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Old 04-29-04, 01:36 AM   #1
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Unsolved Mysteries coming to DVD

Didn't know if this was more appropriate for the DVD or TV forum.

6 Unsolved Mysteries DVD sets planned!

I contacted the guys at and they were going to call Cosgrove-Meurer Productions to verify the news that dvd sets would be available starting in September that was posted on this message board in February. Here is the good news!

It's no mystery as to why the SitcomsOnline website features an Unsolved Mysteries section among their web pages. While the series is not exactly a situation comedy, SitcomsOnline webmaster Todd Fuller seems to have made an exception, due to the fact that he is a true long-time fan of the show.

So it didn't surprise us when Todd sent us an e-mail the other day, talking about Unsolved Mysteries on DVD. Todd told us that he had info from somebody claiming to be an insider at the company that owns the property: "They say they have plans to have box sets in September," Todd relayed to us. Even in his excitement, though, he was the first to agree that this tidbit needed verification before we posted it.

Video Business magazine saved us the trouble, however, because the very next day they posted this article (free registration required) that explains how "First Look tackles Unsolved Mysteries". Here is an excerpt from Simone Kaplan's story:

In its first foray into TV sell-through product, independent film supplier First Look Media has nabbed the DVD rights to the TV series Unsolved Mysteries and will begin distributing the show on DVD in September.

First Look plans to release Unsolved Mysteries in genre-specific box sets, beginning with "The UFO Files" on Sept. 7, "Scariest Ghost Stories" on Oct. 5 and "Astonishing Miracles" on Nov. 9. Three more sets, "Bizarre Murders," "Mysterious Legends," and "Incredible Psychics and ESP," are scheduled for release in 2005. Each 4-disc box set will comprise the best episodes from each genre in the series, which ran for 12 years on NBC and CBS, and will contain more than 6 hours of content.

Unsolved Mysteries, which still airs on Lifetime, tackled popular mysteries and urban myths such as the existence of UFOs, the reality of miracles, and the use of psychic power, often combining these explorations of paranormal mysteries with the search for answers to unsolved crimes.

Because the show has aired more than 2,500 episodes in its 15 years on the air, First Look is taking the genre-specific approach as opposed to selling each set by season.

"In order to give the DVD audience the best of the best, we felt breaking up the show by genre was the most effective way to go about it," said Bill Bromiley, SVP of First Look Home Entertainment. "We also feel packaging the show by genre makes the series more collectible."

First Look bid on the project with series creator John Cosgrove, who didn't get the DVD rights until October 2002. DVD extras are still on the drawing board, but Cosgrove said probable special features include updated news on past segments, director commentaries with himself and partner Terry Meurer, a behind-the-scenes featurette, and an expanded menu with a synopsis of each episode.

The move marks First Look's first foray into the TV on DVD market, a strategy the company plans to emphasize, though it will continue to focus primarily on DVD feature premieres and limited theatrical releases of features, Bromiley said. The company did just acquire the 1962 black-and-white animated series Queen for a Day, with other undisclosed TV deals in the pipeline, he said.

It sounds like First Look has some hot TV-on-DVD plans baking in the oven, and the ever-popular Unsolved Mysteries is the first batch of treats we'll get fresh from the stove! To recap their plans, you can expect:

Sep. 7 - "The UFO Files" (to kick it all off)
Oct. 5 - "Scariest Ghost Stories" (just in time for Halloween)
Nov. 9 - "Astonishing Miracles" (to raise our spirits for the holiday season)
2005 will see "Bizarre Murders," "Mysterious Legends," and "Incredible Psychics and ESP".

Stay tuned, and we'll bring you details and cover art for each of these releases, just as soon as First Look makes them available.
Old 04-29-04, 08:48 AM   #2
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I used to watch this when I was little. Definitely something I'd probably never watch again though.

Who wants to see a rerun of Unsolved Mysteries over and over again?
Old 04-29-04, 09:27 AM   #3
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I like the way they are releasing these and I'll probably pick up a couple of them. Anything to avoid those horribly annoying "long lost relatives" stories.
Old 04-29-04, 09:47 AM   #4
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Wow - I didn't see this one coming.
Old 04-29-04, 11:35 AM   #5
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I'm in...i always like watching the dated reenactments, i like the whole genre approach, since i always prefered the paranormal and crime stuff, but could definately do without the family reunions.

