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Old 03-11-01, 06:53 PM   #1
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How is it overall?


Exactly what are the extras on this DVD? And are there 2 discs?

I am a huge fan of this movie, it's easily in my top ten of all time, so let me know if it's a must buy.
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Old 03-11-01, 08:10 PM   #2
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definitely worth getting if you're a fan of the movie. I loved this film and ended up with the R2 release - A FLIPPER!! Definitely getting this version at some stage soon.
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Old 03-12-01, 08:52 AM   #3
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another review...
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Old 03-12-01, 09:14 AM   #4
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Oh ****, here we go again with a possible problem in the DOlby vs. DTS world......

From the DVDfile review....
Let me preface this to mention no tweaking was done in-between comparing the two soundtracks, I kept the volume level consistent when making my audio comparisons.
But isn't this leading towards the inevitable bass management realm???? To accurately compare Dolby and DTS, shouldn't you have to push up the LFE setting for your DTS bass management and possibly adjust the overall volume for proper level matching???

I just can't seem to take DVDfile reviews totally seriosuly these days....
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Old 03-12-01, 11:49 AM   #5
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DVD Review: The Rock (Criterion)

Another review at the link above...
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Old 03-12-01, 09:15 PM   #6
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There seems to be a few artifacts on my disc. Some little white spots pop up every once in a while and curved blue lines show a little....

Not a really bad transfer, but I was expecting crystal clear from CRITERION (especially on a recent movie)
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Old 03-13-01, 08:12 PM   #7
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How are some of the extras?
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Old 03-14-01, 11:56 AM   #8
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Can anyone CONFIRM the DTS-problems (or the fact that DD sounds better)?
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Old 03-16-01, 04:26 PM   #9
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There is absolutely nothing wrong with the dts on The Rock! People need to realize that DD can sound better than dts and vice versa. Just because DD sounds better than dts doesn't mean something is wrong with the dts.

I have listened to both DD and dts on The Rock and I prefer the DD track. It has deeper, tighter bass and it seems to have a little more surround activity. Although I will admit the two tracks are very very close. I would give the DD an A and the dts an A-.

BTW, this is a great package. I never owned the LD version so for me I was seeing the extras for the first time. The video quality is amazing. I always thought the previous version looked good but there is a noticeable improvement in the video. However, I did notice a few more specs pop up here and there than I did on the previous release. Still the video is top notch and refernce quality if it didn't have the specs.

I grade The Rock Criterion as follows:

Video A (A+ if it didn't have all the specs, also no difference between the video quality whne switching between dts and DD.)

Audio A (DD, not quite deserving a reference grade because of other new releases out that are better but I think you would be hard pressed to find another 1995 movie sounding better)

Audio A- (dts, very good just lacks some of the punch that the DD delivers. Also, not quite as active in the surround department either. However, still a very good mix!)

Extras I (Incomplete, I haven't gone through all of them yet but I have enjoyed what I have seen thus far.)

ANyway, I thought I would add this for those that might be interested.

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Old 03-16-01, 06:55 PM   #10
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After reading the reviews about the DTS track I thought it would be another case of JP and the sky is falling. Unfortunately, after comparing the 2 tracks, the DD is superior on my set up. This is the first time it's happened. Because this disc allows instant switching between DTS, DD and DS, I was able to close my eyes and compare making no other changes. I will preface this by saying I have read comments but I have not read any reviews yet. When i switched to DTS, the sound seemed to very front and center. I walked over to all the speakers and they were all emitting sound, but sitting in the prime spot it almost seemed like it was center channel only. Very disappointed.
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Old 03-19-01, 09:34 AM   #11
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I enjoyed the disc, but I too noticed quite a bit of film dirt and specks showing up. I was VERY surprised. I tend to buy only the newer DVDs, and this was the first movie in a long time I have noticed significant problems with the transfer. I was expected crystal clear throughout. Other than that, it's a great disc. I was just expecting more from Criterion. My Hard-Boiled disc is much cleaner and much older. Weird.
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Old 03-21-01, 03:53 PM   #12
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Is this movie worth picking up? Or would I be just as happy with the original DVD without the extras? Note: I am a fan of this movie, but am short on cash and would need to pull some strings to pick the CC up.
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Old 03-21-01, 11:39 PM   #13
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I think it's a solid little package that's worth purchase for any fan of the film. As such, Ken2, you should probably go ahead and snag this one instead of the movie-only release. In addition to the anamorphic transfer and two 5.1 mixes, the extras are good. Between the outtakes of Ed Harris and the excellent audio commentary, it's definitely worth the extra money.

Link to my full review:

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Old 04-01-01, 10:03 PM   #14
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Here's my take on the DD vs. DTS soundtrack debate:

The first time I watched this, I selected the DTS track. Wow! It sounded great, but halfway through the film I noticed the rear channels were a bit under-utilized (for lack of a better word). Especially during the San Francisco car chase and helicopters lifting off scenes.
The next morning, I read reviews about the differences between the two audio formats. So, that night I watched the movie again but with the DD5.1 soundtrack. Wow! This track had tighter and deeper bass.....and the rear channels were noticeably louder than the DTS track.

Two days later, I decided to do an 'A/B' comparison and here is what I found:
The rear channels of the DTS track were NOT under-utilized as what I initially thought. The sounds were there. They were just low in volume. The DTS track had better separation of the sound effects from the background music; you could hear both very clearly (maybe because it wasn't as boomy as the DD track ).
The DD5.1 track was simply more encompassing, making good use of all 6 channels. Unlike what others have said about the DTS track being focused too much on the front stage. Also, explosions, the helicopters during the Navy Seal incursion, and gun fire throughout the movie came to life in the DD5.1 track.

This is the only movie I prefer the DD5.1 track over the DTS counterpart.

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