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Need Recommendation on DVDs

Need Recommendation on DVDs

Old 05-13-03, 02:33 PM
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Need Recommendation on DVDs

Well, I'm going to get some DVDs from CH but I can't find enough movies that I really want to be enough for the enrollment stuff.

I know whtere are sites like dvdprofiler and dvdafficionado but are there any sites like that which show how many people have registered that they own a particular movie? Basically a way to find out the most popular movies by the people on a site?

I figure looking through a list like that would help me find movies I've forgotten about that I don't have.

Any links to anything like that would be great. I know there's popular movies that I like that I don't have, I'm just not thinking of them.

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Old 05-13-03, 11:34 PM
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Take a look in the sigs of many of the posters here that list their collections at DVDProfiler. By looking through other's lists maybe you'll see something that you'd like to also own. That's the only thing that really matters. Who care's how popular a movie was and how many others bought it?
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Old 05-19-03, 12:54 AM
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Think about what genres your interested in, do you think you need to buy a new copy. Remember these lasers read the information, not score it like a needle does to vinyl records.

Do you want DVDs from a single actor or actress, these are what I think of when I trade or buy for my 1200+ R1 or 122 R2 & R4 collection. Put on a good post see what the popular members say about it.

Do you have a wide screen line doubled HDTV to view you DVDs on? Do you have a good progressive DVD player? Do you want to buy a Region free DVD player, if your planning on buying more than 300 consider a DVD changer of 300 + 1, I have 3 DVD Progressive changers from Sony which are priced at only $399 new, 1 300 + 1 interlaced and 1 200 interlaced besides a Region Free DVD player, JVC SVS500BK, don't look for the failing DVD-A(Audio) or the SACD (Super Audio CD), people don't want to give up their CD format.

Good luck on what you really want or can afford, the 300 DVD is $399 but to fill it your looking at $4-6,000 at $15 to $20 a disc. You can now realize what I have sunk into this hobby of mine, or yours if you want to spend about $54,000 on amodest home theater unlike what some guys who own homes have in theirs.

To see Home Theaters go to www.google.com
when on click on images and type Home Theater in, then take a look at the hundreds of indivuals who really make a
mini Home Theater, fed by DVD thru projectors on the ceiling.
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Old 05-19-03, 08:59 AM
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Guzzle gives some stats like this. If you click on a film that someone owns, it will tell you how many other people own that film (that are registered at Guzzle).
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Old 05-20-03, 01:56 AM
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Moving to DVD Talk Forum.

- David Stein
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Old 05-20-03, 02:03 AM
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Re: Need Recommendation on DVDs

Originally posted by kelemvor
Well, I'm going to get some DVDs from CH but I can't find enough movies that I really want to be enough for the enrollment stuff.
You're obviously not watching enough films then

I say pick up films you like or wanted to see, but didnt pick up because of price.
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Old 05-20-03, 04:42 AM
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Re: Need Recommendation on DVDs

DVDafficionado has a feature that can show you how many people own a particular film. You can then see the collection of any member that owns that film if you want to.

You can also look at the AFI Top 100 lists, Ebert's Great Movies, Sight and Sound Poll & IMBD Voted List.

Also, on the DVD Club forum there is a list of movies available at Columbia House (I don't know how current it is), recently available for enrollment, and not yet available for enrollment.

And as Chipmac said, you can look at the links to see other member's collections.
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Old 05-20-03, 11:13 AM
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guzzlefish also shows how many people own a particular film... think they have top 10 or 20 lists too.
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Old 05-20-03, 11:17 AM
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I tend to have some of the more popular titles, rather than some of the more obscure titles. You can look under my sig at any of the 3 links to get ideas. The link to my fave movies though doesn't mean that all of those have even been released yet. Congrats on getting started on a passion that will be hard to appease! It's great.
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Old 05-20-03, 11:51 AM
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As others have mentioned, Guzzlefish has this...here's a link to the top 100 collected movies:


Personally, what I did with CH is I downloaded the list of all the movies (into Excel), sorted by price (to help decide which would be enrollments, which would be fulfillments), and went through the list, taking out those I don't want, highlighting those I really really want. I've been working my way down that list (still about 50 to go, plus I add new movies as they become available).

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Old 05-20-03, 09:34 PM
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Start with your absolute favorites. Then after that, do some research into them and you'll end up finding some titles that would suit you. Sometimes there are a "Recomendations" menus on DVD's, those could help you. If you have time for it, browse your local Best Buy, probally in your favorite Genre. The link that GINWEN provided is excellent, take a look at that. Or my collection in my signature :-)
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