One set a month is pretty cool, wish some of our favorite shows would follow that kind of release schedule!
Old 04-29-04, 11:38 AM   #6
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Its a shame this series hasn't been brought back yet. Realize we need a new narrator, perhaps that creepy woman from Autopsy.
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Old 04-29-04, 11:39 AM   #7
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In fact, there is an idea...where is the Autopsy DVD?

Happiness is a warm gun and a lit cigar.
Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives should be the name of a store not a government agency.
Old 04-29-04, 11:42 AM   #8
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This series is so old and antiquated, I think most of these so called "mysteries" have now been solved.
Old 04-29-04, 11:59 AM   #9
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Originally posted by JM1
This series is so old and antiquated, I think most of these so called "mysteries" have now been solved.
That's why I'm more interested in the paranormal stuff they have on there. Cheesy stuff, but usually somewhat interesting.
Old 04-29-04, 12:19 PM   #10
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loved this show and Robert Stack's narration. still watch reruns on lifetime. wonder how they'll figure out the "best" crime episodes?
Old 04-29-04, 12:21 PM   #11
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Probably decided to do it when they figured out they wouldn't have to worry about paying Robert Stack any more risiduals.
Old 04-29-04, 12:27 PM   #12
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Will they leave the solved mysteries out? Surely they have solved something by now!

The genre approach is neat, but when will ABC be releasing the entire run of Nightline (I'm Ted Kopple and tonight a story of two dipsh!ts stuck together -- guess you know what I watched the other day).

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Old 04-29-04, 12:51 PM   #13
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I hope they release the episode about Henry Rollins' friend being murdered. The guy they get to play Rollins in the reenactment looks so little like him it's hillarious. The guy looked more like John Ritter than Henry Rollins.
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Old 04-29-04, 03:45 PM   #14
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this show used to scare me as a little kid. that theme song...
Old 04-29-04, 04:00 PM   #15
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this show used to scare me as a little kid
I used to watch this when I was little.
This makes me feel so old.

Any other old farts remember "In Search Of..." with Mr. Spock?
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Old 04-29-04, 04:12 PM   #16
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Originally posted by asianxcore
this show used to scare me as a little kid. that theme song...
Same here.The one about the punk pyromaniac teens that showed the real tape of them burning down a house with an eerie narration by the main teen just scared the crap out of me like nothing ever has.

The only time ever I had to go sleep in a bed with someone else the same night I was so scared.Don't ask me why.
Old 04-29-04, 06:28 PM   #17
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If they havent solved those mysteries by now, they probably arent gonna
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Old 04-30-04, 01:36 AM   #18
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Man this show creeped me out as a kid, but I've been watching some reruns on Lifetime lately, and it's so great. Just watched one that had a segment on Noah's Ark on it, classic (and very dated) stuff. I especially love Stack... he cracks me up in Beavis & Butthead Do America.
Old 05-01-04, 01:17 AM   #19
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The original theme song was great. Each newer variation watered it down.
I don't know if new episodes of the show are still being produced (what will they do now that the voice is dead), but "Unsolved Mysteries" is a classic program. The show did itself no favours by including stories about "miracles" and crap like that, but the crime, missing persons, and lost-love-ones stories were outstanding. Just compare the stylishly subtle dread that builds during an Unsolved Mysteries segment with the overproduced, garish, sensationalized approach of "America's Most Wanted". AMW is a valuable show for what it accomplishes in terms of captures, but it doesn't hold a candle to Unsolved in the quality department. Few shows do.
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Old 05-01-04, 02:38 AM   #20
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The show did itself no favours by including stories about "miracles" and crap like that,
Of course, the paranormal stuff was what I liked the most. I'll probably pick up the UFO one, just because I'm really into that stuff. Now, we need pricing...
Old 05-01-04, 05:39 AM   #21
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That show was delightfully creepy.
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Old 05-01-04, 06:19 AM   #22
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Will they still have the numbers at the end of the show? What's next America's most wanted?
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