-$16.19
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Hopefully this will sober me up...


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind CE 25.66
The Wrong Guy 7.95
Hercules The Legendary Journeys Season 5 62.99
Leon The Professional CE 23.99
Farscape The Peacekeeper Wars 15.99
Total: $126.58 (Canadian)

This has to stop...
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*UPDATED: 03/19/05

January 2005
  1. The Cooler ($2.40, Overstock)
  2. From Hell ($6.66, Best Buy)
  3. Someone Like You ($6.66, Best Buy)
  4. True Lies ($6.66, Best Buy)
  5. Superstar ($5.99, Best Buy)
  6. Uncle Buck ($7.50, Best Buy)
  7. The Great Outdoors ($7.50, Best Buy)
  8. Lady in White: Directors Cut ($19.95, Ebay)
  9. The Beverly Hillbillies (1993) ($5.50, Wal-Mart)
  10. Shrek 2($19.95, Wal-Mart)
  11. The Dark Crystal ($9.44, Wal-Mart)

Jan Total: $98.21

February 2005
  1. Anchorman ($14.99, Movie Gallery)
  2. The Village ($14.99, Movie Gallery)
  3. The Terminal ($0.00, Movie Gallery)
  4. Twisted ($0.00, Movie Gallery)
  5. Spider-Man 2 ($14.99, Movie Gallery)
  6. Collateral ($14.99, Movie Gallery)
  7. King Arthur: Extended Edition ($0.00, Movie Gallery)
  8. Garden State ($0.00, Movie Gallery)
  9. Kiss the Girls ($5.50, Wal-Mart)
  10. Volunteers ($5.50, Wal-Mart)
  11. Back to the Future Trilogy ($17.99, Sam's Club)
  12. The Italian Job ($8.88, Sam's Club)

Feb Total: $97.83

March 2005
  1. One Tree Hill: Season One ($44.99, Target)
  2. Bambi ($19.99, Target)
  3. The Incredibles ($15.99, Wal-Mart)
  4. The Majestic($6.99, Hastings)

Mar Total: TBD
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January Spending:$379.54
February Spending:$429.83
March Spending:$272.60
April Spending:$354.26
May Spending:$430.81
Year To Date:$1867.04

Las Vegas Season One...$39.99
Harold & Kumar Unrated...$17.99
Total w/Tax...$80.07(all at Best Buy)

The Village...$15.99
Leon the Professional(Deluxe Edition)...$17.99
The Fifth Element(Ultimate Edition)...$15.99
Hot Shots!Part Deux...$5.99
Total w/Tax...$84.90(all at Best Buy)

Twins Effect...$9.99
Twins Effect 2...$17.95
Total w/Shipping...$46.90(all on Ebay)

Once Upon a Time in the West...$3.32
Good Morning Vietnam...$3.32
Friday Night Light w/Book...$7.10
Lion King 1 1/2...$10.24
Total w/Tax...$43.26(all at Best Buy w/Reward Zone Credit)

Some Kind of Monster...$19.99(w/$5.00 Gift Card)
Lion King 2...$14.99
Alien vs Predator...$15.99
Aladdin 2/3 Box Set...$21.99
Sky Captain...$16.99
Predator 2:Coll.Ed...$14.99
Total w/Tax...$113.60(all at Best Buy)

Little Monsters...$9.99
Total w/Tax...$10.81(Ralphs)

2009:Lost Memories...$11.99
Mulan II...$19.99
Ray:Limited Edition...$31.99
The Grudge...$15.99
Karate Kid Box Set...$24.99
Total w/Tax...$133.50(all at Best Buy)

Golden Child...$5.50
The Bear...$5.50
Nascar IMAX...$14.94
WWE RVD:One of a Kind...$15.94
Total w/Tax...$45.34(all at Walmart)

Malcolm X:Special Ed...$15.99
Raging Bull:Collectors Ed...$15.99
Shark Tale...$15.99
Total w/Tax...$51.93(all at Best Buy)

Donnie Darko: Dir.Cut...$15.99
Half Baked:Fully Baked Ed...$12.99
Total w/Tax...$65.99(all at Best Buy)

Get Shorty:Coll.Ed...$15.99
I Heart Huckabees:Spec.Ed...$29.99
Cube Zero...$18.99
South Park:Season5...$29.99
Short Circuit...$5.99
Total w/Tax...$133.07(all at Best Buy)

Flight of the Phoenix...$16.99
Exorcist:The Beginning...$17.99
Total w/Tax...$72.48(all at Best Buy)

Ladder 49...$15.99
Total w/Tax...$35.70(all at Best Buy)

Abbot & Costello:Who's on First...$5.50
Universal Solider 2...$5.50
Trading Places...$5.50
Total w/Tax...$25.98(all at Walmart)

The Incredibles(w/Lithograph)...$15.99
Total w/Tax...$17.30(at Best Buy)

