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I just saw Red Violin, here's a review of this EXCELLENT sleeper

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I just saw Red Violin, here's a review of this EXCELLENT sleeper

Old 03-03-00, 11:40 AM
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If you were looking for a thoughtful, passionate and definitely captivating film that escaped mainstream theater goers then you are looking for The Red Violin. I bought it based just on the feelings and impressions I had of a couple user reviews and a plot summary. Basically I took a chance. That chance was well rewarded.

Briefly, the movie is several vignettes that chronicle the history not so much of this particular violin but rather the violinís owners. Each story is very well told with characters I grew attached to on some level in each episode. The story itself isnít so linear either as it is all centered around a present day auction in Montreal with bidders who, we come to realize, all have a personal interest in the masterpiece of craftsmanship. The principal bidders have some connection to each of the vignettes, some loosely and others directly which has you rooting a bit for each of them to win by the end of the film.

Finally, Iíd like to mention the soundtrack. Wow. This is the reason I love DVD so much, itís a format that can do justice to the incredibly rich, sometimes somber and haunting and sometimes light and lively, tones of the violin. I enjoy classical music on occasion sure, but Iím going right out today on my lunch break to buy the soundtrack on CD. Just so you donít think Iím only into this because itís classical, Iím currently eagerly awaiting my Metallica S&M concert DVD which I preordered as soon as it was available! Hey wait, that has an orchestra in it too now that I think about it. Oh well, you get the idea.

Bottom line, this movie is great. If you like great films at least rent it if not buy it outright.

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Old 03-03-00, 12:24 PM
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Thanks for the review - I just ordered this a few days ago. Your comments have validated my purchase - at least that's what I'll tell my fiancee!

Philip Jones
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Old 03-03-00, 01:42 PM
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To each his or her own...but I have to say that I found this movie to be two plus hours of pretentious overwrought drivel! I am a lifelong lover of classical music, and I treasure many many foreign and "arty" films, so it's not simply a matter of my wishing this one was more like "Armageddon." Instead, I found this to be a movie that was terribly impressed with itself, and with how "passionate" and "original" it was being, pushing the idea that Art and Artistes are superior and special and above all dull and earthly constraints and morality. Ho hum...at best, and "Oh, puhleeeze!"...at worst.

Immediately after watching this one, which I purchased sight unseen on the basis of glowing reviews, I returned it to the the store, which fortunately has a very generous return policy.

Your mileage may vary, but from at least this viewer, who fully expected to love this film, based on reviews and subject: The Worst Film I Watched in 1999!
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Old 03-05-00, 03:44 PM
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sorry. no comment.

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Old 03-06-00, 12:18 PM
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Sorry for the confusion on my part: I thought that the purpose of this forum was to discuss movies and DVD's and our reactions to and opinions about them. I didn't realize we were supposed to make judgments and express our opinions about each other as people. Since we know each other so well, that's clearly the right way to respond to a comment about movies. My mistake.
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Old 03-06-00, 05:15 PM
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Wow! You guys are pretty harsh. I didn't read anywhere in Harvard 75's post that no one else should ever view this DVD. All he/she said was that he/she hated it.

I didn't like it either. Do I get a prize?

And picking on someone's screen name...again, all I can say is wow.
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Old 03-06-00, 08:54 PM
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I think movies should be reviewed here and never the comments of other people.. and not even their personalities.. Just give your own reviews and readers can make their decisions... you can say good and bad things about the movies.. that will be appreciated highly.. thanks!
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Old 03-07-00, 09:29 AM
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Stop Judging one another you people! Talk DVD.

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Old 03-07-00, 03:45 PM
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I've been a musician for almost all my life(since kindergarten, at least), and I think that this movie was good for what it was worth--a movie that didn't have much to do with music per-say, rather a pseudo-spiritual journey of a violin and the lives it has touched. I didn't find that it painted classical music in an unfair or overly important light at all--instead, it seemed to emphasise that music can be for everyone--thus the travels of the violin around the world.

For sheer entertainment value alone, I would recommend it, and I really enjoyed the way that it was filmed and eventually pieced together. Definately a renter if you're not sure you'll like it, but I bought it on a recommendation from a friend, and have to say I don't regret it!


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Old 03-07-00, 05:35 PM
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In Red Violin, they should have someone younger to play the role of a Red Guide. Sylvia Chang( the Chinese woman) is in her mid-40's but she plays a role a teenager/Red Guide. That's just inappropriate. :P Other than that, I thought the movie is decent. Definitely belong to my DVD library.
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