SPEED RACER question

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SPEED RACER question

One of my friend's loves Speed Racer and he picked up the Region 1 collection (Episodes 1 - 11):


but he recently noticed a 52 episode limited edition boxset on eBay:


He doesn't want to spend that kind of money for it, so what are his other options? Will they release more collections in the future or should he go for a set of VCDs? Anyone know the history of Speed Racer on DVD or it's future? (I already did a search, nothing came up).

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Well, according to tvshowsondvd. . . .

Last summer we spoke about Artisan's plans for the second volume of Speed Racer on DVD. It's been quiet since then, but now that engine is revvin' up once more.

Nothing is finalized yet, but right now the finish line for this race seems to be May 18th. Stay tuned for more info, just as soon as the official announcement hits.
The box set isnt all that bad. The episodes look pretty good, and there are actualy extras on the discs, unlike the pioneer single disc releases.
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Speed racer was released in boxset form from speedracer.com or some site like that, very limited though. Then released again in the 11 episode collection, that was the last I heard about it though. Hopefully more will be released at some point.
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Wow - you were reading my mind today! I checked my TiVo's list this morning and there was a Speed Racer episode recorded from the SPEED channel! I have the first Artisan disc and am eagerly awaiting the next one!
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The 52 episode Limited Edition Box set is definitly out-of-print, but very cool! Worth searching for!
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Any VCD set is going to be bootleg.

I have both the boxed set and the single disk....I watched them both and compared quality. The single disk looks ALOT better than the boxed set. Colors, detail.....everything just looks so much better.

I would hold off until the next disk(s) are released.

The boxed set is great IF you are a huge fan...like myself
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The Limited Edition thing you see on eBay was limited to like 1000 "signature" sets (I guess they were supposed to be personally signed...by the guy who voiced Speed? I forget).

I think what Artisan is doing is taking those 5 discs and releasing them individually - 1 per year or something, I guess - and putting them out as "Collectors Edition" Volumes 1 through 5. Hopefully using the time to sharpen them up, per JesseCRX's post above!

I checked more about it at the site El-Kabong mentioned, and found this. I have that "Movie" disc...It's just 2 episodes (1 of the them a 2-parter); not sure why it's called "the movie". Okay...the signature on the 52-episode version is from one of the producers. But it says 1000 copies only.
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