Finding Neverland...$19.99
Steet Fighter...$5.99
Final Cut...$20.99
Star Wars:Clone Wars(Animated)...$12.99
Stand by Me:Special Ed...$19.99
Total w/Tax...$86.54(all at Best Buy)

Apollo 13:Anniversary Ed...$8.98
Orgazmo:Special Ed...$8.41
After the Sunset...$8.98
Poolhall Junkies...$5.59
Sin City Exclusive...Free
Total w/Tax...$34.60(all at Best Buy w/Reward Zone Credit)

Total w/Tax...$36.78(all at Best Buy)

Ocean's Twelve...$16.99
Hotel Rwanda...$19.99
Tae Guk Gi:Brotherhood of War...$22.99
Red Shadow...$16.99
Suspect Zero...$19.99
Total w/Tax...$126.58(all at Best Buy)

Love Song for Bobby Long...$16.99
House of Flying Daggers...$17.99
Total W/Tax...$78.98(all at Best Buy)

Blade Trinity:Unrated...$17.99
Assasination of Richard Nixon...$16.99
Lemony Snickets:Collectors Ed...$27.99
Total w/Tax...$89.80(all at Best Buy)

Top Seceret...$5.50
Point Break...$5.50
Blue Chips...$9.44
Total w/Tax...$22.12(all at Walmart)

License to Drive:Spec.Ed...$11.66
The Game Documentary...$7.77
National Treasure w/Best Buy Bonus Disc...$13.20
Total w/Tax...$67.29(all at Best Buy w/Reward Zone Credit)

Longest Yard:Lockdown Ed...$9.99
Alone in the Dark...$19.99
Life Aquatic:2D Criterion...$24.99
Hoop Dreams:Criterion...$17.99
Assault on Precint 13...$16.99
12 Monkeys:Special Ed...$9.99
Merchant of Venice...$16.99
Total w/Tax...$126.58(all at Best Buy)

Grudge:Extended Cut...$19.99
The Mask...$14.99
White Noise...$17.99
Team America:Unrated...$16.99
Scrubs:Season One...$29.99
Wrestlemania XXI...$23.99
Total w/Tax...$134.16(all at Best Buy)

I, Robot:Coll Ed...$17.99(Circuit City)
Chappelle's Show:Season 2...$19.99
Day After Tomorrow:Coll Ed...$19.99
Man on Fire:Coll Ed...$19.99
Total w/Tax...$102.78(Rest at Best Buy)
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This should prove interesting.....I promised myself I wouldn't do a lot of purchasing, this year, but already, that plan has gone out the window.

-The Best of Abbott & Costello V3 ($19.99-Wal*Mart)
-Shaun of the Dead ($19.99-Wal*Mart)
-North By Northwest ($11.00--Sam Goody)
-Dial M For Murder ($11.00-Sam Goody)
-Hercules vs the Sons of the Sun/Hercules vs the Morloch ($6.99-Gallery of Sound)
-Lion of Thebes/The Trojan Horse ($6.99-Gallery of Sound)
-The Attic/Crawlspace ($9.99-Best Buy)
-Happy Birthday to Me ($19.99-Best Buy)
-Mark of the Devil (BU) ($15.99-Best Buy)
-Alexander the Great ($10.99-Borders)
-Gods and Monsters ($10.99-Borders)
-Castle of the Walking Dead ($12.99-Borders)
-Richard III (McKellen) (FREE-Borders...Buy 3, Get 1 Free Deal)
-Mill of the Stone women ($15.99-Best Buy)
-Killer Nun ($15.99-Best Buy)
-Re-Animator: Millennium Edition ($15.99-Circuit City)
-Horrible Horrors Collection V1 ($15.99-Circuit City)
-Driller Killer ($19.99-Circuit City)
-Alien vs Predator ($0.00-Birthday Gift)
-Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow ($19.96-Wal*Mart)
-De Sade's Justine ($0.00-Birthday Gift--Purchased w/ Gift Card)

