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Old 07-23-03, 08:17 PM   #1
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Caution! New Sho Kosugi DVDs FF

I preordered
Revenge of the Ninja and Rage of Honor from CH
got em today
the credits are WS to accomadate the type but then woosh full frame 1.33:1
Old 07-23-03, 08:34 PM   #2
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I was sure there was a thread about this, but I can't find it. I only mention it because I had them both preordered also, and someone said they'd be P/S so I cancelled and just got them through Netflix. (Butchered or not, it's been years since Ive seen them so I had to at least rent.)
Very disappointing... and you have my symphathy.
Old 07-23-03, 09:21 PM   #3
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I remember those Sho Kosugi movies fondly. They were so bad they were perfect for us drunk college kids.
" are perfect and awesome." - 4KRG
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Old 07-23-03, 09:36 PM   #4
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I liked Sho in a movie called Ninja 3: The Domination with beautiful Lucinda Dickey. Lucinda as aerobics teacher who is posessed by a ninja that could only be killed by another ninja, there were about 37 people killed by martial arts in first few minutes of the film. I have Vhs copy of the film I just unwrapped. Lucinda is best known for her dancing in Breakin and Breakin 2: Bugaloo.

Sho put a good show no pun intended of his martial art techniques.

P.S. I also like American Ninja with Michael Dudikoff
Old 07-24-03, 08:18 AM   #5
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The first four Ninja movies that I saw that Sho did- Enter the Ninja, Revenge of the Ninja, Ninja III: The Domination and Revenge of th Ninja were all excellent. I saw months ago on this forum that they were only being released in FF. As much as I want them on DVD, I'm not going to get them like this. Maybe I'll rent them too just to get it out of my system.
Old 07-24-03, 10:42 PM   #6
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I remember someone posting, telling us despite NINJA being full screen, MGM used the original negatives, thus giving us the uncut X rated edition. And also told us we shouldnt complain about it being full screen, for this one was shot open matte, without hardly any matte composition, so we shouldnt complain, as we are not losing any images?

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