Stand and Deliver in OAR?

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Stand and Deliver in OAR?

My dad and I are in a debate, so were wondering if one of you intelligent people can help us answer it. First off, my dad believes that the Stand and Deliver Dvd that exsists currently is in the OAR, because, as he says, "it was intended to be a made for tv movie, and therefore the aspect ratio of 1:33:1 is what the director intended." I however disagree. I told him the film had to have been filmed in 1:85:1, as on the back of the DVD it states, "This film has been MODIFIED to fit your TV". Can someone solve this our debate, thanks. And once that's solved, and chance of a Special Edition of this classic(and certainly of the best 80's films ever made)? maybe with an Audio Commentary by jaime Escalante himself? That would be sweet!
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I've forgotten about this movie, I can't help you, but I am curious as to the answer, as I would like to see this again.

This is the one where the teacher teaches like under-educated poor Mexicans AP Calculus to have a future or something?
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That's the one

Yup that's the one. A classic movie if you ask me, but the video transfer isn't very appealing. I'm really hoping this gets "Special Edition" treatment one day. I don't even think it was released in 5.1 audio, just dolby 2.0, I believe. I would love it, if someone could answer this question
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OAR is 1.85:1 according to IMDB:
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I thought so

GOOD, I love proving the old man wrong with things like this. I knew it, I knew it.
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Your not lying about this whole bet with the father thing are you? Come on Dalvin, be honest.
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Well, the disclaimer seems to be inconsistent. For example, while Eyes Wide Shut and The Shining have a disclaimer that they are presented in 1.33:1, the full width of the camera negative as Kubrick intended, Full Metal Jacket (which is 1.33:1 for the very same reason that EWS and TS are) says it was "modified to fit your screen."
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