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Storm Riders

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Ok saw and loved Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I wanted more of the same so I went looking for other HK movies. It seemed that Storm Riders was very popular. I dropped $39.99 on this DVD. Awesome Movie. I can't believe this movie has not been released in the US. This is now my reference DVD for sound.

Has anyone else seen this movie?
Any other HK movie recommendations?

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Welcome, I agree, esp w/ the recent offerings from HW Stormriders would rake in the dough. Maybe w/ the success of CTHD they go back and try some of these other movies.

BTW check out A Man Called Hero, is was done by the same group that did StormRiders. A warning though, MOST HK movies are NOT like these 3 movies. That's not to say they are bad, just if you start watching some of the other ones expecting anything like these three you are more than likely going to be disappointed.

As far as other recommendations, do a search in the main forum on; "hong kong", "martial arts", HK, dddhouse or hivizone. This should pull up a ton of recent threads on the subject. Also drop in on http://pub5.ezboard.com/bhongkongdvds and see what they have to say.

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It was a great movie but I'm stuft if I'm gonna pay $30 for it.

Any news on when / if it's gonna be released in the US?
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Stormriders is a cool movie for effects. COuld have had some more hand-to-hand fight sequences but it still rocks. Man Called Hero was good, but kind of frusrtating. I thought the story and sets and overall look of the film was great. I thought the fight sequences were not done as well and were not as plenitful as Storm Riders, and the ending was weak. You can pick this up at hivizone for 11 bucks.

Also, for anyone looking for Stormriders, check out ebay. There is a guy selling them dutch (set price) for 17.99 (and only 2.99 shipping). It says its the widescreen version (there is a far less superior full screen version available for half the price). The guys ebay name is stiller66 or something like that. He has a bunch of hong kong dvds that he sells for fixed prices. I have bought from him before and he has come through. He has a decent selection too of harder to find titles. I got Blade of Fury (which is OOP) and Tiger Cage 2 (Donnie Yen is tha man) for less than 15 bucks each.

COuld be worth looking in to, as the cheapest I have seen Stormriders is 30 bones.


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Look out for the mainland China version on DVD as it is missing the original Cantonese soundtrack, is pan and scan, and has burnt-in subtitles. Don't let the low price fool you.
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Last time i went to my local Hollywood video, i couldnt believe it, but someone released an English dub on vhs. No idea if it was widescreen, but i cant help but be curious of how bad the dub is. Stormirders was the first HK DVD i bought and only my third DVD purchase, ever.
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good movie, i won't sell or trade it so it's a keeper. decent special fx (for hk). kinda drags, i think it's over 2 hours.

worth $15 imho.

lame review huh?
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The Duel is another HK movie that apes the style of Stormriders (eg, super glossy cinematography, colourful special effects instead of choreography, bastardized costumes). It even features some of the same stars and the same director.

A Man Called Hero is another. Again, same director, similar stars.

However, Stormriders is much more successful at pulling off the 'style' than both The Duel and AMCH. It's just flat out cooler. I'm starting to think Stormriders was a fluke, actually.

The infamous/legendary Tsui Hark has an upcoming sequel to Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain (1983 original was to Star Wars practical effects what Stormriders was to CG) that looks incredible. Check it out:

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Storm Riders a MUST

I just wanted to say that this is my first post here in dvdTALK and compliments to everyone. HOng KOng Movie Reviews and DVD Deals in one site, somebody up there must like me.

Anyway Storm Riders is a definite must see, man called hero is cool too but a little slow, I dropped twenty something for the Duel with ekinCheng/andyLau but I was kinda disappointed. DVD quality is cool but story lacks that certain "Idon'tknowwhat". If you want to see a cool movie of the same people and like cars and bikes all tricked out> Check out The LEGEND of Speed with ekinCheng again. Pretty Cool Stuff.

Swordfighting classic of oldskool style and no holding back is DUEL TO THE DEATH>> This one is highly recommended, and if you like ninjas, let's just say you won't be disappointed.

TO <JHosk> I've bought from stiller66 before(buy in bulk save shipping) and he's pretty cool but I just wanted to know the quality of that blade of fury <looks like my new legend of shaolin dvd but the quality is so so>.

Sorry about this long post. -Chris
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Re: Storm Riders

So true. "Storm Riders" is a great movie. It's one of the movies I use to showcase my 5.1 surround.

As was previouslly mentioned, "A Man Called Hero" and "The Duel" are descent DVD's to pick up. (I think "The Duel" has a brighter transfer than the AMH or SR is because it's single-layered.)

I would also suggest "Purple Storm" or "2000 A.D." also.

You're seeing a shift in the way HK movies are made nowadays. Maggie Cheung stated in an interview that the quality of HK movies are going down. Personally, I think that it's because the genre is going through a transition. Hollywood CGI effects are starting to influence movies everywhere and you're seeing the same thing now in HK. (It appears that the kung-fu, sword fighting Jackie Chan, Jet Li-esque movies are making way for computer graphics and a resurgence in comedy/romances).

The point is, if any of the previouslly mentioned disks were made in English, I believe that they would be considered blockbusters by Hollywood standards.

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