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review wanted: "dances with wolves"

Old 04-24-00, 05:05 AM
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just wanted to know if any of you had seen both versions, dts v. thx, or if you knew the difference between the two. thanks.
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The differences:

-on two discs
-higher video bitrate
-DTS sound
-higher price
-comes in two snapper cases with their own box

-one disc
-DD sound
-lower price

Both have the exact same features. The video on the DTS version looks marginally better and the sound difference is about the same.

I would recommend getting the DD version because it's cheaper and you don't have to switch discs 1/3 of the way through the movie (I have a Toshiba 3109, which has a two disc tray, but even then I have to wait for the discs to swap out.)

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when i got my DTS copy, the price was the same as the DD version. i have never seen a price difference between the 2. i love my DTS version but i never compared it to the DD. has the same extras. you have to switch discs but it is not a problem to me since the movie is long anyway.
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thanks a lot
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I have the DTS and my uncle has DD. He did a blind comparison (I was at the controls) and I played the same three scenes on each disc (Opening scene, buffalo running by the fort, and the buffalo hunt). He said that one disc sounded much cleaner and the bass wasn't as harsh, but sounded deeper and richer. Guess which disc this was? Yup, DTS. I hate having to switch discs as much as the next guy, but with such a long movie, it gives a good excuse to take a bathroom break, get a drink refil, etc.
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I had the DD version, and I was very happy with it. I was able to get the DTS version for $5, so I did. I a/b'd them and the DTS version looked just a tad better, but the sound difference was substantial. The DTS version had a lot more bass and it was tighter. It was as if the buffalo hunt went through a transformation! Surround effects were a little more realistic too, but the big difference for me was that John Barry's score sounded a lot better. Fuller, warmer, and more realistic. I sold my DD copy. I'd highly recommend the DTS version. Good luck!

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Old 04-26-00, 09:43 AM
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Just did a search at DVDPricesearch:

DD: 17.99
DTS: 20.99

What's worse, is that the DD version was regularly available early/middle of last year for like 9.99 at many sites. Man I feel old.

I also keep forgetting that I need to get new speakers. Take my audio review with a grain of salt, my mains and rears (while full range) are over 10 years old.

I too was able to get both titles for around $10, but haven't decided which to keep yet.

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Matt Brighton
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I did a review of Dances With Wolves-DTS on my site, dvdauthority.com.

For the review, click here.

I'd go DTS over the DD, but hey...that's just me.

Matt Brighton

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