ROCK & RULE may finally be coming to DVD!

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ROCK & RULE may finally be coming to DVD!

Dir. Clive A. Smith

Look at what the cat dragged in. Rock and Rule baby! All I have to say is AMAZING! A cult animation classic like no other. Rock and Rule has been out of print since 1985 when it was released on video format. The release was small and the price tag was expensive so it never enjoyed the release it should have received. Well, we plan on giving it the full treatment. Fully restored, anamorphic, 5.1 surround sound and enough extra's to make your head spin. We also picked up the 28 minute animated special Devil & Daniel Mouse where the actual story and characters came from. We're tracking down the director for an audio commentary for the DVD which should make the DVD a wonderful viewing experience.

What? What did you say? What is it about? Oh almost forgot, sorry. Sometimes I get ahead of myself. The story is about Angel, a member of a punk rock band in the apocalyptic future. She is kidnapped by Mok, a legendary superocker that's a cross between David Bowie and Alice Cooper. Mok dabbles in the satanic supernatural and he is trying to unleash a demon to destroy the world. To do this Mok needs Angel's voice to summon the demon from another dimension. Angel's boyfriend and her friends in the band are desperately trying to save her from Mok's evil clutches. That's all I can say without spoiling it for you. The animation is tight and some say it's even better then Heavy Metal. An awesome cult classic that we are very proud to release. This is the 1st film in our Red Blood Cel line. We hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for more from Red Blood Cel.

Oh I almost forgot. For you die hard Rock and Rule fans out there. Don't miss the Limited Double Disc Set we will be releasing at the same time. This limited DVD set will have both versions of Rock and Rule on it. The rare Canadian version with extra scenes and alternate voices.
Coming Late 2003/Early 2004

This sounds like a very cool little company...who knows how exactly they got the rights, but I hope they do a good job and the limited set with the Canadian version I have never seen would be awesome. This was a favorite from my youth, and I managed to track down a rare VHS copy and showed it to friends who enjoyed it just as much as I do.
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Cool! Both versions on the limited edition set! Yes please!
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That is great news. I for one have never seen the entire movie, just clips here and there, and barely remembered bits on cable in the 80s. Unearthed does seem like a great little company, and between them, Blue Underground, Synapse and others, a lot of overlooked genre films are getting great treatment on dvd. It does my heart good to see it. I know that in the days of video there were also many cool small companies bringing genre films to the public, but the medium of dvd really allows them to shine, and to put a lot of care into each release. Yeah, there's plenty of screwing up too, but I think we have to acknowledge how lucky we are as film lovers at this time.
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Saw the news back in February - I can't wait!

Listen to Mok! (My Name is Mok - Lou Reed)
Born to Raise Hell - Cheap Trick
Angel's Song - Debbie Harry
Pain & Suffering - Iggy Pop

Some R&R sites...

EDIT; BWAH! All of the mp3 links are dead. Sorry.

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I wonder how much kissing up to G! I can do between now and then so he'll get me a review copy... I loved this one, flaws and all, when it came out. If you blinked, you missed it. "My name is Mok, thanks a lot, you think I'm kidding but I'm not..."

trivia note: Angel's Song was the basis for one of Debbie Harry's solo songs and used on the WiseGuy TV series...
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Any news yet?
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Didja try the site link above? Huh?

Rock and Rule

We have been getting tons and tons of email for this title. This animated classic will be ready for a summer release in 2004. Working on all aspects of the film and figuring out what's going on with distribution for it. Due to the immense amount of email we have been getting for this film I was wondering if you guys can do us a favor; Please sign up above to the Rock and Rule | DVD Newsletter group we started.

With over 20 to 30 emails a day about this title, it's starting to flood our email boxes and it takes us a long time to answer them all. If you join the newsletter, all of your questions will be answered and you will be the 1st to know what's going on with this title.

Thanks for the reminder though! One of my most anticipated discs.
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Putting it as a question seemed better than writing "bump" as others do.

I'd really like to get this one, be it for review or just for my personal collection, and wanted to keep it in the public eye.
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