January's Total: $260.81

-Island of Terror (R2/PAL--$27.95-Xploited Cinema)
-Night of the Big Heat (R2/PAL--$26.95-Xploited Cinema)
-The Devils ($14.95-Xploited Cinema)
-Caligula 2: The Untold Story-X-Rated Kult (R2/PAL--$37.95-Xploited Cinema)
-Devil-Ship Pirates (R2/PAL--$27.95-Xploited Cinema)
-Alive (Kitamura) ($19.99-Suncoast)
-Ice Cream Man ($0.00-Birthday Gift-Purchased w/ Gift Card)
-BioZombie ($0.00-Birthday Gift-Purchased w/ Gift Card)
-The Witch Who Came From the Sea ($0.00-Birthday Gift-Purchased w/ Gift Card)
-Ju-On ($15.99-Best Buy)
-The Grudge ($0.00-Gift)
-Home On the Range ($0.00-Gift)
-All In the Family S3 ($0.00/Valentine's Day Gift)
-CSI-Miami S2 ($46.99-K-Mart)
-Prince Valiant ($0.00-Birthday Gift)
-Shark Tale ($19.99-Wal*Mart)
-Saw ($14.98-Wal*Mart)
-The Girl Who Knew Too Much ($10.00-Private Online Purchase)
-The Great Alligator (R2/PAL/X-Rated Kult) ($10.00-Private Online Purchase)
-5 Dolls For An August Moon ($0.00-Online Trade)
-Venus In Furs ($13.97-Amazon)
-A Lizard In A Woman's Skin ($20.97-Amazon)
-Volcano ($5.50-Wal*Mart)
-The Day Afet Tomorrow ($13.72-Wal*Mart)
-Phantom Ship ($1.00-Best Buy)
-Seven Women For Satan ($15.99-Best Buy)
-SS Hell Camp ($14.99-Best Buy)
-Schindler's List ($12.72-Sam's Club)
-Ivanhoe ($12.72-Sam's Club)
-Ice Station Zebra ($12.72-Sam's Club)
-Godzilla vs The Sea Monster ($23.99-Border's)

February's Total: $421.98 Yikes!!!!!!

-Bambi ($15.99-K-Mart)
-Exorcist: The Beginning ($15.99-K-Mart)
-The Brady Bunch: Season 1 ($29.99-Sam Goody)
-The Dirty Dozen ($7.50-Wal*Mart)
-Giant Monsters ($0.00/Gift)
-1990: Bronx Warriors ($7.37-eBay)
-Ladder 49 ($14.99-Wal*Mart)
-Sherlock Holmes and the Deadly Necklace ($0.00-Online Trade)
-The Incredibles ($0.00/Gift)
-The Mysterians ($15.99-Xploited Cinema)
-Matango: Attack of the Mushroom People ($15.99-Xploited Cinema)
-A Bug's Life ($13.88-Wal*Mart)
-The Toolbox Murders (2004) ($24.99-Best Buy.com)
-Pinocchio In Outer Space ($9.99-Amazon)
-The Flintstones (Season 3) ($31.49-Amazon)
-Christmas Evil & Silent Night, Bloody Night ($6.99-FYE)
-Leviathan ($6.99-FYE)
-The Golden Voyage of Sinbad ($10.99-FYE)
-Finding Neverland ($15.96-Wal*Mart)
-CSI (Season 4) ($65.98-K-Mart)
-The Best of the Scooby-Doo Movies ($44.99-K-Mart)
-Detonator ($5.50-Wal*Mart)
-The Enforcer ($5.50-Wal*Mart)
-Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger ($14.99-Borders)
-The Beast (La BÍte) ($39.99-Borders)

March's Total: $422.04 This is worse than I thought!

-Schizo ($14.99-Suncoast)
-Ray Harryhausen: The Early Years Collection ($0.00-Borders)
-Bride of the Monster ($5.50-Borders)
-Bride of the Gorilla ($5.50-Borders)
-A Night to Dismember ($7.99-Sam Goody)
-AC/DC Family Jewels ($12.99-Sam Goody)
-Panic In Year Zero/The Last Man On Earth ($11.99/Can--Amazon.ca)
-Macbeth (Polanski) ($15.85--eBay)
-Mary Shelley's Frankenstein ($5.50--Wal*Mart)
-The Octagon ($5.50--Wal*Mart)
-The Terminator (SE) ($7.50--Wal*Mart)
-The Errol Flynn Collection ($49.99--Sam Goody)
-Here's Lucy Collection ($24.99--K-Mart)
-Nightmares Come At Night ($19.99--Sam Goody)
-Voodoo Woman (R2/PAL--$6.25--Private Online Sale)
-Reform School Girl (R2/PAL--$6.25--Private Online Sale)
-Day the World Ended (R2/PAL--$6.25--Private Online Sale)
-The She-Creature (R2/PAL--$6.25--Private Online Sale)
-The Giant of Marathon ($1.00--Wal*Mart)

April's Total: $214.28 A better month!

