Family Guy DvD vol 1, missing skip chapters?

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Family Guy DvD vol 1, missing skip chapters?

I am new to this forum, but have been coming here often to check new hot deals, and have been pleasantly surprised by all the advance knowledge people have on sales and such, and the general helpfulness of this forum's patrons.
My question to everyone is on the family guy dvd set vol 1, (containing seasons 1 and 2) I picked up for my wife for christmas and love it myself now. However, not sure if we got a defective set or if all sets are like this. On certain episodes, it seems to be missing the if Im dying, im lying......(gumble to gumble getting back on air episode) for example. I wouldnt even have noticed cause it goes right to the main song title first when you hit play. Seems fine, no jumping or skipping. However, if you look at the scene selections, it lists a picture of gumble/gumble, and a intro name or something, and main title below it. This is apparent on a couple other episodes too...............
Can anyone else tell me of their set is like this too?
I tried looking at forums, faqs, etc. but couldnt find anything, and thought this might be a good place to check.
Also, if in the wrong thread/forum, let me know and I'll move it (have to figure out how first, though)
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when you start the dvd, you probley selected play all episodes, that way it just goes from one episode to the next with out the menu option
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Thanks for the quick response, actually we did it both ways, and it seems to not play the intro on those, even if you go as far as to do a scene selection and hit on it (the one with gumble and gumble/main title), goes right to the there something supposed to be in front of it? I tried even hitting back twice for scenes (y,know to jump it back one?) still not getting it, unless the the scene selection is mislabeled, which I guess it could be. Wanted to see what other peoples experiences were......
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I just checked my disc and it's the same.

If you watch the episode, the Gumble 2 Gumble bit is right after the intro (including the bit used for the menu screencap).

My guess is that it's an authoring decision to list G2G before the intro in the chapter menu.
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Thanks for checking, hoping we didnt just get a bad set, I was kinda thinking that might be the case, that the picture for that scene is kind of indicating what that show is about........
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I remember from watching the show when it was aired. Not all episodes had an intro before the opening song. There should be a few episodes in that set which are the same way.
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