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Hollow Man

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I have learned not to trust professional critics, but to trust DVD Forum folks for good reviews, for finding stuff I like. I haven't seen Hollow Man, I missed it at the theatre, but I'm wandering if I should preorder the DVD. Some critics have been saying that this is one of Verhoven's worst films (not worse than Showgirls though), but that's what critics have said about most of his movies, and I like most of them very much. I liked Starship Troopers, Robocop, Total Recall, and now I'm wondering if I will like Hollow Man enough to own it. Based on the info you have about my taste here, do you think I would like Hollow Man enough to buy the DVD or do you recommend renting it?

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I would say: go for it! It's not Verhoeven's best movie but IMO a nice concept/movie.
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This movie was a bit fun to watch only because of the special effects. Overall I thought it was a horrible movie, and have no plans to see it again. The movies Starship Troopers, Robocop, and Total Recall are obviously quality flicks, but this one is not. The ending to Hollow Man makes no sense even if you weren't thinking while watching it. Those that have seen it should know what I mean.

Edit: If you like the director of the movie then I think you should rent it. The special effects will keep you entertained, but put your brain on sleep mode.

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A poor (at best) thriller with great special effects is a quick summary.

My Full Review:

Many have said that special effects, no matter how amazing, can not substitute for a story. They're right, and "Hollow Man" is a perfect example. The film's effects are stunning and even revolutionary at times, but as the film went on, I found myself not invested in the story - and as a result, the effects didn't interest me, either.

It's not that the film doesn't start out promisingly, which made the final half all the more dissapointing. Kevin Bacon stars as Sebastian Caine, a smirky, egotistical jerk of a scientist who has stumbled onto a way to make living creatures invisible with the rest of his crew. Linda(Elisabeth Shue) is his co-worker and ex-girlfriend; Matt(the terrible Josh Brolin) is Lisa's new boyfriend. There are a few other assistants, but their characters aren't even one-dimensional, which causes major problems with the second half of the film.

Sebastian is eager to be the first human to try out the invisibility potion, and at first, the results seem to have worked. But when the crew can't figure out how to reverse the process with a human, things begin to go downhill. Sebastian escapes a couple of times, but these scenes are rather short and don't go too far from the main labratory, where nearly the entire movie seems to take place. How about a movie that does something interesting with the ideas displayed here?

Attempts at a decent story completely and utterly fall apart in the second half of the film, which becomes an almost unbearable pile of sub-standard horror sequences as Sebastian goes a bit crazy. Sort of an "I Know What You Did When You Were Invisible Last Summer". This part of the film also reveals that these characters are not only unlikable, but pretty stupid at times, as well. They're chased, whatever - the audience is not given a reason to care about any of them.

As with any Paul Verhoven("Starship Troopers") movie, there's violence here, as well. Only here, it's unnecessary and takes the audience out of the movie; it's intended for empty shocks and nothing else. The script is not the sole fault here; some of the acting is fairly bad. Shue and Bacon("Stir Of Echoes") aren't too bad, actually. But some supporting actors like Brolin don't even attempt to do anything with what little they have.

I'll bring this review around full-circle to the begining. The effects in this film are remarkable, and quite stunning. When things are gradually turned invisible, the effects are seamless and well-done. But as I got more and more bored with the story, the structure of the film reveals itself; it's just a string of effects sequences hung on a plot that's as thin as hollow air.

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Technically a multi-million dollar movie wrapped in a dime-store plot. Looks great, but less filling.

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My hunch is this film will be eye and ear candy as is the case with many of Verhovens films.

I'd save my money if I were you unless the DVD is loaded with extras... Maybe Criterion will do a DVD of this one!

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I thought it was an okay flick. I'm sort of on the fence whether or not to buy it. If I can get it for under $10, I MIGHT pick it up. If it's the unrated version (as opposed to the theatrical version) and/or it has a significant amount of extras, the likelihood increases somewhat.

I don't know what DVDjunkie means about the ending being confusing. I thought it made perfect sense--the problem I think lay in the ending not being particularly original, dramatic or realistic. Other than the ending, though, the movie was pretty entertaining I thought--and I was sitting next to a child molester-type who brought his baby and his 6-year old daughter to this flick (word of advice to parents: never take ANY children to ANY verhoeven film).

If I can still enjoy a movie with a baby squealing every 5 minutes, I think the movie can't be all bad.

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Originally posted by Apparition:
I don't know what DVDjunkie means about the ending being confusing. I thought it made perfect sense--the problem I think lay in the ending not being particularly original, dramatic or realistic. .

********Spoiler Warning***********

Maybe I missed something in the movie, but I thought Kevin Bacon deactivated all of the security codes leaving them trapped inside unless they could find him before he got out. I thought that was the whole purpose of them searching for him??? When they find the bomb that Kevin Bacon leaves behind they remember the exit in the elevator shaft???

Did I miss something, if so someone fill me in. It has been a while since I saw it, but I remember the ending not making sense at all.

Edit: Next time I should finish reading a post before replying. I didn't catch the sarcastic comment until posting my reply. I will leave the spolier up anyhow just to show why I thought it didn't make sense.

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Adding to DVDJunkie's Spoilers, the movie's ending didn't was a bit messy.


When Bacon activited the centrifuge to spin those acid bombs.... Why couldn't Shue just turn off the machine to stop it from going off...

But overall it was a pretty cool movie. The last elevator scene was awesome. Being that this is a horror/suspense flick, everything/everyone was following the classic horror/suspense roles, no surprises here. Watch it if you have nothing else to do.
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