#@%&! . . . another stealth SE . . .

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#@%&! . . . another stealth SE . . .

So I ordered The Commitments a couple months back because it's a fun film with some great music. After placing the order, I was surfing around and noticed that the only available version that I saw was FF, which I hadn't noticed when I place the order (I don't think it was listed). I confrimed this in a number of places and tried to call and cancel the order, but the CSR said that it was already shipped. I mentioned that the reason why I wanted to cancel was that it was FF and they said "Well let me look for you and see if there is any WS version available." Upon doing so they, of course, said that there wasn't and that, in fact, the copy that I was getting was a very recent re-release (I checked on this too . . . it looks like August 19, 2003), so there wouldn't likely be one for some time.

So the box arrives and I debate about whether or not to return it, but finally deciding that the re-release probably meant that I would be waiting a good long while before I saw a decent version and so I kept it, watched it, and enjoyed it, albeit begrudgingly since I knew I was missing action on the sides.

So . . . hop forward to today as I casually browse through the upcoming release calendar at DavisDVD for releases that I hadn't seen/heard about yet . . .

. . . oooh . . . The Critic: Complete Series on January 27 . . . that could be fun . . .

. . . hey look . . . Spacecamp on March 2 . . . I used to love that movie . . .

. . . and look on March 16 there's The Commi . . . . . .

. . .

@*!&# . . . . . . ?#%@!

. . . a 2-disc The Commitments SE . . . IN WIDESCREEN . . . 6 months after a re-release of the old one.

That just pisses me off . . .

Thanks for letting me rant . . .

I feel better know . . . a little . . .
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Believe me, I feel your pain. I ended up waiting for this one, just in case. I've been burned like this so many times. I bought "The Shadow" as soon as it price dropped, not knowing that it was full-screen until I opened it. Since I really don't see a better version of that on the horizon, I just sucked it up and accepted what I was stuck with.
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I think that part of the reason they rushed another re-release of a better OAR version was because they may have been disappointed by the response to least year's re-release of the old full-screen.

After the first release went out of print, I'd bet the studio got plenty of emails from people wanting the film. So, they re-release the same old crap full screen version, and surprise, surprise, they don't get the expected sales response, and probably quite a few scathing emails from fans who were expecting a good version.

I had the original release, sold it for over $50, and was just planning on waiting for a new version, also knowing that there was a decent anamorphic French release available.

I was so stoked when I heard about last year's re-release, only to be stunned to hear that it was the same crappy version. So, I didn't buy it, sent the studio an email telling them why, and hopefully made a small contribution to them finally putting out a decent version.

Neeless to say, I'll be getting the new version of The Commitments on release day.
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Anyone you know have a birthday coming up soon?
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I waited on this one, as I won't buy Pan & Scan.

I'm glad I waited, but I feel your pain. I still want to double-dip on better versions of Traffic, Almost Famous, Memento, etc.
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I read somewhere once that Alan Parker (the director of the film) wanted it open-matte, but I can't confirm the information or even find it anywhere now.
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