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THUMBS DOWN for "The Sixth Sense"!

Old 03-28-00, 01:14 PM
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Hey everybody...long time lurker, first time poster here.

Well, I got THE SIXTH SENSE in the mail last night. I thought I'd buy it since it got a ton of acclaim and made a lot of money. How bad could it be?

Ugh...what a predictable, stale film! I can't believe all of the attention it's getting. I finally gave up near the end, right as the boy (good performance by the way) says goodbye to the Bruce Willis character. There were only a few minutes left, the scene was completely ridiculous (the kid is suddenly "cured," and now he'll NEVER see his shrink again? Give me a break), and I didn't really need to see a boring "reconcilation scene" where Willis makes up with his wife.

Some other problems:

1. Willis' character was an awful shrink. First he stalks the kid into that church, and later he doesn't stand up for the mother when she is accused by the doctor of child abuse. Plus, why does he have his office in the basement?

2. I would have liked to have seen more interaction between Willis and the mother (Toni Collette). There's only one scene where we see them, and their conversaion seems to have been cut. Maybe it would have slowed down the pacing, but it seems like an important scene.

3. As a fan of the "Die Hard" movies, I wanted to see Bruce beat up that guy who was coming onto his wife. Just kidding, but his "confrontation" with the guy was a little lame (Bruce shouts at him, and the guy runs away -- what a pansy).

4. The big twist that everybody makes a huge deal over was completely obvious. I mean, did anybody see the ads for this? The fact that the kid sees dead people is given away in all of the marketing! Too bad, because it would have been fun to have been surprised by the revelation. Instead, I knew it the whole time, so when the kid revealed his "secret," there were no surprises.

So, my recommendation to anybody that hasn't seen this movie and is thinking of purchasing it...THINK AGAIN!
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Old 03-28-00, 01:29 PM
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Good one.

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Old 03-28-00, 02:30 PM
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I agree, good one.
(I hope you are joking, Billy)

For those who haven't seen it, points 1-3 are all negated by point 4.
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Old 03-28-00, 02:54 PM
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yeah Billy, i hope you're joking. Either way it funny.

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Old 03-28-00, 02:57 PM
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you probably own the distinction of having the funniest first post in this forum (whether you intended it or not).

we couldn't have agreed more in your observations.

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Old 03-28-00, 03:09 PM
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Billy, you truly rock!!
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Old 03-28-00, 04:36 PM
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Billy, watch the last few minutes! For the love of god, watch the last few minutes!
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Old 03-28-00, 05:34 PM
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One could assume that Billy is joking.... but then again, two weeks ago Nyquil didn't watch the second side of the DVD and declared "Goodfellas sucks, it just ended all abrupt"
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Old 03-28-00, 08:35 PM
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is this guy serious, do you all agree or are you joking>
sixth sense was a great movie, i got it on dvd on the 27th, for $0.00 w/ a gc i got at buy.com.

Gotta go.
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Old 03-28-00, 10:39 PM
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Ha Ha - too funny . Actually , the only complaint I have with the sixth sense DVD was the trailers previews being locked. The previews automatically turns on when you start the disc. At first it was cool to see the previews before starting the movies. Now it is annoying because you can't go to the menu without seeing it. You have to skip through it everytime you boot up the dvd.
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Old 03-28-00, 10:44 PM
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Great joke, Billy!

(I hope you're not serious!)
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Old 03-28-00, 10:47 PM
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Hehe Billy I just got done watching this. I guess this post is funny either way - whether you finished watching it or if it is a joke. Don't keep us in suspense
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Old 03-29-00, 12:57 AM
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One thing I found frustrating about the movie was the trailer has quite a few seens that were either deleted ... or never appeared at all.

The two that come to mind both involve driving. Check out the last parts of the movie trailer.

And what is with sitting through all those previews at the begininng. My sony 530 will not let me go directly to the menu. I have to FF if I want to avoid the coming attractions.
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Old 03-29-00, 08:24 PM
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Billy, its great film and even better the second time.
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Old 03-30-00, 12:12 AM
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regarding the scenes in the trailer that were never in the movie, I have even more complaints about it:


When I saw the trailer a month before the movie came out, one of the shots is Bruce Willis stepping in front of a van or car in a street, then it cuts away quick to another shot, and then the kid & him talking & bruce says 'im working on it' in response to the kid asking him to get rid of the dead spirits. Well, guess what? Because of those two excerpts together & totally guessed what Bruce's secret is in the movie!! You can imagine how upset I was that i sat through the whole movie knowing what was going on. Worse yet, i spoiled it for my companion.

To learn that i was spoiled due to a scene that doesn't even exist in the movie really burns me up. I now do not watch trailers for any movie i plan on seeing, since the idiots in the studio marketing departments have no restraint in what they show during previews. I would hope that in the future, this filmaker (now that he has more power) will oversee his trailers better.
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Old 03-30-00, 12:28 AM
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Billy is obviously joking. I guess he wanted to see if he would be flamed for some odd reason, hehe. There is still one thing I don't understand that someone might want to explain to me. SPOILER below...

When Bruce Willis is sitting with cole's mother in the house they don't say anything to each other obviously. My question is how did Bruce Willis get inside the house and sit down in front of cole's mom and not know he is dead? What did he do, sneak inside the house and remain mute? I know there are things he didn't notice and doesn't know he is dead, but how can you explain this? Maybe I am forgetting a rule to the movie.

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Well remember what the little boy says towards the end of the film, where Bruce Willis inquires if dead people know they are dead and he answers that dead people see what they want to see. Its kinda of like denial you know, Bruce's character probably knew he was dead but didn't want to see that. His denial was strong enough to even trick himself.


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Old 03-30-00, 03:08 AM
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Remember the kid is the only one who can see the dead.
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Old 03-30-00, 02:34 PM
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Pasolini, can you elaborate a bit on your post above? I'm just curious how you deduced the film's "secret" from the two scenes you mentioned in the trailer.
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Old 03-30-00, 11:41 PM
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Yeah, that guy who didn't know to flip the disc when watching Goodfellas was a complete moron. Made for some good laughs, though
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Old 03-31-00, 12:19 AM
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Originally posted by kunert:
One could assume that Billy is joking.... but then again, two weeks ago Nyquil didn't watch the second side of the DVD and declared "Goodfellas sucks, it just ended all abrupt"

Now that is the funniest thing I have heard on here.

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You like that, Derfinot? Read it for yourself and laugh til you cry!
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Old 03-31-00, 01:39 PM
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Heh. Somewhat similarly, I rented Das Boot a couple weeks back, and initially started watching on side B. Thought it started pretty abruptly. Of course, I also thought to actually check as to why that was.
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Old 03-31-00, 04:03 PM
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Got The Sixth Sense for free with buy.com coupon and webcertificate. I hadn't seen it at the movies and I watched it last night and then woke up this morning and watched it again. It is a definite repeat-worthy flick. I have an absolute bitch with the mandatory previews at the beginning. Also, does anybody know if there are any parts with multiple angle? Usually my player says multi-angle not present, but didn't with this dvd.
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I saw this last night too. Although I enjoyed it (well-written, well-acted, etc.), I would say the exact opposite as you. I don't think that this would stand up to repeated viewings well.

People will probably want to watch it a 2nd time after they found out the "surprise" (although I figured it out about 30 minutes into the movie). After that, I can't see much reason to watch this again. Just my opinion, of course...

The "Angle Indicator" on my DVL700 would light up some times during the film, but it didn't seem to have any multi-angle functionality. I think they just encoded the DVD strangely.
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