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Would like to a Walking with Dino's review

Old 04-19-00, 06:16 PM
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Anyone seen Walking with Dinosaurs, if so let me know how it was ......Worth buying?
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Old 04-19-00, 06:23 PM
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Very worth it. The narration is by Kenneth Branaugh, much better than the Star Trek captain that did the one shown on Discovery Channel last weekend.

Also, it is a 2 disk set, the 2nd disk featuring makings of and what not.

PLUS, you can re watch the episodes with a feature I have never seen before.

It kind of reminds me of "Pop Up Videos", but not cheesy. Little bits of extra info or tidbits on how they shot a scene show up from time to time.

Also, It's anamorphic widescreen, and it has about 25% more than was shown on Discovery!

So, to sum up, BUY IT NOW.
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Old 04-19-00, 06:53 PM
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great disk,just got done watching the first three parts???although amazan shows 5.1(ac3)it is not---and at 5 million to make it,it should be...buy it-tommy
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Old 04-19-00, 07:53 PM
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Just picked up mine this morning at Best Buy!
Watched the first 4 chapters this afternoon with my 5 year old son and he was glued to the TV. The picture looks stunning!! I would definitely recommend adding this to your collection!
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Old 04-20-00, 02:09 AM
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No question--Buy this set! I got mine yesterday, and was really glued to the tv. Kinda like a nature show with dinosaurs. The Animation was great, and the making of documentary was really good. Worth every penny you pay.


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Old 04-20-00, 07:55 AM
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I believe what you are refering to is PIP - Picture In Picture, as found on many mid to high end TVs.

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Old 04-20-00, 04:42 PM
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Holy Smoke!!!!!

Walking With Dinosaurs has become my favorite DVD. This show is simply amazing!! Just amazing!! Watching WWD on DVD is quite an experience. It's like I have never been awed before!! WWD is so good that I can't stop talking about it. I am going to buy an extra copy and maybe gives one to someone I know that has a DVD player.
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Old 04-20-00, 05:27 PM
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Hey everybody...thanks for the reviews (even though I'm not the one that asked). I was thinking about renting this one first, but it sounds good enough to buy sight unseen.
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Old 04-21-00, 09:25 AM
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Is the DVD widescreen or Full? Amazon.com says Full in its product description, but I am hearing people saying it is Widescreen. Is the U.S. version Widescreen?
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Old 04-21-00, 11:38 AM
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It's anamorphic widescreen.

Cloud, yes, I know what PIP is. But that has nothing to do with the feature on the DVD.
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Old 04-23-00, 03:48 PM
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I finished this set last night and will not watch it again. It is fairly low budget and as a consequence there are more shots of sunsets and forests than there are scenes with the dinosaurs.Stock footage has been added which is often quite grainy and pixelated. The music score is overly dramatic. The animations are hit and miss and most sequences that show the dinos eating are in fact puppets. Each program features about four dino species from different time periods. It is very light on content. Once the wow factor wears off there really is very little to sink ones teeth into. I was hoping for more science but what is there is enjoyable but not very deep. Overall this set is OK. Obviously they did not have the budget of Jurassic Park. Worth a rental and not much more.
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Old 04-25-00, 08:53 PM
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Originally posted by Smog:
It is very light on content. Once the wow factor wears off there really is very little to sink ones teeth into. I was hoping for more science but what is there is enjoyable but not very deep.

I have to agree with this part of Smog's assessment as I'm a science major myself and have taken a lot of chemistry and biology courses. This documentary was very light on real science and instead pandered to more of a speculative behavioral study and reminded me of practically every animal documentary on the Discovery channel. Although I didn't hate it as much as Smog did, I don't plan to purchase it and I think he's right when he said it becomes rather tepid after the "Wow" factor has subsided because I frankly was so bored by it that I dozed off after an hour or so.

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I thoroughly enjoyed Walking with Dinosaurs. For the price it's a unbeatable deal. I agree with some of the posters above that the main disc is somewhat skimpy on the science aspects. For those details I thought that disc 2 (The Making of) was much more interesting.
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