-Desk Set ($11.99--Best Buy)
-The Munsters (Season 1) ($24.99--Game Stop/Used)
-Tremors ($5.99--Game Stop/Used)
-A View to a Kill ($6.99--Game Stop/Used)
-Live and Let Die ($9.99--Game Stop/Used)
-The Bad Seed ($6.99--Game Stop/Used)
-Gigantor (Part 1/Episodes 1-26) ($24.99--Game Stop/Used)
-Freddy vs Jason ($7.99--Game Stop/Used)
-Thunderball ($9.99--Game Stop/Used)
-Octopussy ($9.99--Game Stop/Used)
-Best of the Original Avengers (2 discs) ($19.95--All Books & Records/Used)
-The Partridge Family (Season 1) ($19.99--Wal*Mart)
-Black Sun: The Nanking Massacre ($19.99--Tate's Comics)
-The Terror Within (FREE--All Books & Records)
-The Royal Tenenbaums ($5.00--Flea Market)
-Sadomania ($19.99--Tate's Comics)
-Black Demons ($24.99--Tate's Comics)
-Demons III: The Ogre ($19.99--Tate's Comics)
-Womens Prison Massacre ($9.99--Tate's Comics)
-American Chopper (Season 1) ($22.48--Wal*Mart)
-American Chopper (Season 2) ($22.48--Wal*Mart)
-The Bone Snatcher ($5.50--Wal*Mart)
-Sudden Impact ($5.50--Wal*Mart)
-Snow White & The 3 Stooges ($5.50--Wal*Mart)
-Braveheart ($13.72--Wal*Mart)
-Enemy at the Gates ($5.50--Wal*Mart)
-Team America (Unrated) ($19.99--Suncoast)
-Mansion of Madness ($19.99--Suncoast)
-Varan the Unbelievable ($19.99--Suncoast)
-The Best of Dudley Do-Right Vol 1 ($8.92--Wal*Mart)
-The Best of Mr Peabody & Sherman Vol 1 ($8.92--Wal*Mart)
-Keeping Up Appearnaces: My Way or the Hyacinth Way ($5.28--CH)
-Keeping Up Appearances: Hints From Hyacinth ($5.29--CH)
-Keeping Up Appearances: Home Is Where the Hyacinth Is ($5.29--CH)
-Keeping Up Appearances: Deck the Halls With Hyacinth ($5.29--CH)
-MI-5: Volume 1 ($0.00--CH)
-Combat! Season 1/Campaign 1 ($19.99--Sam Goody)
-Butterflies Are Free ($14.99--Borders)
-Cactus Flower (FREE--Borders....Buy 3, Get 1 Free)
-The Three Worlds of Gulliver ($14.99--Borders)
-Weasels Rip My Flesh (FREE--Borders....Buy 3, Get 1 Free)
-The Gruesome Twosome (FREE--Borders....Buy 3, Get 1 Free)
-Torn Curtain ($14.99--Borders)
-Frenzy ($14.99--Borders)
-Night Train Murders ($14.99--Borders)
-Laura ($12.99--Borders)
-Knights of the Round Table ($14.99--Borders)
-Prey ($14.99--Borders)
-Cromwell ($23.99--Borders)
-H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds (Miniseries?) ($5.50--Wal*Mart)
-Soldiers & Saints ($16.88--Wal*Mart)
-Boogeyman ($15.99--Wal*Mart)

May's Total: $639.70

-Band of Brothers ($55.00--Private Online Sale)
-Baise-Moi ($6.50--Private Online Sale)
-Dragnet Season 1 ($27.99--Amazon)
-Davey & Goliath Vol 1/Collector's Edition ($13.99--Amazon)
-The Karate Kid ($13.72--Wal*Mart)
-Father of the Pride Complete Series ($22.48--Wal*Mart)
-Speed ($7.50--Wal*Mart)
-Alien vs Predator (Limited Edition/Busts) ($45.00--Private Online Sale)
-Jaws (30th Anniversary Edition) ($14.99--Wal*Mart)
-Miss Congeniality 2 ($15.99--Wal*Mart)
-Danger: Diabolik ($14.99--Sam Goody)
-Hostage ($15.99--Wal*Mart)
-UFO (Set 1) (Gerry/Sylvia Anderson) ($19.95--Hamilton Books.com)
-UFO (Set 2) (Gerry/Sylvia Anderson) ($19.95--Hamilton Books.com)
-Disney's The Three Musketeers ($8.50--Wal*Mart)
-The Pacifier ($14.88--Wal*Mart)
-Cocoon ($5.50--Wal*Mart)

