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Blue Velvet

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Hey guys, I'm new to the forum. I just recently got a player, and I'm building up my collection. And Blue Velvet was one of the first films I went for. Why? Because I love David Lynch. To me, Lynch is the best director alive (he moved up when Kubrick died), and Blue Velvet is perhaps his best film. Everything about this movie haunts the viewer. The film starts in a small town that looks like it was lifted from an old 50's TV show. The main character, Jeffrey (Kyle MacLachlan) finds a severed ear in a field, and turns it into the police, who inform him it might be part of an ongoing investigation. Then, a detective's daughter tells Jeffrey about a lounge singer (Isabella Rossellini) who might be mixed up in all of this. Jeffrey decides to hide in the singer's closet...and that's when the movie really takes off. David Lynch shows us the seediest parts of our society, and in doing so he shows us that monsters take strange forms. Kyle MacLachlan gives an understated performance in this film, and Isabella Rossellini grabs your attention whenver she's on screen. But the real star of this film is Dennis Hopper, who plays a maniac to such perfection that it's hard to believe he isn't really like that in real life. Many times during this film my hair was standing on end. Perhaps the scariest thing about this film is not the fact that dark people do exist, it's the fact that we get drawn into their world by our own volition. Jeffrey is never forced to hide in Isabella Rossellini's closet, he does it to find out about the dark side of life. The DVD is presented in anamorphic widescreen format, with crystal-clear clarity. From the opening shot of a screen of moving blue velvet you are shocked by how vivid the colors are. The sound is also good, not anything to shout about, but nothing to complain about either. The extras, on the other hand, are something to complain about. The only on-disc extra is the theatrical trailer, which is pretty paltry considering the trailer is mostly press quotes. A commentary would have been wonderful, since this movie is so layered that I'm sure David Lynch could have shed an amazing amount of light onto it. The other "extra" is the booklet, which has a little background info on the film. No, the real joys of this disc is simply the film, truly one of the few masterpieces of modern-day cinema.
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Supermallet, I'm with you all the way on this one. In fact, despite the fact that it's bare bones, it has the honor of being the first duplicate in my collection(meaning I also own it on VHS). I expect to replace much of my VHS collection eventually, but trying to keep it to a minimum cuts down on this DVD addiction slightly. Not only do I agree that Lynch is (one of) the best living directors, but I believe that Blue Velvet is absolutely his masterpiece. Elephant Man was an attempt to be respectable, albeit a good attempt. And many of his films(Wild at Heart, Eraserhead, Lost Highway) seem to be, although fascinating to watch, sometimes weird for weird's sake. But Blue Velvet is the perfect blend of weirdness and great story. I saw this film several times in the theaters and am quite certain it was seminal in forming my approach towards what makes a great film to me(2 other notables in this category are Last Picture Show and Return of the Secaucus Seven). Anyhoo, another strong vote of confidence for Blue Velvet.
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Blue Velvet has been a favorite since I saw it on the big screen. The two "Only in Dreams" sequences still send shivers.

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I hate to say this ...but even though I am widescreen all the way, the color and the way the backgrounds are placed or used make following the main characters hard when watching on a smaller t.v.
This is the toughest 2:35 film I have seen..ever.
In this rare case, I would have liked BOTH versions on one DVD.
The widescreen conveys the movie far better, but I miss the 'beats' the panned version gave off.

Sorry for the odd tangent.

(So far, out of 300 some DVDs, this is the only movie 'd like both versions of.)
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A longtime Lynch fanatic, i bought Blue Velvet on DVD before i had the prospects of even buying a player. As far as the lack of extras, it would be nice to see some of the trimmed stuff, for instance, the scene where Frank goes "In Dreams" nuts all over Jeffery originally implied that Frank raped Jeffery in addition to beating him up. Dennis Hopper has said in many interviews this was suggested by the fact that, after he scrawled on the lipstick, he then had to kiss and smear it on Kyle's ass.

Anyone who calls themselves a Lynch fan should not be bemoaning the lack of an audio track. Lynch does not enjoy talking in length about his films because he feels it is up to the viewer to decipher what is on screen and the more you talk about it the more the mystery of film is lessened. (When asked, "What is Wild At Heart about?" Lynch replied, "Its about 2hrs and 10 mins.") I personally hope he never does audio commentary. His films speak for themselves and dont need anything else to add to thier greatness.

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