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Good Scare Flick? Recommendations???

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Looking to buy a good scare flick? Any recommendations?
I just saw Final Desitination in the theaters-it was GREAT! Wish I could buy that one now!!!!

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Try The Last Broadcast [note: don't watch if you don't like documentaries]

It also says Rosemary's Baby is a "good scare flick"

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The sad truth is that there aren't many good horror films these days. We get cheap shockers like The Haunting and Bats, but a good horror film is something that rattles you even after you've seen all the Friday the 13th films - like the ending in Se7en. So after the age of 10, "good" horror titles are hard to find.

General recommendation: Watch The Exorcist, one of the best horror films ever. I've also heard good things about a Japanese film called Ring, and it's listed in the IMDb here, but I've never seen it and it's yet to come stateside.

As for The Last Broadcast, here's a quick review. I'm not going to tell you about the film, but rather its effectiveness.

The Last Broadcast has a very subtle creepiness to it. You know that feeling you get after watching one of those "Ghost Story" or "Alien Abduction" shows on The Learning Channel by yourself late at night? It's that kind of horror - not really startling, more like a lingering "goosebumps" feeling. If you like that sort of thing, this film is for you!

A lot of the appeal comes from the distorted video-restoration effects - odd flashes of stuff, weird color-blurring, and vocal distortion all make for surreal footage. It helps that the narrator's voice is kinda creepy. The premise works well in this film, and it brings home the "three guys get butchered in the woods" storyline much better than BWP.

The film is not without problems, especially in the editing - the creepiness is punctuated with interviews which seem to drag a lot. Most people had the same complaint with BWP - the excitement of the scary parts required you to wade through some dull daytime sequences. Furthermore, it's stitched together oddly - seems like the story gets told three times, and some of it feels repetitive. But I wouldn't let this discourage you from watching it.

Overall, I'd give it a 7/10. Buy/rent it and watch it when you're home alone one evening for best effect.

- David Stein

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The Changeling is one of my favorite ghost stories. Unfortunately it's not out on DVD.

I've been recommending a lot of movies lately that haven't made it to DVD yet. Man, that really blows!

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I've heard of the Last Broadcast-its on dvd? hmmm I'll have to check it out....

I know,it sucks there arent good horror out there! I see the Sentinel is on dvd-I like that one...

the thing that sucks too is all the old ones even if they are on dvd probably have crappy sound and transfers!
I REALLY want the Howling!

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre.....great dvd with great extras. i think that it is pretty scary & pretty realistic as well.
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i am still spooked when i watch the hitcher.(no spoilers...here) but its at least worth the rent.
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