June's Total: $322.92

-Stephen King's Sleepwalkers ($5.50--Wal*Mart)
-The Living Bible 2 DVD Set ($5.50--Wal*Mart)
-I, Robot ($19.99--Wal*Mart)
-Godzilla vs Gigan ($16.77--Sam Goody)
-Challenge of the Super Friends Season 1 ($20.47--Sam Goody)
-Good Neighbors Series 1-3 ($32.46--Columbia House)
-Stage Fright (Hitchcock) ($14.99--Borders)
-Quatermass ($19.99--Best Buy)
-The Nanny (Complete Season 1) ($24.99--Best Buy)
-The Fearless Vampire Killers ($15.99--Best Buy)
-All In the Family (Season 4) ($24.99--Best Buy)
-The Tigon Collection (R2/PAL) ($36.68--Private Sale)
-Pete Walker Collection (R2/PAL) ($36.66--Private Sale)
-Norman J Warren Collection (R2/PAL) ($36.66--Private Sale)
-Summer School ($5.50--Wal*Mart)
-Coming to America ($5.50--Wal*Mart)
-Motley Crue Greatest Video Hits ($16.99--K-Mart)
-The Young Lions ($12.99--Borders)
-Watership Down ($9.99--Wal*Mart)
-The 3 Stooges:Goofy Gondoliers (Animated) ($1.00--Wal*Mart)
-The Sword of Lancelot ($1.00--Wal*Mart)
-Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Disney) ($16.99--GameStop/Used)
-Rope (Hitchcock) ($14.99--Borders)
-Rebel Without a Cause (SE) ($19.99--Wal*Mart)
-Monty Python and the Holy Grail (SE) (14.99--GameStop/Used)
-Hercules Unchained ($1.00--Wal*Mart)
-East of Eden (SE) ($19.99--Wal*Mart)
-Die Hard With a Vengeance (SE) ($12.99--GameStop/Used)
-Cartoon Craze: The World of Hans Christian Andersen ($1.00--Wal*Mart)
-Brady Bunch Season 2 ($19.99--Wal*Mart)
-Animal Farm (Animated) ($1.00--Wal*Mart)
-The Man Called Flintstone ($17.87--Amazon/Canada)

July's Total: $505.41

-Please Don't Eat the Daises ($19.99--Sam Goody)
-Phantom Planet ($5.99--Sam Goody)
-The Glass Bottom Boat ($19.99--Sam Goody)
-Alexander ($19.99--Sam Goody)
-Cartoon Craze: Superman Showdown ($1.00--Wal*Mart)
-Abbott & Costello-Jack and the Beanstalk ($1.00--Wal*Mart)
-McMillan & Wife: Season 1 ($27.99--Sam Goody)
-Are You Being Served? (Complete Series 1-5) ($55.00--Private Sale)
-The Case of the Scorpion's Tail ($16.99--Best Buy.com)
-Woody Woodpecker & Friends (Columbia House) ($15.00--Private Sale)
-The Life of Brian ($6.00--Private Sale)
-Sin City ($15.88--Wal*Mart)
-Gozu ($17.99--Sam Goody)
-Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla ('74) ($24.99--Sam Goody)
-Godzilla vs Space Godzilla/Godzilla vs Destoroyah ($14.99--Sam Goody)
-Godzilla vs King Ghidorah/Godzilla & Mothra: The Battle For Earth ($14.99--Sam Goody)
-Gamera: Return of the Giant Monsters/The Magic Serpent ($9.99--Sam Goody)
-To Sir, With Love (Free)
-Island In the Sky ($9.99--Sam Goody)
-Emergency! (Season 1) ($30.68--Wal*Mart
-ADAM-12 (Season 1) ($30.68--Wal*Mart)
-The Asphyx ($28.00--Private Sale)
-Spinout/Double Trouble ($7.58--Wal&Mart)
-Battleground/Battle Cry ($7.58--Wal*Mart)

August's Total: $402.28

-The Dead Next Door ($14.99--Sam Goody)
-The Cabinet of Caligari ($14.99--Sam Goody)
-The Hammer Horror Series ($18.99--DVD Pacific)
-The Bela Lugosi Collection ($18.99--DVD Pacific)
-The Secret of NIMH ($9.44--Wal*Mart)
-The Odyssey (Animated) ($1.00--Wal*Mart)
-Heidi (Shirley Temple) ($9.44--Wal*Mart)
-Chicken Run ($9.44--Wal*Mart)
-Undersea Adventures of Captain Nemo Vol 3 (Animated) ($1.00--Wal*Mart)
-Undersea Adventures of Captain Nemo Vol 4 (Animated) ($1.00--Wal*Mart)
-20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Animated) ($1.00--Wal*Mart)
-Voodoo Island/The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake ($9.99--Sam Goody)
-Robots ($19.99--Sam Goody)
-Zontar the Thing From Venus/The Eye Creatures ($19.99--Borders)
-Your Vice Is A Locked Room and Only I Have the Key ($19.99--Borders)
-The Freakmaker ($24.99--Borders)
-The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh ($19.99--Borders)
-Satanico Pandemonium ($19.99--Borders)
-Planet of the Apes (TV Series) ($9.99--GameStop/Used)
-Patrick ($9.99--Suncoast)
-The Innocents ($14.99--Suncoast)
-Hamlet (Criterion Collection) ($6.99--GameStop/Used)
-Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay ($19.99--Borders)
-French Sex Murders ($19.99--Borders)
-Ben-Hur (4-Disc Set) ($29.99--Best Buy)
-99 Women (Unrated/Director's Cut) ($19.99--Borders)

