Fellowship of the Ring/Two Tower DVD question

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Fellowship of the Ring/Two Tower DVD question

Just had a question regarding these two movies. Each one have like couple different versions, extended, full screen, wide screen and so on. Can some1 tell me teh differences? There's this 4 DVD set for Fellowship of the Ring and a 2 DVD set. They are both the same length so whats the extra 2 DVD for? Also, are the extra material all on a seperate DVD or are they actually incorporated into the movie so when you watch it u see one long continueing movie? or do you just watch the regulare movie that was released in the theatre and then have to pop in a different DVD just to see teh extra material? thanks and merry xmas all!
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Both Have 2 disc theatrical versions in either Fullscreen or Widescreen format. Disc 1 for the film, disc 2 for extras.

Each have their own 4 disc Extended Versions which are thankfully only in widescreen.

The movie is on the first two discs and the other two are only extras.
The Extended version of the Fellowship contains about 30 min more footage than the theatrical cut and the Extended Ed. for the Two Towers adds about 45 min to the theatrical cut.

None of the extras on the Extended editions are in the theatrical editions and vice versa.
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Each of the two movies, The Two Towers and The Fellowship of the Ring, have both a theatrical (TE) and an extended edition (EE)available on DVD. The TEs are available in both widescreen and fullscreen (Boo!) releases. The EEs are in widescreen only (Yay!).

The TEs include the movie on disc 1, and the features on disc 2. This version of the movies are exactly as they were shown in the theater. The extra features are decent, but nothing great. You get some standard making of stuff, trailers, and that sort of thing. It's a basic 2-disc set.

The EEs have the first half of the movie on disc 1, the second half of the movie on disc 2, and the bonus features on discs 3 and 4. This version of the movies contains tons of extra scenes incorporated back into the movie (FOTR has around 30 extra minutes, and TT has around 40). The EEs are typically the preferred versions by fans because they include more scenes from the book and they improve the pacing tremendously. The bonus material, on discs 3 and 4, is simply amazing. Both movies have over 6 hours of documentary material, going in order from pre-production, to production, to post production. None of the material here is on the TEs, so if you buy both versions, you get no overlap. The EEs also include four audio commentaries (the TEs don't have any), slightly improved picture quality over the TEs, as well as a DTS track (which sounds absolutely amazing).

If you are only planning to get one version, get the EEs. Not only are the movies themselves better, but the bonus material is as detailed and in depth as it comes. They are among the best DVDs ever produced.
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What box have you been hiding in?? The differences have been discussed in MUCH detail on many websites. The EE editions have approximately 40 minutes of added material to the movie itself (get it - EXTENDED!?). I suggest you look at any DVD website for a summary of the differences. Even Amazon.com lists the differences!

I believe I am correct when I say that most people buy both the regular and the EE versions. There was a poll here a while back about that very subject and it seems that most of the respondents said they were getting both versions. Why buy both? Because the regular edition came out in August and the Extended not until November, and most of us wanted to watch it before November!
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Once you watch the Extended Edition, you'll never go back to the originals.
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thanks for ya info, apparently I've been hiding under a big rock. So when they release the EE version of RotK, are they gonna have a big box set wit the EE version of all 3 movies? or do I have to buy the EE version one set at a time.
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Originally posted by ruazn2
thanks for ya info, apparently I've been hiding under a big rock. So when they release the EE version of RotK, are they gonna have a big box set wit the EE version of all 3 movies? or do I have to buy the EE version one set at a time.

If you know that...you'll have the answer that many are searching for.

The way I look at it...I'll buy both RotK DVD's...the TE and the EE and if they put out a huge box set with new extras...I'll have to buy that too. Can't call myself a collector otherwise
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Dont worry about all the versions. Just get the 4-disc Extended Edition sets. Trust me.

(but if you do buy the theatrical version, please get the widescreen)
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