Ring of Honor DVDs (wrestling) .....

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Ring of Honor DVDs (wrestling) .....

Anyone have any of these??

I see that there are number of these available (at $20 a piece of course) but from what I hear the ROH stuff is some of the best wrestling around at the moment (both hardcore and pure wrestling) and would like to see some of it.

Can anyone comment on the quality of the DVDs??

How is the wrestling btw?

Thanks in advance.

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Everything was shot on digital video recorders. The quality of the DVDs are ok. On one of the longer ones (sorry don't remember which; the VHS came on 2 tapes, but one DVD), there's some pixilization (4 hours crammed on there).

The wrestling is INCREDIBLE. I don't know how long these guys can be doing the high impact, fast paced wrestling they do. It's brutal. I've been watching wrestling for 20 years now and can't even describe the moves they do. It's booked extremely intelligent and the commentators are amazing. You really don't realize how much your intelligence is being insulted watching other promotions until you see ROH.

if you want to read a ton of reviews, go to www.411mania.com/wrestling and check out the reviews section.

My favorite (so far) is "Honor Invades Boston".
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Thanks for the info.

I went ahead and order the first DVD from RF today so we will see how it goes. While this one may not be "the best" one I prefer to start at the beginning.

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Last month they had a sale on all the 1992 DVDs for $12.00. Someone mentioned at the time they have sales often...so keep an eye out. I haven't gotten around to watching any of them yet...but I've heard the shows are excellent.
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Well I just got the first disc(Era of Honor Begins) about 2 days and just finished last night and I must say VERY IMPRESSIVE STUFF!! Thumbs UP

While the DVD quality is OK the action was dam good!!

The last match was excellent, American Dragon - Low Ki - Christopher Daniels were terrific. Does anyone kick harder than Low Ki -- OUCH!!!

And in the holly blue hell was that maneuver he did off the tope rope at the end??? I had to watch this 2 or 3 times to really apprciate the move -- WOW Eek 2 !!

I guess its time order a few more, LOL!

Thanks for the info folks

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Get epic encounter too that show is amazing with london/dragon. shit is soooo good. For any wwe marks on this board tottaly check out roh and you'll never watch wwf again
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I just got "Do Or Die", "Death Before Dishonor" and "Expect The Unexpected". Looks like I'll be busy this weekend!

I was going to get them in order (seen them all through mid march '03), but I heard great things about these shows and I couldn't wait!
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If it's so great why doesn't it get a TV deal?

Also, why is it so great? Is there a lot of blood, violence, and sexual innuendo?
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Class...I have never watched one ROH show (hell, most shows take place right here in Philly).. but I have seen most of these guys wrestle before on indy shows around my area. If Low Ki is on the card...words cannot describe his ability.

As for a TV deal....does everything that is upstart need to have a TV deal to make itself great? No! I am the last to back Rob Feinstein...but when a product is good, why shit on it? I don't need to watch it to know it is good. The wrestlers on there alone tell me it is something special.
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I have quite a few ROH DVD's and frequent many of their philly and NJ shows. That said, the quality's pretty bad. Road to the Title doesn't even have a menu or chapter stops...that's pretty budget. And there are known audio sync problems with a few of the discs I have. I'd wish they got some competent guys to run the cameras too, as they way too shaky. The wrestling is stiff, competetive, and entertaining to watch, but gabe and rob become a bit pretentious sometimes. Given the problems with discs, i'd still recommend them at $19.99 (or whatever the last sale was), $29.99 is overpriced though.

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Jeez, something from RF being overpriced and sub-par in VQ? I'm am shocked, simply shocked!
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