September's Total: $256.86

-Night of the Lepus ($12.50--DVD Pacific)
-Dracula A.D. '72 ($12.50--DVD Pacific)
-Torture Garden ($12.75--DVD Pacific)
-Night of the Living Dead ('68/COlorized) ($0.00/GIFT)
-Cinderella (Disney/Platinum Edition) ($0.00/GIFT)
-The Fly (SE) ($13.72--Wal*Mart)
-The Fly II (CE) ($13.72--Wal*Mart)
-Howling II: Your Sister's a Werewolf ($5.50--Wal*Mart)
-Damien: Omen II ($7.50--Wal*Mart)
-Vertigo (CE) ($14.99--K-Mart)
-Land of the Dead (Unrated) ($19.99--Sam Goody)
-Batman Begins ($19.99--Sam Goody)
-Jaws 2 ($4.88--Wal*Mart)
-House of Wax ($16.88--Wal*Mart)
-Tomorrow Never Dies (SE) ($9.99--GameStop/Used)
-Santa vs the Snowman ($9.99--Target)
-Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas ($15.99--Best Buy)
-Goldfinger (SE) ($0.00--GameStop/Used/Buy 2, Get 1 Free)
-Dr No (SE) ($9.99--GameStop/Used)
-Disney's Classic Cartoon Faves Vol 9: Classic Holiday Stories ($7.99--Target)

October's Total: $208.87

-War of the Worlds ('53/CE) ($9.36--Wal*Mart)
-Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith ($14.88--Wal*Mart)
-The Honeymooners: The Classic 39 Episodes ($29.82--Wal*Mart)
-Original Television Christmas Classics Sing-Along ($9.99--CVS)
-Trans-Siberian Orchestra: The Ghosts Of Christmas Eve ($11.99--Sam Goody)
-The Snowman ($1.99--K-Mart)
-The Little Christmas Burro ($1.99--K-Mart)
-Star of Bethlehem ($1.99--K-Mart)
-The Snow Queen ($1.99--K-Mart)
-The Littlest Angel ($1.99--K-Mart)
-A Christmas Without Snow ($1.99--K-Mart)
-Jack Frost (Rankin & Bass) ($1.99--K-Mart)
-Hans Christian Andersen's: The Little Match Girl ($1.99--K-Mart)
-Omen III: The Final Conflict ($9.99--Sam Goody)
-The Flesh Eaters ($14.99--Sam Goody)
-Disney's Classic Cartoon Faves Vol 8: Holiday Celebration ($1.99--K-Mart)
-Christmas In Connecticut ('45) ($14.99--Sam Goody)
-A Christmas Carol ('38) ($14.99--Sam Goody)
-Christmas Comes But Once A Year ($1.99--K-Mart)
-A Picture of the Magi/The Christmas Carol ($1.99--K-Mart)
-Aftermath/Genesis (Graphic Cover) ($0.00--GIFT)
-Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer & Friends ($1.00--Dollar Tree)
-King Kong Lives ($6.99--Circuit City)
-King Kong ('76) ($9.99--Circuit City)
-American gothic (Complete Series) ($0.00--GIFT)
-Dogora ($0.00--GIFT)

November's Total: $168.88
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Columbia House
Breathless (Godard)
Goodfellas: SE
Mean Streets: SE
Cool Hand Luke
Apocalypse Now (not Redux)
Sunset Boulevard
My Darling Clementine
The Lady from Shanghai
Aguirre: The Wrath of God
The General/Steamboat Bill Jr.
Total: $62.35

The Werner Herzog Collection $65.54

DVDTalk Forum
Throne of Blood: CC $22.00
The Naked Kiss: CC $15.00
Shock Corridor: CC $0.00
Total: $37.00

The Big Combo $11.00
Fitzcarraldo $10.73
Cobra Verde $8.80
Total: $30.53

Columbia House
All the Real Girls
Living in Oblivion
Wild at Heart: SE
In a Lonely Place
McCabe & Mrs. Miller
The Last Picture Show
Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht
Total: $12.89

Complete Total: $208.49
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RE2 - 15.99
Anchorman Deluxe Set - 24.99
Lion King - 15.89
Troy - 15.99
Life of David Gale - 5.47

Tot: 78.33 w/tx SHIT I have to stop!
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This should be interesting to look back on...

