What DVDs do you have in a tin case?

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What DVDs do you have in a tin case?

I only have 2:

Akira (though I guess I should admit to having 4 additional sealed tins of this title)
Band of Brothers

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I have all seven of the Disney Treasure Tins.
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I have those mentioned above (just 1 of each though), two-lane blacktop and REPO MAN .
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T2: Ultimate Edition
Rambo Collection

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Band of Brothers
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...and the babboon-a$$ tin.

EDIT: Oops. Forgot these two. Rambo Trilogy and T2:UE

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MMIB&W, MMILC, Complete Goofy, Silly Symphonies, and T2. Plan on getting next wave of animated treasures and BoB upon tax return.
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7 Disney Treasures
The Educational Archives Lunch Box
The Armitage Dual Matrix Lunch Box
The Beyond
Halloween 4 & 5
Highlander Immortal Edition
Repo Man
Two Lane Blacktop
Terminator 2
Total Recall

And then I have one Rubber case - Evil Dead BotD (2 if you count Speed Racer,) and one Wooden Case - Wicker Man.

I also have a coffin "The Coffin Joe Trilogy."
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Band of Brothers
4 Disney Treasures
Total Recall: SE

And I have a couple with metal slipcases:

Highlander: Immortal Edition
Rambo Trilogy
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I have 8:
All of the Disney Treasures and Band of Brothers.
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Total Recall (though its such a crappy case i'm not sure if it counts
T2: UE (metal case not really tin, but i'll count it anyway)
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None... and that's just the way I like it!

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Only one, Akira. Although I'm seriously considering selling it off for the "regular" version as the tin just doesn't fit nicely anywhere on the shelf.
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  • T2
  • Total Recall
  • Maniac
  • Evil Dead 2
  • The Beyond
  • Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
  • Hellraiser 1 & 2

...all I can think of. oh, and I have the Goofy tin along with Rambo. and the Highlander Immortal Edition. so 10 I guess.

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Band Of Brothers
Davy Crockett
Mickey In Black & White
Mickey In Living Color
Silly Symphonie
Complete Goofy
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Band of Brothers
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Evil Dead 2
Repo Man
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T2 and 6 Disneys
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Total Recall
Evil Dead 2
Band of Brothers
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All of the Anchor Bay tins (2 of Maniac, 2 of The Beyond)
All of the Disney tins
T2 Ultimate 1 disc version
T2 Ultimate 2 disc version
Total Recall
Akira SE Tin (4 copies)
Highlander Immortal Edition
Rambo Trilogy
Band of Brothers
Have they made anything else with metal in it?
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The 4 animated Disney Treasures
Band of Brothers
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WDT - Mickey Mouse Black and White
WDT - Mickey Mouse In Living Color
WDT - Complete Goofy
WDT - Behind the Scenes...
WDT - Disneyland, USA
WDT - Silly Symphonies
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Band of Brothers
Total Recall: SE (although I've debated trading Mr. Baboon Ass sealed and getting the regular edition)

I did have the Evil Dead 2 tin, but returned it and got the regular Amaray edition. I figured the tin wasn't worth it.
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Mickey Mouse in Black & White
Mickey Mouse in Colour
Silly Symphonies
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Akira, Evil Dead 2, the four animated Walt Disney Treasures and I also have the serial experiment:Lani lunchbox. It had the DVDs inside in regular keepcases, does that count?
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