Does everybody watch the "extras" on your dvds?

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Does everybody watch the "extras" on your dvds?

Some of them I do, some I do not. They are nice to have, but I do not always use them.
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Most I do, some I don't get to. I'm always into the mechanics of how a movie was made, so if there are extras in this vein I'm there.
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Stuff like director's commentary, sure.

But "making-of" specials that were designed to help sell the film? Boring.

Some deleted scenes are good but often you can see why they were deleted.

I loooooove trivia tracks. Those subtitle things. As long as they don't play the audience for fools who've never seen the film before (Pulp FIction...)
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I listen to almost all commentaries and watch all deleted scenes on practically every disc. The rest of the features are "hit or miss".
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Always watch (or try to watch) all of the extras at least once.. Figure I paid for them and they're there, so may as well!
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Yea Im the same too. I figured that I bought them so I might as well pay for them. Especially if I waited for a special edition like I did with Black Hawk Down. I waited all that time so im definately gonna watch them(and I did, and they were well worth the wait). I love to see how films were made expecially for the films that I loved.
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I watch everything.
After finishing the movie, i go through all the special features and watch them all.

commentaries i don't always listen to on each movie.. but lately i have started to listen to them more often.

i paid for the disk.. i wanna get all i can out of it.
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Not all of them. I do enjoy:

1. Commentaries (if there are multiple I usually only listen to the director)

2. "Pop-Up" version of the film.

3. Deleted scenes (although I've grown more and more weary of them)

4. Making-of docs, sometimes (if the documentary is decent and not an HBO "First-Look")
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I almost always watch all the extras, unless they're painfully-boring.
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I usually try to the commentary on the films I really like, I am currently watching the Dances With Wolves one about 45 minutes a night before I go to bed. Generally when I watch a movie for the fist time, I then always watch the deleted scenes after the movie, and get around to watching the tother stuff later on.
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I've really got to like a movie alot to watch the commentaries...

My favourite extra is the poster art. I like to see all the different posters from around the world- to me it's interesting to see the varied marketing techniques (different movie title, art, etc) used overseas.

Deleted scenes is another favourite extra, but for most titles it's easy to figure out why they were omitted from the picture!

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Once I open a DVD, I first watch the film and then don't move on to another film until I watch all of the extra features (excluding promotional materials). In the case of classic movies, I may also do external research in addition to watching the documentaries and listening to the commentary tracks. It's time-consuming, and sometimes the extras aren't all that interesting or informative, but I enjoy the process of learning about films and filmmaking.
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I try to watch all of them, but if all that's left on the disc is the usual promo fluff then I will probably skip it.
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If I liked the movie, I'll watch all of the extras.
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Nope. Never have, Never Will. If you know how everthing was done in the movie it spoils the movie.
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yeah i always check the extras, here's the order of how i watch my DVDS:

1- Watch the movie, always watch the movie first.

2- Extras like featurettes, making of, deleted scenes, etc.

3- Commentaries i listen to them usually like a month after watching the movie, i never listen to them the first day i got the Disc.

4- Picture/posters gallleries are interesting, but can get tiring after having to press the > button 4554 times! so i leave this for some other time

5- I practically never read biographies, production notes etc.

so yeah i always watch the extras, that's why i always get the Special, Deluxe, Collector's edition of movies.
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I usually get around to watching everything when I have the time. I usually will watch a movie first, then hit all the supplemental stuff. Later, I will rewatch the movie with commentary. I will sometimes, watch the movie with commentary right away if it is a movie that I have seen many times but just picked up the DVD.
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for the most part, i'll watch deleted scenes and making-of documentries, but i hardly ever listen to commentary. and if i do, i only flip over to the commentary during scenes i'd like to hear more of, i've never listened to an entire commentary other than the rushmore criterion commentary.
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I like to watch a movie 3 or 4 times before I watch a commentary. This allows me to enjoy all aspects of the movie and really take in everything. So when i do listen to the commentary I'm going over something i feel familiar and truely appreciate the little details the director talks about.

Also I dont reallly care for biographies and production notes that are on the dvd since its not fun to read stuff off a screen... But I would really like them if they printed it up in a booklet and stuck it inside the dvd. I really appreciate a well made booklet just as much as the other features on the dvd.
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Originally posted by eedoon
If I liked the movie, I'll watch all of the extras.
Same here, except I always have to check out the trailers on the DVD.
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I don't relly get into most of the extras exception being the Kevin Smith Movies. I open it watch the trailer and then the movie and then deleted scenes, always in that order. I hate when a DVD doesn't include a trailer. If I really like the move then I'll watch the extras.
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I rarely ever watch the extras or listen to commentaries unless it's one of my favorite movies. I'll check out the outtakes/deleted scenes if available, but that's about it.
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Originally posted by matome
I rarely ever watch the extras or listen to commentaries unless it's one of my favorite movies. I'll check out the outtakes/deleted scenes if available, but that's about it.
Same here... It's been more than two years since my shelves of movies I've never seen has been below about 75, and it's around 130 right now.* So I just rarely bother to spend time with extras unless I'm either really, really interested in the backstory (e.g. I watched the Gangs of New York documentary the other day), or I love the filmmakers and film enough to listen to a commentary (it must've been 6 months at least since I've done this though). I'll usually check out deleted scenes though and only watch if they look interesting.

*Thank you Columbia House!
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I try to but don't always get around to it. My problem is time and being tired. I cant find enough time for all i like to do and because i like to do so much a get tired...o yeah...and my self diagnosed ADD doesnt help!
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I still haven't listen to all of the commentaries on my lord of the rings extended dvd set. I think I listen to part of them so far. its just so long of a time to waste.

I love extras but it's not the only reason I buy dvds. my sister almost never watchs extras. I think this is a sorta on part a guy think. but I could be wrong.
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