Smallville: Season 1 $46.99 (X-Mas money)
Smallville: Season 2 $22.99 (Store Credit + 25% off at FYE)
The Village $15.99
Fight Club 2 Disc $14.99
Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury $7.20
ROH: Night of the Champions $15
ROH: Night of the Grudges $15
ROH: 2nd Anniversary Show $20
ROH: Wrestlerave '03 Buy 3 Get 1 Free

Smallville: Season 3 44.97
Rob Van Dam: One of a Kind 19.99

Lupin III: Dead or Alive 19.99
The Incredibles 14.26
Star Wars: Clone Wars Vol 1 14.74
Orgazmo SE 14.99

Chappelle's Show Season 1 11.69
WWE Best of Confidential 9.99
Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law Volume 1 23.99
Dune: SE (Sci-Fi Channel) 19.99
Children of Dune 9.99
Monty Python and the Holy Grail 14.99
Walking Tall Free at Gamestop
Batman: Animated Series Vol. 3 (pre-order) 29.81
Dukes of Hazzard Season 3 (pre-order) 27.00

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Un Chien Andalou $19.99 (Barnes & Noble B&M)
Showgirls Box $9.13 (Best Buy.com)
Assault on Precinct 13/Dreamscape 2-pack $9.99 (BB B&M)
Punky Brewster: Season 1 $9.99 (Target)

Silver Streak $5.50 (Walmart)
Paris Texas $9.99 (Newbury Comics)
Ordinary People $10.99 (Circuit City)
Raging Bull SE $15.99 (BB)
Malcolm X SE $15.99 (BB)
Tootsie $9.44 (WM)
Starman $5.50 (WM)
Terms of Endearment $5.50 (WM)
Trading Places $5.50 (WM)

Army of Darkness (Theatrical Cut) $5.50 (WM)
What Dreams May Come $5.50 (WM)
The Grudge $9.99 (Movie Gallery)
The Incredibles $15.99 (BB)
I Heart Huckabees SE $29.99 (BB)
Orgazmo SE $14.99 (BB)

Stand by Me DE $14.99 (BB)
The Golden Child $5.50 (WM)
Ocean's Twelve (gift)
Sideways (gift)
Rushmore CC $39.99 (Borders)
Primer $19.99 (BB)
The Untouchables $9.99 (BB)
Orange County $4.88 (WM)
Saturday Night Fever $4.88 (WM)
Beverly Hills Cop $4.88 (WM)

License to Drive $14.99 (BB)
The Last Starfighter $9.99 (BB)
Powaqqatsi $14.99 (BB)
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou 2-disc $20.99 (WM)
The Aviator $15.88 (WM)
Team America Unrated $15.99 (BB)

Koyaanisqatsi $14.99 (BB)
Stripes $14.99 (BB)
Casino $15.99 (BB)
Die Hard Ultimate Collection $36.99 (BB)
Before Sunrise $9.99 (BB)
Cape Fear $8.99 (WM)

American Graffiti $8.99 (WM)
Bill & Ted's Most Excellent Collection $19.99 (WM)
Million Dollar Baby $15.99 (BB)
A Very Long Engagement $19.99 (BB)
Constantine 2-disc $24.99 (BB)
The Jerk $14.99 (BB)
Closer $8.33 (Hollywood Video)
Donnie Darko DC $8.33 (HV)
The Motorcycle Diaries $8.33 (HV)
Kagemusha $29.99 (BB)

Alexander $14.99 (CC)
Sin City $14.99 (CC)

Swamp Thing $14.99 (FYE)
The Deer Hunter 2-disc $19.99 (BB)
Maximum Overdrive $7.99 (Stop & Shop)
The Man Who Fell to Earth CC $27.99 (Amazon)

The Fly SE $9.99 (BB)
High Tension unrated $18.99 (WM)
Batman SE $17.99 (BB)
Batman Returns SE $17.99 (BB)
Batman Begins DE $19.99 (BB)
Land of the Dead unrated $19.99 (BB)
Cat People/Curse of the Cat People $15.99 (NC)
The Wicker Man $13.99 (NC)

Revenge of the Sith $14.99 (BB)
The Devil's Rejects unrated $15.99 (BB)
Pleasantville $4.99 (BB)
Jay and Silent Bob do Degrassi $19.99 (BB)
War of the Worlds LE $24.99 (BB)
Altered States $7.99 (FYE)
The Polar Express SE $22.99 (BB)
Incident at Loch Ness $5.99 (HV)

Total so far: $1029.03
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Collateral - $15.99
X-Files Season 1 - $4.99
X-Files Season 2 - $36.00
X-Files Season 3 - $36.00
X-Files Season 4 - $30.94
X-Files Season 6 - $36.63
X-Files Season 7 - $50.18
X-Files Season 8 - $51.02
Millenium Season 1 - $12.50
24 Season 1 - $12.50
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Battleground - 14.99
Napoleon Dynamite - Bought with Gift card
Deathwatch - 19.99
Ice Station Zebra - 14.99
The Fifth Element: UE - 15.99
Without a Paddle - 14.87
The Village - 14.84

Total = 95.67

Previous Total = 29.74
New Total = 125.41
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The Shield S1 24.99
NYPD Blue S1 14.99
Troy 19.99
24 S3 54.23
The Avengers 5.50
Blankman 5.50
Drop Dead Gorgeous 5.50
Panic Room: Superbit 7.50
The Shawshank Redemption 19.99
Rush Hour 6.88
The Village 14.99
Without a Paddle 14.99
Ice Age 13.72
The Fugitive 9.44

Total= 218.21
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So far as of January 2005:

$20 1 month Netflix.
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This seems like a good idea, hope this helps me to manage my purchases.
I am not sure if I really want to know how much I will actually spend this year. All figures include tax and shipping where applicable.

