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Chasing amy reviews?

Old 06-12-00, 11:10 PM
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Anyone know if there are any reviews up yet for this disc?? And if anyone else has seen it.do the supplements stand up to what was offered on the mallrats disk?? Just curious if the commentary is as funny and all
Old 06-13-00, 01:33 AM
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Disney tend to send out their screener DVDs late, so that's why it may take a few days for any reviews to appear (I'm hoping to get my copy this week).

(By the way, yes, it's formally a Criterion title, but Disney are handling the distribution. I wish Criterion dealt with the review copies - then I'd already have mine instead of playing "DVD roulette" with Buena Vista...
Old 06-13-00, 03:00 AM
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Got mine today but haven't had a chance to watch it yet. I'm sure there have to be some reviews up somewhere.

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Moving to Reviews forum.

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Just finished watching the whole DVD with all the extras--haven't heard the commentary thought. I should be studying for my finals. Have two tomorrow. Anyways. Criterion and Kevin Smith have delivered a great DVD.

The main menu:
It is in the style of the comics drawn by the character of Ben Affleck and his Buddy Jaosn Lee. The music in the background is the same as the intro music of the movie.
You have :
play the movie
An introduction by K. Smith
Deleted scenes and outtakes
Scene selection
Color bar
One Trailer.

The intro is a video INtrro by K.S. in which he explains (or proclaims) his love for the DVD format. (he owns a DVD player)

When you go to the menu for deleted scenes and outtakes, you see a video intro by KS, Ben, Jason and Jay in front of a rack filled with comics. Very nicely done.
There are ten deleted scenes; each have a video intro by one of them explaining why it was cut. (but usually they say something like it was too long, or the scene was too good, or Jay and Silent Bob weren't in it so it had to be taken out.) There are two phone in intros by KS calling froma payphone?
It is actually very enjoyable. And don't forget, there is an intro in which Ben And Jay almost kiss....

I haven't listened to the commentary, but that I will do tomorrow when my finals are over.

Wish me luck everyone!!!

Oh yeah, these menus rule compared to many other DVD's.

PS: If you are a KS fan, you will like this movie. Heck, watch it with your girlfriend.

I forgot, the booklet. There is one booklet with information on merchandise.
the actual booklet has the cover of the comic chasing amy, in the last scene of the movie you see Ben giving his latest comic to Joey. In the booklet KS explains the story behind Chasing Amy. Very insightful. I have to agree with him, this is his best movie.
Old 06-13-00, 08:30 AM
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I forgot to add,

not just for KS fans only. It has alot of raunchy dialogue, but it is very insightful and it works in its context.
Old 06-14-00, 03:13 AM
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Finally watched the commentary.

But first, everything has some sort of video introduction, even the color bars!!!!

anyways, this commentary rules. It's mainly because of Ben And Kevin joking around and given some great insight. Jason (Jay) doesn't say much, but what he says is sometimes funny. The quality of this commentary is the best ever done by KS. Eventhough he bashes DVD ("DVD sucks!!) but if you listen to his intro, he apologizes for that
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www.dvdfile.com has a review up. It is a good review, however the reveiwer shot down the video and audio quality saying it was sub par for criterion. Anyways he said that doesn't matter much because the extras made up for it and if your a fan of the film.....don't worry about it.
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It's a good movie to go to sleep to .

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And she doesn't get he bacon out like in Mallrats.

he he he who let this sexist pig in here.
Sorry ladies

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