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Old 07-20-03, 08:51 AM   #1
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Wrestling on DVD?

The WWE seems to be sitting on alot of potential DVD's with there archives from the 60's and 70's.I was just wondering is there a market for the older wrestling.Would someone be interested in The Best of Superstar Billy Graham?Others like Andre the Giant,Bruno Sammartino,Ivan Koloff would be of interest as well.How about a 4 hour DVD of nothing but WWE managers from the past(Grand Wizard,Blassie,Albano,etc.).The only question to be answered is this stuff marketable.
Old 07-20-03, 09:31 AM   #2
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Probably more interests in the 80's and 90's then 60's and 70's
Old 07-20-03, 01:07 PM   #3
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I'd like to see a decades collection, a multiple disk set with one disk for each decade.
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Old 07-20-03, 02:52 PM   #4
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The only wrestling on dvd I want to see is the film WRESTLING ERNEST HEMINGWAY
Old 07-20-03, 03:15 PM   #5
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a lot of the older stuff will never make dvd because the promoters use to recycle tapes and tape over the old stuff a few weeks later to cut costs thinking there would never be any need for it later on.
Old 07-20-03, 04:06 PM   #6
DVD Talk Limited Edition
Join Date: Jul 2001
Posts: 7,401
Bill Watts ex-wife owns the master tapes of the UWF(later bought out by WCW).Wrestling Gold has some older matches also but I don't know what is available out there.I recorded the audio portion of many wrestling shows from the 70's(pre-vcr days).I don't know If the new breed of wrestling fan is interested in wrestling's glorious past.
Old 07-20-03, 04:19 PM   #7
Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: Natchitoches, LA
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There is always a market for classic wrestling.

The time to market it has passed, they should have done it 3 years ago, when wrestling was so big.
Old 07-20-03, 05:37 PM   #8
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I would like to see more ECW released from the WWE.


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