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Old 03-22-04, 02:59 PM   #1
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What other shows make DVDs like this?

I rented ER - Season 1 from Netflix and when I first read that there were 4 discs for this hour long series. I thought isn't that cramming it a little? When I got the disc. I popped it in and it was the fist disc so i was looking for the Pilot but couldn't find it on the disc. So I flipped it and noticed the pilot was on the other side. I thought this was cool and wouldn't mind if this was on another set. Anyone know any show that does the same exact thing? with episodes on both sides of the discs?
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Old 03-22-04, 03:07 PM   #2
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The Outer Limits: Season One puts episodes on both sides of each DVD.
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Old 03-22-04, 03:12 PM   #3
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I think Spawn: The Animated Series does also.
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Old 03-22-04, 03:19 PM   #4
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The West Wing

What I really don't like about this is that it eliminates the usefulness of a multi-disc player.
Old 03-22-04, 03:26 PM   #5
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The Kung Fu and Due South boxsets use this method. I don't really mind flippers, though I know lots of people here hate them. If it lowers the price while keeping the A/V quality high, I'm cool with them.
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Old 03-22-04, 03:29 PM   #6
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Battlestar Galactica, and pretty much all upcoming shows from Universal.

I approve of anything that saves me shelf space without compromising quality.
Old 03-22-04, 05:04 PM   #7
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Putting four episodes on one side of a disc really isn't that big of a stretch. Without commercials, hour-long episodes actually clock in at less than 45 minutes, so four episodes is less than three hours.
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Old 03-22-04, 07:11 PM   #8
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I don't mind flippers for TV shows. I just hate it when they do it for movies like the original release of Robin Hood; Prince of Thieves and the newer Schidler's List.
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