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Review wanted: 13th Warrior

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Review wanted: 13th Warrior

Old 01-04-00, 09:29 AM
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I missed it in the theatre, it looked "ify" so I passed on it... and so did everyone else I guess, it came and left quickly... I've heard it's thin on plot, but if the action and sound is good, it may have a good rewatch value... I was thinking of using my $10 trivia credit on it.

The Shawnimal

Old 01-04-00, 01:32 PM
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I saw it in the theatre and I wasn't impressed I would give it a 5-6 out of 10. Its only redeeming qualities were some decent action scenes - but there are too few to make it worth watching it again. The first half hour really dragged and the end was pretty unsatisfying. I would suggest DEFINATELY renting this one first.

Old 01-04-00, 02:14 PM
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I really don't even think this movie is worth the rent. I was so excited to watch this flick (being a huge fantasy, ancient, mideval, fan). So perhaps I just set myself up for diapointment. The story of this movie was rather bland, I didn't think the action sequences were all that great. The progression of Antionio (sp?) Bandaras'(sp?) character was way to fast. One second he is this peacful guy, then he suddenly gets a scimitar, and he can fight a bit. All in all, I MIGHT re-watch this movie as a rental, only because I am such a fan of the Genere, but for anyone that is skeptical about seeing this move, I would simply tell them to stay away.

Old 01-04-00, 02:49 PM
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Something I couldn't get past in The 13th Warrior was just how poorly shot the film was. They must have done something funky to the negetive because in about half the shots there was no black, only a really dark blue. The only explanation I have is they used a very different stock of film for all those reshoots that delayed the film close to a year.

Oh, and it's a really bland historical action film. It's in the standard mold of all big budget spectaculars so if you think that Michael Bay is the height of directing prowess you'll probably enjoy it. On the other hand, if you like well shot, well acted, well written films with action scenes where you can actually identify what's going on then this isn't the film for you.
Old 01-04-00, 08:36 PM
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Okay, I'll bite. I rather liked this one. What everyone says about the main battles is absolutely correct: Confusing, jittery, boring crap. Even Michael Bay would've done a better job with them, since they'd have at least been confusing, jittery, EXCITING crap. However, the rest of the movie is entertaining. Banderas' civilized and somewhat effete character's interaction with the dirty and outrageous Norsemen is very enjoyable. And just the anthropological interest of seeing how those people lived back then is intriguing. For those who have seen it and wondering what the hell I'm talking about: Wash bowl scene, leaders defending their position from usurpers, picking the fight, learning the language, laughing on the ship, etc.

And don't get me wrong: The fights may be lame, but it is filled with macho moments that ARE exciting or thrilling. It's worth a rent and in my case, it's worth a buy. Also, being a big-budget action flick, the DVD will probably be an aural and visual delight.

But yeah, what the hell has happened to the director, John McTiernan? He hits home runs his first 3 times out (Die Hard, Predator, Hunt for Red October) but hasn't made a truly great action/suspense flick since! Last Action Hero, Die Hard 3, Medicine Man.. blech..

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Old 01-04-00, 09:41 PM
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I went to see this movie when it was released... ripoff! Seriously if storyline doesnt matter to you and you can stand Antonio Banderas playing an Arabic Character that maybe you should rent it.... otherwise stay away from this!
Old 01-05-00, 01:51 AM
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I went to the movie theaters extremely excited to see this film, even though it received some negative reviews, and came away very disappointed.

The action was indeed very confusing and the story just didn't flow for me. I will pass on pre-ordering this on DVD. Being a non-anamorphic Disney DVD makes my decision that much easier.
Old 01-05-00, 09:29 AM
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According to both Laserviews and DVD Express, "The 13th Warrior" is listed as anamorphic.

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