House of 1000 Corpses Uncut DVD ?

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House of 1000 Corpses Uncut DVD ?

Hi all,

I remember reading somewhere that House Of 1000 Corpses ( which I touhgt was pretty good ) had alot edited out. I also remember reading somewhere that there was going to be an Uncut DVD release.

I know that the movies is still in some theaters, and it may be a little early to discuss DVD's of the film, but did anyone hear anything about this...or was I just stoned ?


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From what I've heard and read, the theatrical release was editing an insane amount from the original.

In fact, if I recall correctly, the story of House of 1000 COrpses goes as follows:

It was originall supposed to be released over a year ago by Universal, but Zombie and Uni couldn't agree on edits and such. Rob then went to MGM, and they came to an easier agreement of edits. Then apparently in an interview with Rolling Stone Rob made a remark like "Well, since MGM has no morals they've decided to release my movie." MGM didn't like that, so they said screw you. And now it ended up it Lions Gate's hands, in a much different form than the original.

That being said, I'd love to see what Rob originally intended this movie to be!!
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Yea from what I've read the distribution of this film was a real mess. They could make a movie about the making, and distribution of this film

If any from Lions Gate reads this....MAKE AN UNCUT DVD OF HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES !
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Universal actually dropped the film first after the head of vidavivdi (sp) talked against violence back in the day and then realized they were going to realease 1000 corpse. MGM picked it up and cut it. they dropped it after zombie's comments. Lion's gate picked it up and actually was a benefit because zombie didn't have to leave out the cuts that MGM took out. So from what I believe the release of it is actually how it should be. Now if MGM released it, then it would have been cut.
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Yet it's said to have over 15-30 minutes cut out before it got a R rating!

The only mention of extended version i can locate online is a blurb at stating the Argentina film festival version was 105 minutes,while the US R version is only 88 minutes!

My only guess to what some of the footage can consist of is more graphicness to the torture/murder scenes. More of Baby & her necrophilia..& other grotesque imagery.

I guess when Rob said not much was cut out to get a R rating. He may have talked about a earlier edit which had minor(to him) trims of a few violent scenes.

Since now reports that he has gone on record stating that over 15-30mn was actually cut out of the film. Unless maybe he's confusing professional cuts(for pacing reasons ect) vs rating cuts?

Of course we will find out for sure when the unrated version is released.

I will admit the film did seem alittle choppy throughout...& as much as people criticize Zombies editing skills. I don't think all the constant quick editing & incoherency was only Robs fault. It could be the result of massive MPAA editing as well.

Either way unlike some others. I thought it was a pretty good wicked little film...& am looking forward to seeing it uncut.
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Rob Zombie himself has said that he can't wait to release it on DVD so he can show his uncut version.
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Originally posted by Jackskeleton
So from what I believe the release of it is actually how it should be. Now if MGM released it, then it would have been cut.
No, I don't think that is correct. Zombie has said in some interviews that the version released in theaters was in fact cut significantly from his original version.
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It'd wouldnt surprise me to see this end up as some rated R dvd in stores, and an uncut directors version directly from Rob Zombie's website. I know that at one point where getting a distrubitor was looking grim, he considering just putting it out on DVD uncut on his site right away.

I havent seen it yet, I had a major back operation the day before it came out, I'm hoping it'll still be in theaters when I'm recouped enough to sit in a theater, but when I was out on OZzfest 2000 and worked the "Streetwise" booth, we looped this video with the trailer for it, and the trailer was 1000x creepier than what I see on TV if thats worth anything as far as edits.
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The uncut DVD will be released in Oct.
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Originally posted by xxjobseyes
[snip]....the trailer was 1000x creepier than what I see on TV if thats worth anything as far as edits.
I saw the movie and the trailer was a lot better than the movie. The movie did have some interesting set designs and I liked some of the town "inhabitants" but the script had major problems. It just wasn't scary to me or anyone else that attented with me. Plus the lack of metal music was mystifying considering Rob Zombie did it.

If they added the cut footage, the DVD might be worth getting if you're looking for a gore-fest. There's potential here of a cult film and I would like to see it happen.
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I'm pretty sure it'll be uncut. I spoke with Rob about the film and brought up the DVD.

You can read my review of the film (mostly negative) and my interview with the man at
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Rob said on Rockline that the theatrical version is cut and he will release an unrated directors cut later this year.
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I've seen the uncut version and it isn't that different. An extra stab here or there, a little more red stuff.
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I had the pleasure of meeting Rob Zombie personally in March and he told me that the DVD will contain the unrated, uncut version of the movie. He said he would also record an audio commentary for it but wasn´t sure whether it would be a 1 or 2-disc set yet.

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