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Review request: Ran

Old 06-28-00, 10:13 PM
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I'm mainly interested in the actual film but feel free to coment on the dvd quality as well. Never seen a Japanese film other than Godzilla so I'm pretty clueless to the genre.
Please enlighten me. Thanks.
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Great epic movie It is certainly not for everyone, but if you like Shakesperean level intrigue and plotting you should enjoy it. The sets and costumes look really good/accurate (despite how they may actually look on the DVD ). Since it was done in the days of "real" film making all the people in the background are actual people, no digital crowds here At times it seems to drag a little, but what 3 hour movie doesn't...

Another one you may want to check out first is Seven Samurai. If you like westerns, specifically the Magnificent Seven, 7S should look very familiar to you

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Kurosawa's Ran is a bit different from Godzilla. It's a masterful film, but not for everyone. It's a truly great Shakespearean/Samurai epic that looks gorgeous. The DVD quality is okay. You won't mistake it for the Criterion treatment, but it looks better than many say. I'd recommend a rental of it first to see if it's for you.

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This movie is ****ing great. Kurosawa was a ****ing genius; too bad the Academy ****ed him over in their tribute during the awards a year ago. The DVD isn't bad; not a 5.0 in my book, but still a decent transfer. The ****ing movie is so ****ing good, though, that you won't really give two shits about the ****ing transfer.

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Well I'm going to rent it first as I'm pretty ****ing intrigued now. Thanks for the replies.
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Too bad the movie looks like **** on DVD!
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Decker wrote:
> Too bad the movie looks like **** on DVD!

Is the DVD quality bad? Please clarify because I was thinking about buying it. Thanks.

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I didn't think it looked that bad. I have viewed other Fox Lorber titles that were transfered so badly you couldn't even watch them. This one was decent. It is not up to the standards of Criterion or Anchor Bay, but it is decent. My main problem is the price. For what Fox Lorber is giving you it should only cost around $20. Luckly you can get it as part of the Columbia House deal.
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FOX LORBER is the devil incarnate, and I feel terrible about recommending any of their DVDs to you--but until I hear that Criterion or someone else is doing a RAN special edition which includes a new anamorphic transfer, and includes Chris Marker's feature-length documentary A.K. about the making of the film--get RAN.

It is one of the greatest films ever made. I can't say any more. Kurosawa is a film G0d.
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Bad Fox-Lorber! Bad! Bad! No Cookie!

You may want to check my review of this horrable DVD in the DVD Talk Review section:

'nuf said.

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I would suggest that you start off with the
newly released The Emperor And The Assasin
. A magnificent epic which would have made Kurosawa proud. I say this because this
is a more "accessible" film for those unfamiliar with Asian films. If you like it,
then give Ran a try.

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