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Wow... just realizing that I have many of the DVDs you folks mentioned. I also salute The Two Towers, Kids Are Alright, Adventures of Robin Hood, and Indiana Jones collections. I'd probably give the award to Two Towers though.

As for best TV show on DVD, for me it was Deep Space Nine this year. The packaging was great, the extras were cool (if sparse at times) and the show itself never looked or sounded better. I also liked that all were released in the same year. Futurama was a close second for TV show on DVD.

Here's to 2004: Will we (hopefully) be saluting the Star Wars trilogy box set next year?
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I repeat my post from another thread:

Alien Quadrilogy beats everything. The quality of the set and the amazing extras make everything else this year look skimpy by comparison.
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Originally posted by PalmerJoss
I repeat my post from another thread:

Alien Quadrilogy beats everything. The quality of the set and the amazing extras make everything else this year look skimpy by comparison.
I, as well, raise a glass of the 'nogg to the Alien Quad
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My vote goes to the Warner Legends box, though I'm also pleased with By Brakhage, BRD Trilogy, and Tokyo Story.
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Originally posted by REL77
once again, got to give it up to TTT:EE Collectors Edition for DVD of the year
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there were many movies that i was thrilled about getting this year on dvd, especially this last quarter. it was a very close race with the Indiana Jones set coming out, but i think to be very honest, the one movie i'd have to give the nod for making me most happy about getting on dvd finally would be Cobb with Tommy Lee Jones.

can't really explain why, and i'm not even a huge baseball fan, but i absolutely loved that movie.
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Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - EE
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Another vote for BHD. I pretty much expected AQ and LOTR TT to be fantastic but BHD caught me off guard and blew me away.
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It is a tie between Black Hawk Down: SE and LOTR:TT:EE for the quality of the films themselves and the extras.
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Alien Quad followed by Pirates of The Caribbean
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To Live And Die In L.A. : Special Edition. Excellent picture and sound. Informative commentary from Friedkin. Cool feature on the making of the film. A couple of trailers. Fantastic cover art that reflects the movie perfectly. A great film, as well.
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Here's another vote for TT EE. My vote for next year will be ROTK EE.
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another vote for ttt:ee
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Two Towers EE
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Criterion
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Single movie DVD of the year: Casablanca: Two-Disc Special Edition (Warner Bros.)

What Warner managed to do for a 61 year old movie is spectactular. It's a nearly perfect package, with spectactular video quality for a movie over half a century old. Solid commentaries, informative documentaries (even if some have been seen before), and even deleted footage was dug up for this set.

Movie Box Set Of The Year: The Adventures Of Indiana Jones: The Complete DVD Movie Collection (Paramount/Lucasfilm)

A long awaited title that lived up to the hype. Sure, it could have been better, and there are things missing that would have been great to have been included (deleted scenes, commentary) But the set delivered where it counted, with great video and audio, plus a solid 4th disc of extras.

TV Set Of The Year: 24: The Complete Second Season (20th Century Fox)

I can't imagine much more being included in this set that would improve it. Video, audio, extras, everything you get is not only top notch, but there is just so much of it. 24 episodes, an entire disc devoted to extras (not seen in TV sets very often), commentary, branching, even multi-angle footage. They take what they did with the first season and improve it in every way.
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One I cant believe no one has mentioned The Loney Tunes Gold Collection, great cartoons, great packaging and great extras
Honarobale Mentions Casablanca, West Side Story, warner Brothers Star colledtion (not right name) finding Nemo (great movie with mediocere extras), TTT EE and Indianna Jones
I have not seen alien
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Which title is "the best" really boils down to individual taste. A real poll would likely result in LOTR: TTT being named best DVD of the year simply because of all the fans around here. But whatever.

My favorites:

Three Colors Trilogy
Warner Legends Collection
Wings of Desire

I was also impressed by:

Criterion's Fassbinder and Truffaut sets, as well as the Alien Quadrilogy.
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Alien Quadrilogy, with The Twin Towers coming in a close second!
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although we had a bunch of nice dvd's this year
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to all the ones mentioned.This thread is like the South Beach for DVDs. Every DVD is so toned and sexy.Ahhh.....

Oh, Mines will be a tie: Eraserhead & Adventures of Antoine Doinel CC Box-Set.
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Tie between Alien Quad and TTT EE.

Other great DVDs:
Terminator UE
Seabiscuit Giftset
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Alien Quad with 9 DVDs in them...good bang for your money.
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Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas: Criterion Collection
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I can't decide between TTT:EE, Indiana Jones and Escape from New York.
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