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Old 04-05-03, 03:12 AM   #1
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Superman Deluxe Collection???!!

My father in law works somewhere in L.A. where they make boxes and packaging of all sorts including DVD deluxe cases. Knowing I'm a huge DC Comics and Superman fan he informed me that they were making some Superman senitypes (that's the photo with a frame of actual film stock a la the Spider-Man box set) featuring a photo of Superman flying thru the air. They were numbered and the lettering contained the words "Superman: The Movie The Deluxe Collection.

I just did a search of and havent seen this advertised so it's probably a ways away. I don't know if this is going to be just a repackaged Superman DVD or if this will be part of some Ultimate Edition. Anyone else know anything on this??

My dream is that it is indeed a new box set with a remastered copy of Eps # II-IV

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Old 04-05-03, 03:15 AM   #2
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Sounds to me like it'll just be a repackaging of the currently-available DVD. Warner has done a number of these deluxe packages.

Old 04-05-03, 12:39 PM   #3
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Is this what you're talking about?

Old 04-05-03, 02:47 PM   #4
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Originally posted by RobCA
Is this what you're talking about?

I ordered this from Amazon last week. cant wait to get it. people have said they cant find it but Amazon has had it for awhile now.
My DVD/Film Library....(I'll update when I feel like it..tired of listing everything, everyday.....600+ purchased but not yet listed-now at 3,200+ titles)...and a buttload of kayaks/canoes
Old 04-05-03, 03:29 PM   #5
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i'm tempted to buy this just to hve a nice, framable mini-version of that wonderful Bob Peak poster ( i've seen specs that say the poster is a full 27"x41" one-sheet size, but i find that very very hard to believe).
i don't really need the lobby cards or the matted movie frame- and what is that- a movie program?
i already have the original to that also.

guess i could sell some of the other stuff off piece meal and recoup some of the cost...
Old 04-05-03, 03:45 PM   #6
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Join Date: Sep 1999
Location: Los Angeles,CA, U.S.A.
Posts: 646
yep. Thats exactly it!

So I guess they're making more of these.

It's a bit pricey though. Luckily my in-law managed to get one of the senitypes.
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