Keaton "My Life"

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Keaton "My Life"

Does anyone know if the Columbia title "My Life" is being rereleased? I checked around at a few B&M stores, and Best Buy said the computer listed it as a deleted title. I know I can get the 2001 issue DVD online, but I'm curious if there's going to be an SE, or a price drop, or something else.

(FYI, this is the Michael Keaton movie where he discovers he has cancer, and starts making video tapes for his unborn son).

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I spotted this in the WalMart $5.50 bin two days ago. (MAR/FF only, if I remember correctly, though )

And, unfortunately, to answer your question... no, no idea if it is to be rereleased soon.

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I saw it at Walmart for 5.50 in the past week or two. I doubt there is a market for a SE of this. I saw it on cable some time ago but its to depressing to watch again.
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Are there two versions of this film? I saw it in the Wal-Mart bin also,and it's Full Frame. But when I go to DDD they have it for $14 and it's Anamorphic Widescreen. What's the deal?
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several Columbia titles that were once released widescreen (or with both a widescreen version and a pan-n-suck version in the same package) are being re-issued for as only pan-n-suck versions for the $5 dump bins. so, if you want the correct version, start digging in the bins; there are still some older widescreen product mixed in with the newer P&S versions.

how this can be saving Columbia money? they've already got the masters to use for these titles. shouldn't it be cheaper to flip a switch and crank out more discs with the same content as already available? why, oh why? stop the maddness!
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My copy arrived today from Widescreen on one side, P&S on the flip side
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I saw it at Wally World in the $5.50 bin, but I could only find the pan and scan. I wouldn't mind picking it up if I could find a widescreen, I remember really being touched by it when I saw it so many years back.
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Not only does J6P shop at wal-mart, he also works there. I'm sure someone thinks they are cutting down on returns from people who don't like black bars and are too numb to know about flipping the disc over.

You guys did freak me out as I just this minute got back from wal-mart having purchased My Life and I was all worried I'd picked up the foolscreen-only edition. Thankfully not, I even opened it up to check the disc itself because there have been reports of other titles having widescreen & 4:3 on the packaging but the disc only being 4:3.
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