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Das Boot- A Review

Old 03-06-00, 07:04 AM
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Picked up a copy of the Director's Cut of Das Boot. This is a must to see. If you have a hard time being in enclosed places, be careful. It's like you are right in the submarine itself. Great picture (at least on my HDTV anyway) and the audio is great. (my wife kept hearing leaking pipes in the house...LOL). Check it out. Warning, it's close to 3 hours long, but a great flick.
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I have never seen this movie, but I generally do not like having to read subtitles in a movie. Do you still think that I would enjoy the movie? I tend to usually enjoy action flicks.
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Das Boot includes an english 5.1 DD soundtrack. No need to read subtitles if this track is selected. English subtitles are included as well, if you want to hear the original movie in German. I usually prefer action pics as well, but this is a great DVD title to own. The surround effects are top notch. I'm sure you would enjoy it.

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Old 03-07-00, 10:19 AM
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A great film, particularly the audio. This
disc is a flipper. The only strange thing, at least about my copy, is that the side labels are reversed.
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Old 03-07-00, 03:37 PM
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You're not alone.

Mine's that way too. I think most of them are like that. I don't know if they ever fixed the pressing mistake.

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Old 03-08-00, 03:47 PM
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This movie is the reason I decided to learn German.
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If you are the kind of person who does not like to read subtitles, I can predict your response to this movie: "Like, that movie was boring, dude!"

For anybody else, I highly recommend this film. Great human drama, very realistic and gritty.
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The English 5.1 track is really good, you don't have to read subtitles if you don't want to on this one. The main actors all spoke English and Peterson re-recorded all the dialog in English using them, and not a lot of standins.

Peterson deserves a lot credit for going to such lengths to get every detail right. If all DVDs had even half the effort that went into this one we'd be really lucky.
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Why the hell would anyone watch the english dubbed version? The german track is ALSO in 5.1 DD. Don't be a crackhead! Watch the german track.

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Just a word of warning for those still undecided about this flick -- this is not a standard war movie; there is not a whole lot of "battle action". Most of the tension is psychological (being cooked up in a sardine can wondering if you're going to survive or not). I came in thinking it would be an action movie and walked away disappointed.
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This thread was accidentally posted twice, so I'm just dropping by to confirm that I deleted the duplicate, which had only received one reply, posted by Tesiae. You can find that post below.

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Correction: It's closer to 3 1/2 hours.
But you're right, it's a great DVD treatment to one hell of a movie. The sound of the creaking metal all about you still gives me the willies. Despite the fact that these German boys were the enemy, you really have to feel sympathy for all seamen, airmen, and grunts. There are only victims in war.

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This modern classic is a keeper. It IS long but it goes by quickly. I like it in the orginal German with English subtitles That way when English crops up in the German it makes for greater contrast. Once again, the Tiperrary* song, bitte!

Now if only Columbia would make it a single-sided RSDL disk for us in the states like they have it already in the rest of the world.

*however it's spelt
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Das Boot is an incredible movie.
The English dub is EXCELLENT. I watch it that way even though I would have no problem reading subtitles.
It's a classic movie, and I think just about anyone can enjoy it.
I am a huge fan of action movies, but this movie is incredible.
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