Homicide - Season 6 - preorder @ DDD $54.97
Dick Van Dyke - Season 3 - Sam's Club $42.12
Kung Fu - Season 2 - Sam's Club $27.18

Total for January $124.27

Charmed - Season 1 - preorder @ DDD $31.14 - this one is for my wife
The Grudge - Circuit City $15.89
The Yearling - preorder @ DDD $5.99
Shall We Dance - Wal-Mart $15.77
The Magnificent Seven - Kroger $10.59
Night Court - Season 1 - Wal-Mart $23.17
Silver Streak - Wal-Mart Bargain bin $5.83
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - Wal-Mart $13.63
The Dead Zone - Season 2 - Overstock.com $26.63

Total for February $148.64

Bambi - Best Buy $16.95
Hoosiers - Special Edition - Sam's Club $.00 - rec'd a $20.00 gift card
West Side Story - Special Edition - used at Media Play $23.30
Mighty Joe Young - Wal-Mart $9.39
Star Trek:First Contact - Sam's Club $12.16
Laura - Best Buy $10.59
Call Northside 777 - Best Buy $10.59
Columbo - Sam's Club $26.35
White Heat - Columbia House $12.15
Saboteur - Columbia House $12.15
Panic in the Streets - Best Buy $10.59
Leave Her to Heaven - Best Buy $10.59

Total for March $154.81

Magnum, P.I. - Season 2 - pre-order @ DDD $36.00
Starman - Wal-mart $5.77
Open Range - Wal-mart $14.41
Sneakers - Wal-mart $5.78
Young Sherlock Holmes - Wal-mart $5.23
Notorious Criterion - DDD $23.98
The Bob Newhart Show Season 1 - Wal-mart $21.82
Assault on Precinct 13 - Wal-mart $5.78
Mary Tyler Moore Sampler - Wal-mart $5.78
Jason and the Argonauts - Wal-mart $7.87
The Walton's Season 2 - Best Buy $34.64

Total for April $167.06

My Darling Clementine
The Professionals - all 3 @ Best Buy $40.92
Fried Green Tomatoes - Mother's Day gift for my wife
Seinfeld - Season 4 - Best Buy $31.48
House of Wax - Movie Stop $9.43
Warlock - Best Buy $10.49

Total for May $92.32

NYPD Blue - Season 1 - Wal-Mart $15.16
Ray - Blockbuster $7.00
The Princess Diaries 2 - Blockbuster $7.00
The Dead Zone - Season 3 - DDD $21.68
House of Bamboo - Best Buy $10.48
Nightmare Alley - Best Buy $10.48
Nip/Tuck 1st Season - Columbia House $31.78
Jaws 30th Anniv. - Wal-Mart $15.68
Homicide - Season 7 - DDD $59.97

Total for June $179.23

The Presidio - Circuit City $5.23
The Pacifier - Circuit City $15.73
Assault on Precinct 13 - Special Edition - Circuit City $10.44
The Hunt For Red October - Special Edition - Wal-Mart $7.87

Total for July $39.27

Total so far $905.60
Total average cost per title - $16.77 (54 titles purchased - includes 15 TV sets)

After seeing how much I have spent over the first 6 months of this year, I don't think I want to keep shocking myself, to much like torture. I think I will be better off in ignorance. I will not update any more. This has been a very eye-opening experience.
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Originally Posted by The Exister
Paid for:

Border's (1/13/05):

Total: $6.43

Ebay (1/12/05):

Attack of the 30's Characters (Thunderbean Animation)
Total: $14.50

Amazon order has shipped (1/11/05):

Chip and Dale Disney Favorites
Thick as Thieves (Bob Hoskins)
Total: $28.42

Ordered through dvdsoon (1/7/05):

Martin Scorsese Film Collection (MGM) - $27.55
Total: $27.55

Ordered through dddhouse.com (1/7/05):

The Pure and the Evil
The Killer Snakes
The Anonymous Heroes
The Millionaire Chase
Emperor Chien Lung and the Beauty
Total: $32.73

Through some X-mas present returns, I picked up (1/5/05):

Yakuza Papers box set
Dr. Who - Three Doctors
Dr. Who - Carnival of Monsters
Saddest Music in the World
Total: Free!

Spent so far: $109.63 ($4.77 per DVD)
Updated and removed On Order titles from list (unless pre-paid).
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January 11th:
The Village-$16.19

January 13th:
X-Files Season 1-$34.99

Total so far: $73.64
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