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Gary Oldman, Jeroen Krabbe, Isabella Rossellini and Valeria Golino star in IMMORTAL BELOVED, a mesmerizing mystery based on the tumultuous real life of Ludwig van Beethoven.

Oldman gives a tour de force performance as the passionate, volatile genius who inspired love and hatred in equal measure. Whether seducing regal followers or criticizing the ruling class, Beethoven made many enemies. But he also had one true love—the unnamed "Immortal Beloved" mentioned in an enigmatic letter discovered upon his death. The thrilling search for the identity of this mystery woman leads us into Beethoven’s dark past, his hidden passions, and, ultimately, into the unparalleled genius of his music.

Added Features irector/Writer Bernard Rose’s Commentary, Documentary, Featurette
Number of Trailers:1
Sound Type:
Dolby Surround Sound
Dolby Digital5.1
Aspect Ratio:2.35:1Director/Writer

Bernard Rose’s Commentary: “We just had to take the music off the Columbia logo. Because it just sounded to cheesy next to Beethoven. And the music off the icon logo, which was even cheesier. That is something that I hate, is all that cheesy music they put on those logos. God it is awful. Somebody should do something about it.”

This comment was a bit odd to me as a way to begin our 121 minute tour through the 1994 flick. You quickly discover that Bernard has an opinion about everything. Female under garments during the early 1800’s and why people change their wall paper – then and now. I never warmed up to his attitude. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. In fact, towards the end of his monolog, to my ear, Bernard seemed to run out of gas. He kind of become board with the experience and wanted to get on with whatever he had to do during his busy day.

We find out that Immortal Beloved, “The untold story of Ludwig van Beethoven” was made not for people that loved Beethoven but for people who normally listen to pop music. He rambles a bit on his political outlook on life throughout the audio excursion. At one point, he compares Sex Pistol groupies to Beethoven people with this thread of using music for the purpose of selling shameless merchandise to music lovers.

The music is fantastic, of course, if you like that sort of thing. But, unlike the Gary Newman’s audio commentary on PleasantVille, where we hear the audio track without dialogue, we don’t get it on this platter. Big mistake.

The movie is a period piece complete with a brutal battle rape scene and bits of nudity splattered in at the beginning of the film, I guess for the Sex Pistol mental mind set.

This is the perfect movie to use the “parental control” feature on our players the industry has been talking about for the past five years but studios have not utilized on a single title. Ninety-five percent of the movie IS suitable for children.

Movie 5, Special Features, 6 (If you like Beethoven, get it. But, if you are more of a Sex Pistol kind of gal/guy, skip it. You will be happier with a used Sid Vicious CD.)
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if you're a sex pistol guy or gal rent criterion's Sid and Nancy.
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I think this is one of the best DVD releases of the year. An inspiring film that not enough people saw. Excellent transfer, excellent special features, excellent movie. What more could you want?
And, of course, there`s the music...
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I wanted an isolated soundtrack!

That's what more I could want!

It's a real shame they didn't include that.


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