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Review: The Untold Story (1993)

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Just watched it last night an thought I'd offer my two cents on this one.

Let me start by saying if you are a conservative pansy and are too delicate to handle movies like Natural Born Killers, Happiness, Sick, or Doom Generation please go away now! Do not rent this movie. I don't want to read your pathetic whining about being shocked, horrified, or otherwise tramatized by watching this DVD. Your weak-willed feeble minds will collapse on the weight of this movie so please stop now! Heed all warning! I really, really, REALLY don't want to hear it. Now for the rest of us...

Likely Spoilers ahead...

This is a great movie that should be enjoyed with the entire family sitting around. This way when Anthony Wong proceeds to kill, torture, and dismember an entire family (for being generally insolent) you can instill these same good values (fear of death) in your family. I also recommend viewing this movie with co-workers. The scene of Anthony Wong brutally raping his cashier will also instill these good values (fear of being raped) in your co-workers. At this point you might get the idea that this Wong fellow is not a nice guy. You'd be wrong. He's probably very nice but the character he plays seems a litte ... how should we say ... off kilter. Kinda like a Japanese Travis Bickle with glasses shouting in another language, played by someone other than Robert Deniro that doesn't drive a Taxi Cab, have a mohawk, own a gun or wear army fatigues. On that same note had this film been directed by Martin Scorsese he would likely have done it in English, which this movie is not. Actually the language this film is more like a series of odd sylables strung together with loud periods other non-english verbal communication. In fact, it sounds exactly like a Shakespeare play would not.

Fortunately there are little picture words on the bottom of the screen written in English so you have something to read instead of watching the childrens heads rolling.

I also found (when I passed out and hit my head on the controller) that there are mutilple audio tracks on this DVD. I found beyond the two audio versions of the weird language there are two more audio tracks, both seemingly in English. I say seemingly because it's more the form of English that only comes from people that take your fried rice order on the phone. A sort of pseudo-english if you will. I can only assume these audio tracks are by people involved make in the film (or perhaps they are killers themselves) as they add lots of interesting background information on the crimes. Apparently this movie is a true story that took place in Japan.

The quailty of video and audio makes the Human (not to be confused with hunan) BBQ buns look go enough to eat. The award wining acting by Wong is fantastic. The story is competent with moments of sheer horror, black comedy, action, drama and slapstick. Like most foreign movies I'm sure much is lost in translation but the film still remains enjoyable if this taste suits you. Overall a truely unique piece of foreign cinema.

This Single Sided disc is presented in Non-anamorphic 1.85:1. Extras include interesting Cast Bio's; 4 Audio tracks (Canto, Jap, Directors commentary in English, Actors commentary in English) and 6 or 8 trailers for other movies by this director and/or actors.

(Pardon my spelling, I can't type well with barf on my keyboard.)
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Yeah, this is a sick movie. I didn't have the stomach to watch it through.

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