What's your favorite deleted scene?

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What's your favorite deleted scene?

What's your favorite deleted scene from a DVD release? Director's cuts, extended editions, and scenes in special features are all fair game. Just be sure to mention what movie it's from, and if there are multiple releases, which release you are referring to.

One of my favorites, from The Boondock Saints, is the scene with Connor and Murphy talking to their mother on the phone. She plays a very cruel and hilarious joke on them. I also liked pretty much all of the added footage in T2 Ultimate Edition. The scene where Sarah removes the Terminator's CPU and nearly destroys him is a good one in particular.
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The Beverly D'Angelo 7" sale in High Fidelity: one of the best scenes in the book that encapsulates all of the work's themes so well.
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Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me:

1)the boob scene
2)Mike Myers and RJ Wagner in bed was hilarious
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I don't know if it's my favorite, but I really like the SAT cheer scene from Bring It On.

The scene from High Fidelity mentioned above is also a very good scene.
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Court scene from Natural Born Killers.

Hooker scene from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.
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I thought the deleted scenes from The Ring were well worth while, and the added scenes in Amadeus were excellent.
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I'm drawing a blank here but I love the extended take of Banky and Hooper X at the end of Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.
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the drugged nightmare/trip in Jacobs Ladder.
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Waiting for Guffman...where Fred Willard is talking baseball in the back yard and Catherine O'Hara breaks down in tears. Funnier than just about anything else in the film.
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All of the deleted scenes from Donnie Darko.

Ah a Director's Cut of that would be HEAVEN
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The scene in the director's cut of Lethal Weapon where Riggs single handedly takes down the schoolyard sniper.
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Scene from Erin Brockovich where she makes Masry get out of the car and let her drive.
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The full "Superheroes" segment from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which I wanted to see for years and years...

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The "cocoon" scene from Alien.

Also loved several mentioned above, including Jacob's Ladder, and anything extra on Waiting for Guffman & Best in Show...

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The extended Triple Rock Trinity Church and Maxwell Street scenes in The Blues Brothers (more James Brown and John Lee Hooker!)

The "Elvis or The Beatles" discussion in Pulp Fiction

The entire finished Tom Bombadil sequence on the LOTR:FOTR Super Extended Limited Edition 6 disc Box Set (you didn't get YOUR copy???)
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I liked the extended fight scene with the crew of Galaxy Quest against Seran as they are going back to earth. Should have been left in.
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I have to go with the last deleted scene in Me, Myself & Irene where Jim Carrey's kids make fun of his nose even more. Sooooo funny.
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Originally posted by Robert
The scene in the director's cut of Lethal Weapon where Riggs single handedly takes down the schoolyard sniper.
Yep. I actually used that scene to show off my system to a buddy. There are ricochet sounds bouncing all over the place. Cool scene!
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The deleted scene from Signs were the alien was stuck in the attic.
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Actually, the scenes mentioned so far from Jay & Silent Back I didn't find that great. I did however, think that the scene where the security gaurd runs back onto the Scarem set and he goes "Brenda?", and Shannon D replies "Dick!".. a nice homage to Mallrats.
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I give a vote for the hotel room scene in Boiler Room. Why that was not left in the movie - I'll never know.
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Galaxy Quest

Where Sigourney Weaver entices the aliens into the engine room with her low cut shirt, and then squashes them in the door.

Great scene!
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Keeping the Faith - vibrating cell phone scene with Stiller and Jenna Elfman. one of the funniest things i've ever seen.
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I vote for all of the deleted scenes in T2, especially the scene where they do "brain surgery" on Arnold... pretty fickin good.
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Denis Leary's deleted scene from Natural Born Killer.
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