New DVD's, No Trailers!!

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New DVD's, No Trailers!!

Why are trailers not being included on new releases? I don't know about the rest of you, but, trailers are one of my favorite "extras". If we can't decide what dvd we want to watch, we often watch several trailers, and pick from them.

For instance, I just opened Seabiscuit, League of Ex. Gents, American Wedding, and SWAT, and no trailer on any of them.

Does this piss anyone else off?
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I like when they're included, but I rarely rewatch them.
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All trailers should be infront of the movie and forced, in my opinion. It makes the movie seem more like the cinema and ten years down the road, it makes the movie seem "dated"...It's the greatest thing! You can think about the good ole times.

I just wish they'd start putting the 'TOP 20' ad's on DVD's also..
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You'd think that they could put the most pedestrian of features on a disc like a trailer...but no....
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Unfortunately with DVD becoming mainstream, studios are treating it like VHS. So now we've got trailers for other movies, but rarely the ones for the actual film on the disc. And often times, they stick the ads at the beginning of the DVD so you're always forced to sit through them(or fast forward).

In case you're curious, the teaser for LXG is on the Daredevil DVD. And if you're region-free, the R3 Terminator 3 DVD has the S.W.A.T. trailer. Hmm, maybe someone should start compiling a list of where we can find trailers that weren't included on the DVD for their movie.
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Trailers are cheap and easy extras. I wonder why they're often not being included now?
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I agree with all of you. It isn't like it cost the studio to include the trailer...they should be on every disc...!!!

What can we do about it?
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Probably nothing. It doesn't bother me.
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This is an annoying trend...of all the studios, Warner, Columbia (usually), Fox (ditto), and MGM are the only ones who still put trailers on DVDs. It's once in a blue moon the other studios put trailers on DVDs. I'm a bit of a completist, so having the trailer really pays off.
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I get disappointed when they leave off trailers. I like to use trailers when putting together a movie program for friends. Gives them some suggestions for future movies to watch. And it is fun.
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Yeah, I too like trailers. I don't know if I agree with the opinion that they should be forced though. But, I would like to see both the trailer for the DVD I am watching plus another 1/2 dozen trailers as menu choices. Like the original poster commented - the trailers can help us decide what other movies (DVDs) we want to buy!
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The trailer for The Core can be found on The Hunted DVD but not on The Core DVD itself.

The trailer for S.W.A.T. can be found the Bad Boys II DVD but not on the S.W.A.T. DVD itself.
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I really enjoy checking out the various trailers for films. This is a big thumbs down when they don't include trailers.
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I love for the trailers to be included. Sometimes, they are better than the movie itself (see Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions - not that I don't like them, but the trailers made me want to die).

As for trailers being forced at the beginning of movies, I think that's a little ridiculous - It's DVD - NOT the theatre - there is a difference. Most people put the disk in to watch the movie they picked out.

Got to for trailers...
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Wouldnt it be great if they put car commercials and pepsi ads before you watch the movie too??
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Paramount's become a big offender in this non-trailer thing. None of their recent movies feature a trailer for the movie on the DVD itself. The sad part is that they almost always used to put trailers on their DVDs.
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Sometimes I need an appetizer to get me in the mood to watching a movie. A trailer does that for me. I too was disappointed to see that Seabiscuit, Pirates of the Carribean, and others were without trailers...
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For movies made in the 21st century the trailers aren't as good as the trailers done in the past.
I mean as we all know the current trailers show the whole movie highlights.
They don't make trailers like the TWISTER anymore.
So screw the trailers from 21st century movies.
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I was disappointed that Paramount left out a trailer for YOUNG SHERLOCK HOLMES. I'm always curious to see how movies were promoted when they came out. At the very least they should include the original trailer as an extra. Most of the time for older films they're not even restored so I doubt its a big additional expense for them. In the case of YSH, they probably couldn't be bothered to find it or maybe they threw it out.
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Well, I understand their strategy.

They're using trailers to promote their other releases. No big surprise. That's what they're for.

But also, while no-one's going to buy a movie just because it has a trailer for another that you like, little nuances like that might influence a buyer who's on the fence about a DVD.
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Personally, I don't like to watch the trailer before the movie, because a lot of times I can extract things that are going to happen during the movie if I see the trailer.

Usually, if I watch the trailer, I watch it after the movie (i.e. I don't really care if they included it or not)
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I kind of like the Warner Night at the Movies concept. This is where you plop the disc in get the pre-TV movie experience. You get a couple of trailers, news reel, a short and then the feature. Of course, it's all period stuff related to the feature but it's still a fun experience. Of course if it were commericials that you could not forward through or had no option to bypass, that would suck. But if the studios perceive that J6P would by it regardless, they keep doing it.
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