Printing covers @ Copy Max?

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Printing covers @ Copy Max?

I'm just now starting into the process of wanting to convert my snappers into regular DVD cases, among other projects requiring DVD Cover Art.

I called Crown Video and I can get empty DVD cases for .25 cents each, and I called Office Max and they will print a full color 8.5 x 11 on glossy paper for $1.29.

Sounds good for less than two bucks.

My question is, after spending some time reading on here, most people either print it themselves, or are willing to pay money to have someone else do it for them.
Do any of you have a place such as Copy Max print them out for you? I believe it would be very fast and not too expensive.
Have any of you been refused service because it may be copyrighted images? What if it were a 'custom' DVD cover art?
I'm not sure the 17-18 year old girl that runs the Copy Max night shift will make too much of a fuss, but I was curious.
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It is safe to assume MOST places will NOT print out DVD covers. Copyrights and all. Once they see what you are printing they more than likely will turn you away.

I used to have ChrisK print them, but I find it is cheaper and higher quality, printing them myself. Of course I am limited to single size cases, but that is fine.
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I've been doing mine frequently at Staples for over a year now and they recognize me when I come in, lol. They've never said anything about copyright, sometimes we'll talk about the movie or they'll ask "What do you do with these?" and I explain my addiction, hehe
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Thanks for the input.

I think I'll "test the waters" by taking one in on a CD-RW and have ask them to print it out for me.

Hopefully all will be well, as it is with xfilekr.
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Go for it

My roommate works at O-Max. I've done dozens of covers there. No problem. Kinkos, OTOH, makes you get written permission from the copyright holder. Sheesh.
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I've been printing them out at Copyworks for quite a while now. Once I showed them what I was doing (snapper conversions and "skinnifying" box sets), they grooved on the idea. One of the workers there has even started doing it themselves.
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Cool. I've yet to do it, maybe this weekend.

I'm glad others are having good results, I was kinda concerned. Though I don't think the 17-18 year old girls that work the Copy Max night shift will care too much.
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I print them out at Kinko's all the time and never have been questioned. I would basically just tell them that it was an art project for a graphic design class if they were to give me a question.
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100 credits(1 credit per download and .5 for insert) at 10 each, Kodak both sides semi-gloss 50 @ $14.47 at Walmarts and 8 for a buck DVD cases at Blockbusters. Do the math then buy either a Lexmark or Canon borderless and you won't need 3 extra inches to get it all on one 8.5 x 11. I have done 580 Covers and inserts, like I said do the math. Corner rounders $4 and cutters from razors and ruler to roller and the guillitines up to $39.95 or use your own and scan print on the Kodak semi-gloss both sides then cut and round. Just a walk in the park.
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