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Review wanted: Titan A.E.

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Never saw it in the theater. Good surround?

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I don't have my surround sound hooked up so I can't comment on that, but the picture is incredible. I bought Titan AE along with several other major discs this weekend (MI2, Jurassic Park, etc). The picture on Titan AE BLEW THEM AWAY. It's sooo pure and crisp and vibrant. Truly gorgeous. I watched it after MI2 and there was no comparison. Titan AE seems flawless. Granted, I'm basing this on maybe 20 minutes of footage, but MI2 had issues in the first 5 minutes, so I'm pretty sure Titan AE will look good all the way through.

The movie itself is average. Very typical sci-fi story stuff. The animation is also a bit uninspired: It's better than TV, of course, but has neither the WOW moments nor the brilliant subtlety of Disney animation. What did they spend the $90 million on!? Also, the childish, Disney-style design of the aliens does not mesh with the mature storyline. eg, it's unclear as to how we're supposed to react when an innocent alien is blasted into goo (a sick moment if it were live-action), yet the cute alien is doing goofy comedy patter as it happens. Maybe I was expecting too much? My brother loved it and he's not a big movie fan, so your mileage may vary.
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I enjoyed it a lot. Saw it in "el cheapo" dollar theater this summer and then got my dvd today and watched it during supper.

While the standard animation isn't quite the same as what I'm used to -- having gotten really into anime, the CGI effects are really great -- some scenes are (IMO) pretty stunning -- the ice rings for instance and the scene with the wake angels (I think that was what they were called -- can't remember precisely). Overall, although it might not have been an extremely original plot, it certainly wasn't extremely derivative either -- other than the generic sidekick characters, etc. I vastly prefer movies like this and the Iron Giant over the standard, repetitive disney fare. Thankfully, this doesn't have the standard fox animation/disney songs either, but pulls in a very very nice soundtrack. Love that "Cosmic Castaway" by Electrasy.

Overall, i gotta give this one 8.5-9/10.

Regarding technical issues, I don't have a fancy speaker system although the disk itself is DTS. Also I had a few bugs with my dvd-rom which resulted in occasional freezes which needed rebooting.

nevertheless, I heartily recommend this movie.

edit: you also get some kick-ass extras with the dvd: commentary, cool music video of Lit -- very nice, deleted scenes, featurette, etc.

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Is this appropriate for a 4-year old boy? He loves Iron Giant but doesn't like scary stuff. He doesn't even like Buzz Lightyear being blown up in the 1st of Toy Story2.
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Um if your 4 year old was scared of buzz being blown up i dont think he would like this. There is killing and so on in it.
I loved the movie though. The picture and DTS soundtrack was outstanding. I enjoyed the story(some people didnt like it) but its more original then many other animated films.
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That's a negative for the 4 year old. However, YOU might enjoy this. It's aimed at a slightly more mature audience.

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The movie itself is mediocre at best, though it has a few decent scenes. The DVD looks unbelievably terrific, however, and the sound is also quite strong, especially via the excellent DTS mix. The audio commentary is great, and the other extras are okay.

Link to my full review:
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The way CGI was melded together with cartoon-anime style graphics was fantastic. The picture was clean throughout.

The high point of this DVD is the DTS soundtrack. All of your speakers fire from beginning to end and the sound effects have some of the lowest frequencies I've heard (i.e. The Haunting DTS). This movie is a must for any of you bass-hungry movie goers.

Some are saying this disc has reference quality audio.....I can't argue with that.

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Originally posted by ClayDVD:
Is this appropriate for a 4-year old boy? He loves Iron Giant but doesn't like scary stuff. He doesn't even like Buzz Lightyear being blown up in the 1st of Toy Story2.

My 3yob loved it! We saw it at the theatre and we are going to get the dvd. It is a great action-packed movie for kids (and adults ;p ). But, if your son was scared by buzz-light year, I'm not sure if he would like Titan AE as it does have some scary aliens and some intense scenes.


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Sound was good but the movie was very average plus the music was IMHO very lame. Just your run of the mill uninspired rock music with maybe one good tune or so.

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I didn't see this movie in the theater, and I heard a lot of mixed reviews about the DVD. However, I went ahead and purchased it when it was available. I honestly did enjoy the movie. Even though you knew how it was going to end from beginning, it wasn't really like any other sci-fi film I had viewed to date. There were a couple twists that I honestly didn't expect. Also, the DTS audio on the disk is so awesome! IMO, it is reference quality, and I am going to start using it to show-off the system.

In the end, I usually don't put too much stock in reviews. If I'm not sure about the movie, sometimes I'll rent it first.

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I picked this DVD up this weekend, never saw the movie in the theatre but I liked this one a lot

It's sort of an "all ages" type animated movie.. good for older kids and grown ups too. The art and effects were just great and the sound and music in DTS was incredible.

It has a good making of kind of extra, plus deleted scenes and other stuff, but the only thing I didn't care for was the 2 minute long (or so) Fox DVD commercial that came on before anything else when you put the dvd in. I didn't try to skip past that though so I dunno if you can or not, still.. I don't wanna see commercials in my movies, I wanna see the movie

but overall I'd say this is definately worth getting, expecially if you like sci-fi and/or have kids that do. It's a cartoon that's NOT anime style, and personally I find anime kind of annoying for some reason, so this was nice
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I must be easily entertained and awed, I loved this movie. Don Bluth is a genious, and deserved to have a box office smash on his hands. As for the animation, I don't think you'll see Di$ney doing anything this good for some time, (remember Bluth worked for Di$ney some time ago and walked out mid production...walked out because di$ney cut the number of colors he would be allowed to use to save money!). If you love sci-fi and great animation (I'll give in to the fact that the music could have been MUCH better), you must get this movie!
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I still have some reservations as to wether I should buy it, so could someone please answer a couple of questions:

1. Is the transfer a direct-from-the-digital-source one like those used in the latest Disney films (Tarzan, Toy Story etc)?
2. How does the DD 5.1 soundtrack fare, not compared to the DTS obviously but as my amp doesn't support DTS I'd like to know if the quality of the former is any good.
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